EC Montreal: English Immersion is Possible!

There is a huge misconception that Montreal is too French to learn English.  The province of Quebec is a French-speaking province, however, Montreal is the exception.  In order to work and live in Montreal, having knowledge of both English and French is essential!  Most Montrealers not only speak English and French, but also have knowledge of a 3rd and sometimes a 4th language.

Visitors should not be surprised to be greeted in French by store merchants or restaurant servers, however, if you reply to the person in English, they will usually switch to English to serve you better.

St-Laurent Blvd divides the city between east and west.  The east is generally more French speaking and the west is more English.  As you can see from our homestay map below, where the red dots represent English speaking families, the blue dots French speaking and the white dots are bilingual families, Montreal has some concentrated English and French areas.  A student can be completely immersed in the English language at school, at home and in their neighborhood.

EC Montreal is located in the city center, west of St-Laurent Blvd.  Just sitting outside at a nearby cafe, you can hear people speaking English and French and sometimes both languages simultaneously!  This makes our city truly unique and extra special.  Not only will our students learn English but they will get a taste of the beautiful French language too!

Many of our visitors fall in love with our city!  They immediately feel welcomed and appreciate the fact that although Montreal is a large city, it has a small town feel to it.  They are also surprised to learn that although we are made up of so many different cultures, religions and races, it is a very peaceful place to live.

What are you waiting for?  Come learn English….or French in Montreal!