Bilingual EC Montreal!

Did you know that EC Montreal is the only EC centre where you can learn 2 languages?  You can immerse yourselves in 2 languages for the price of 1!  Montreal is the largest bilingual city in the world!  Its citizens speak both languages on a daily basis!  If you want to live and work in Montreal knowledge of these 2 languages is essential!  Our students are amazed to see us switching back and forth from English to French in our daily routine.  It is second nature to us Montrealers and it is what makes us very special!

There are many bilingual programme options at EC Montreal!  Students can take their core classes in English, for example, and their elective afternoon lessons in French.  Students can take the first half of their studies in English and finish with French!  Students can book an English course and stay with a French-speaking or Bilingual family or visa versa.  Students can book an English class and do the Gastronomy sessions in French – we offer countless possibilities!!

Montreal is a unique destination where you feel that although you are in a modern North American city, you get a taste of old world Europe!

What are you waiting for?  Come learn English and French in Montreal!