EC Montreal’s October Teachers of the Month!

We are so proud of our EC Montreal teachers!  Every month students have an opportunity to vote for their favorite teacher and every month we are blown away by the number of students who take the time to vote and take the time to write the most wonderful comments about their teachers.

We are also proud to see that every month, every single teacher receives votes!  This means that our students are very happy with our instructors and they feel they are making a lot of progress with their English or French skills.

This month, students cast the most votes for Sobhan and Yasser!  They are our October teachers of the month!

We surprised them in their class this morning with a special “teacher of the month” certificate and small gift.  They were delighted to learn that they had won and the students cheered and posed proudly with EC Montreal’s winning teachers!

We are happy to share all the wonderful student comments with everyone!  A world of thanks to all the students for their votes!  We love what we do because of you!

She is sympathique.

C’est la meilleure!

She explains very well every topic.  Really good teacher.

She is very patient and never gives up to explain.

Elle est très “engaged” pour faire nous apprendre.

Elle m’aide beaucoup tout le temps que j’ai restez ici.

Très bonne professeur.  Très amusante et motivée.

Great teacher!

C’est une bonne professeure!

La classe c’est très interactif et je comprend très facile avec elle.

He teaches us English enthusiastically and clearly.

Very attentive with the students.

He is so kind and he teaches us very well.

He’s an awesome teacher!

Il est toujours heureux et s’interesse qu’on apprends.

Good teacher, the class is very interesting.

He is the best teacher.

He is clearly efficient.  I love his class.

He is a good teacher and a funny person.

She is kind and her writing is very clear to understand.

Il est très cool.

Il est très passionné dans son travail.  Il est le meilleur enseignant.

Il est le meilleur enseignant.

He is well prepared and good at including everybody.

Il est genial.

Il est très bon.

Il est très passionné et attentif.

Enthousiaste et tous les jours bien préparé.

He is really motivated and really nice.

C’est un prof magnifique!

Good teaching methods and very friendly.

Very didactic and always trying new material with us.

She is nice.

She smiles a lot.

Elle prend le temps pour expliquer.

Je croix qu’elle est très bonne comme professeur.

The best!

He is patient and funny.

He is nice.

Funny and friendly.

He is fun and the class is great.


She is a very good teacher. 

She is patient and nice.

I like the style how he teaches.

She teaches very well.

Elle est très serviable.


She is patient and kind.

On apprend beaucoup!  Il est toujours preparé très bien!

Il est très gentil avec les étudiants.

He gives me feedback and really cares about my learning.

Great attitude!

So kind and good at teaching!

She is kind.

Good at teaching.

She really knows how to give lessons.

She’s an expert in writing.

He explains very well.

She is patient and nice.

Solid listening improvement.

She is the most in contact and with well planned classes.

Her activities and way of teaching are great.

She explains well.

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