EC Montreal: Fundraiser for Mexican Red Cross

Next Thursday, October 5, EC Montreal will hold a fundraiser for the Mexican Red Cross. After the devastation that recently occurred in Mexico, EC wanted to get involved to show support to the victims.  EC Montreal has a growing population of Mexican students and want to show them how important they … Read more

EC Montreal: English Immersion is Possible!

There is a huge misconception that Montreal is too French to learn English.  The province of Quebec is a French-speaking province, however, Montreal is the exception.  In order to work and live in Montreal, having knowledge of both English and French is essential!  Most Montrealers not only speak En … Read more

Evacuation Procedure Practiced at EC Montreal!

At EC Montreal, our students’ safety and well being is of the utmost importance.  Each EC centre has a crisis management team and evacuation procedures in place.  If an emergency should arise, we want to be as prepared as possible to ensure our students are out of harm’s way.  Every clas … Read more

Oktoberfest Celebrations at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal held its annual Oktoberfest celebrations today!  We wanted to make our German students feel at home and wanted to introduce our other students to this very special time of year for our German students from Munich. There are Oktoberfest celebrations all over the city of Montreal this mont … Read more

Free Academic Workshops on Fridays!

Do you want to focus on your pronunciation in English or French? Come participate in our pronunciation clinics! Every Friday at 1:30, these free academic workshops are available in both English and French!  Do you need more contact time with the language and our amazing instructors?  This is a great … Read more

Bilingual EC Montreal!

Did you know that EC Montreal is the only EC centre where you can learn 2 languages?  You can immerse yourselves in 2 languages for the price of 1!  Montreal is the largest bilingual city in the world!  Its citizens speak both languages on a daily basis!  If you want to live and work in Montreal kno … Read more

EC Montreal’s Gastronomy Sessions!

Learning English or French at EC Montreal is a treat in itself, however, the city of Montreal has so much more to offer!  Montreal has something for everyone!   If you are a foodie, Montreal and EC are the place to be!  Montreal is described by Tourisme Montreal as a food lover’s paradise!  Th … Read more

October Social Events at EC Montreal!

The month of October is right around the corner.  It will be a month filled with fall activities and Halloween fun!  The social events calendar includes visits to the Botanical Gardens, pub nights, group dinners and weekend tours! Wednesdays are fun days at EC Montreal!  We create lovely opportuniti … Read more

“Fall” in Love with Autumn!

This is the first week of Autumn.  Although many are saddened to say farewell to our hot, festive summer season, many are excited to welcome autumn.  Personally, it is my favorite season!  The leaves start to change colours.  They are bursting in hues of orange, red, gold and yellow!  It is definite … Read more

Montreal’s Annual Chinese Lantern Festival!

The magic of lanterns is an annual festival that takes place at the Montreal Botanical Gardens.  The festival runs from mid-September to mid-November.  Words cannot describe how beautiful the lanterns are throughout the gardens.  They are hanging from above, floating on the ponds and found in every … Read more