October Social Events at EC Montreal!

The month of October is right around the corner.  It will be a month filled with fall activities and Halloween fun!  The social events calendar includes visits to the Botanical Gardens, pub nights, group dinners and weekend tours!

Wednesdays are fun days at EC Montreal!  We create lovely opportunities for students to get together, to make friends, practice their language skills and get a taste of Montreal!  These activities are essential in creating an EC community at the school.

This October, the activities will give our students a taste of what Fall is like in Montreal as well as the thrilling and chilling Halloween festivities.  For most of our students it will be their first North American Halloween experience!  We want them devour every moment of the season, from the Halloween candy to the horror flicks!

The activities include Korean thanksgiving on October 4, a fall apple festival on the 11th, cupcake decorating on the 18th, pumpkin decorating on the 25th and an exciting Halloween party on the 31st!

What a festive month we look forward to at EC Montreal!  Join us and learn English or French in Montreal!