Happy Halloween From EC Montreal!

We celebrated Halloween at EC Montreal today!  All staff and students were asked to come dressed up in a costume.  We had a classroom competition to see which class had the most costumes. The EC Montreal administrative team went around to all the classes to wish our students a Happy Halloween and to distribute candy!  We also took this time to judge the winners of our competition. The winning class would receive a pizza lunch as a prize! In addition, EC Montreal held its annual Halloween party and fashion show!  We had prizes for the best student costumes and best teacher costume. We served some festive refreshments and got everyone into the Halloween spirit!  Our winning teacher was Pooria who dressed like a Hotdog!  When we saw him, we couldn’t help but say “Happy Halloweenie”! After the party, we surprised the winning class with their pizzas!  Every single student in the class, including the teacher was wearing a costume!  Congratulations to Pooria’s class!  Thank you for getting into the Halloween spirit and for making today so much more fun!  We hope you enjoyed your winning pizza!! The EC Montreal administrative team dressed up like witches and a wizard!  We had tons of fun all day long with our staff and students! Happy Halloween from our EC Montreal family!  Come learn English and French classes in Montreal and be part of the fun!

EC Montreal’s October Teachers of the Month!

We are so proud of our EC Montreal teachers!  Every month students have an opportunity to vote for their favorite teacher and every month we are blown away by the number of students who take the time to vote and take the time to write the most wonderful comments about their teachers. We are also proud to see that every month, every single teacher receives votes!  This means that our students are very happy with our instructors and they feel they are making a lot of progress with their English or French skills. This month, students cast the most votes for Sobhan and Yasser!  They are our October teachers of the month! We surprised them in their class this morning with a special “teacher of the month” certificate and small gift.  They were delighted to learn that they had won and the students cheered and posed proudly with EC Montreal’s winning teachers! We are happy to share all the wonderful student comments with everyone!  A world of thanks to all the students for their votes!  We love what we do because of you! She is sympathique. C’est la meilleure! She explains very well every topic.  Really good teacher. She is very patient and never gives up to explain. Elle est très “engaged” pour faire nous apprendre. Elle m’aide beaucoup tout le temps que j’ai restez ici. Très bonne professeur.  Très amusante et motivée. Great teacher! C’est une bonne professeure! La classe c’est très interactif et je comprend très facile avec elle. He teaches us English enthusiastically and clearly. Very attentive with the students. He is so kind and he teaches us very well. He’s an awesome teacher! Il est toujours heureux et s’interesse qu’on apprends. Good teacher, the class is very interesting. He is the best teacher. He is clearly … Read more

Mount-Royal Park Named One of the Best City Parks in the World!

More great news for Montreal!  Montreal’s Mount Royal Park was named one of the best city parks in the world by Condé Nast Traveler. The list includes 20 of the best metropolitan parks. The only other Canadian park to make the list was Stanley Park in Vancouver. Montreal and Vancouver are the only EC destinations to make the list! Montreal’s 200-hectare Mount Royal Park is known as a heart of the city as it is located right in the centre of the island of Montreal.  The weekly tam-tams are also compared to a beating heart. The park is filled with beautiful foliage the famous lookout facing over downtown.  Mount-Royal is the highest peak of the city, by law.  No building in Montreal can exceed its height of 764 feet.  The top of the mountain offers the most spectacular views of the city during the day or with the gorgeous city lights!  No matter the season, it is a beautiful place to visit.  During the summer months, you often see people enjoying the park exercising, sunbathing or picnicking.  During the fall, people stroll through the nature trails jumping in piles of colorful leaves and during the winter months, it is the ideal spot for winter sports.  There is a man-made lake on the mountain called Beaver Lake.  When it freezes during the winter months, it turns into the most beautiful and inviting skating rink.  The mountain lodge offers equipment rental.  You can rent snowshoes, cross country skis, sleds and skates. Personally, we feel the mountain is most beautiful this time of year with all the different fall colors. EC Montreal always includes a hike up Mount-Royal Park on every social events calendar and we list it as a must-do activity in Montreal!  A visit to Montreal would not be complete without visiting our majestic … Read more

Pumpkin Decorating at EC Montreal!

Our students showed off their artistic talents today by decorating some pumpkins just in time for the Halloween party! We set up different shaped pumpkins on every table in the lounge with an array of painting supplies.  The students gravitated towards the paint brushes and let their creative juices flow! Some of our Mexican students created day of the dead skull designs while others painted the traditional pumpkin faces they have seen so many times before.  It was a great activity and we were delighted to see how much the students enjoyed it! They posed proudly with their pumpkins! We love Halloween at EC Montreal!  Learn more about our English and French classes in Montreal!

Montreal Ranked Most Elegant City in Canada!

Zalando did a study on the 80 most elegant cities in the world and Montreal has made the list!  The score for each city was determined by three key categories; Fashion factors, Urban factors and Accessibility. Thousands of cities were studied and 400 places were considered to be elegant in either fashion or architecture.  The list was reduced to the top 80 to make up the ultimate Elegant Cities Ranking. Paris, France took the top spot, however, Montreal was the winning Canadian city, taking the 31st overall spot. Other EC destinations include New York, Las Angeles and Vancouver. Montrealers are indeed trendy and stylish people, so we are thrilled by this ranking. Join us at EC Montreal and get a taste of this elegant lifestyle! Learn more about our English and French classes in Montreal!

Self-Defense Training at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal staff and teachers were invited to participate in a self-defense training class as part of our personal and professional development. We hired a professional instructor who holds a black belt in martial arts to run the class.  His first lesson was if any situation arises, the best thing to do is try to run.  Don’t be a hero.  The whole point of self-defense is learning how to get away from the attacker. We learned that self-defense is working on the defensive and using your own body’s strength to unbalance and weaken the attacker so you can put them down and get away. We learned six moves involving someone trying to grab you by the shirt, choking you around the neck, grabbing your arm to pull you in and coming in from behind.  The instructor presented the moves and then had us practice them over and over again until we felt comfortable with them. We all really enjoyed the lesson and feel that self-defense is a useful skill that helps to empower and prepare you for any situation. Thank you to the wonderful EC Montreal team for organizing the lesson and for helping us to become better versions of ourselves through these different training sessions. Next week, we look forward to a beginners Spanish class with our French teacher Clélia. Learn more about our English and French classes in Montreal!

Life is Sweet at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal students participated in a very fun activity yesterday – Cupcake Madness!!  In keeping with our Halloween October theme, we held a cupcake decorating activity in the student lounge.  The work stations were set up with small cupcakes and the most wonderful toppings! The Halloween theme was alive and well!  Students decorated their cupcakes with toppings, different colors of icing sugar, sprinkles, chocolate chips and marshmallows! The students love to have the chance to work together as a team and interact with each other!  This activity gave them the perfect opportunity to do just that! The lounge was so colorful and smelled absolutely divine!  The students adored their afternoon at EC! Life is sweet at EC Montreal! Learn more about our English and French classes in Montreal!

Mozart Concert at Notre Dame Basilica!

Montreal’s Notre Dame Basilica will be hosting a Mozart musical concert.  The concert will take place on Saturday, November 18 from 3 to 5 p.m. This is a wonderful opportunity for EC Montreal students to visit the oldest church and most beloved landmark in Canada.  The New World Philharmonic Society will be performing Mozart’s requiem. The performers will consist of a full orchestra, professional soloists and a group of over 250 choristers.  What an incredible show it will be! You can purchase tickets online through Eventbrite.  The ticket prices range from $20 to $100. We hope to welcome you to EC Montreal soon so you can join us for this extraordinary event! Learn more about our English and French classes in Montreal!

How to Have The Perfect Day in Montreal!

EC Montreal’s Centre Director, Elisa Gazzola, is a proud Montrealer!  We have never met anyone so passionate about their city!  We asked her to describe her perfect day in Montreal.  Here’s what she had to say: Montreal is a magical city!  It is a bilingual gem within a French speaking province.  You will be captivated by its European charm. We encourage all visitors to get carried away with all the savours and flavours of Montreal! My recommendation includes a visit to Mount-Royal park.  You can hike up the trails and reach the summit to enjoy the panoramic views from the Belvedere lookout.  Next, you can head over to Beauty’s in the Plateau Mont-Royal which is a very popular Brunch place frequented by many celebrities.  Take a stroll along St-Denis street where you will find one of a kind shops.   A visit to Montreal would not be complete without a stop in Old Montreal.  Take the metro to Old Montreal and on your way, visit the 32 kilometers of Underground shopping.  Once you arrive in Old Montreal, walk along the Old Port, visit the artist district and the Notre Dame Basilica.  Try to get a dinner reservation at Chuck Hughes’ (Iron Chef) restaurant Garde Manger.  The lobster poutine is a must! Cross the street and visit Santos Tapas Bar.  Their signature drink is the martini!   It is the perfect way to toast your amazing day in Montreal! The following day you can make your way to Pie-IX metro station where you will find the Planetarium, the Botanical Gardens, the Biodôme and the Olympic Park all in the same area!  This time of year, you can check out the Chinese Lantern Festival and pumpkin patch at the Botanical Gardens. Learn more about our English and French classes in Montreal!

Bruna De Marcos Jardim From Brazil: “I will absolutely come back…”

Bruna De Marcos Jardim is a lovely young woman from Brazil participating in EC Montreal’s English Semi-Intensive programme.  She has been here since this summer and really enjoying her EC experience. Here is what she would like to share with all of you: I chose Montreal because of the many diverse things you can do.  I discovered here so many different cultures.  I learned a bit from each one. I met many people from all over the world so I was able to practice my English a lot.  This really made me improve. I liked the classes and the teachers are the best!  They helped each one of us to achieve our goals and they were very happy when we changed our level. I absolutely recommend EC to everybody that I know.  My experience here was great and I will absolutely come back. Thank you! Bruna Learn more about English and French classes in Montreal!