Cirque du Soleil Presents Crystal

Montreal is home to the Cirque du Soleil, an incredible circus production company that does not include any animals.  It is mostly acrobatics, comedy and drama.  Cirque du Soleil has become an international success and we couldn’t be prouder. EC Montreal students often ask about seeing a Cirque du Soleil show.  The circus tent usually goes up every Spring and shows take place throughout the summer season.  Our students will be thrilled to learn that there will be a Christmas Cirque du Soleil show this year!  It is called Crystal.  The show explores the element of danger by presenting its ice acrobatics. It is a combination of skating and acrobatics.  They were coached and trained by professional ice skaters. The Crystal show will undoubtedly be one of the most popular events this holiday season. The show runs from December 20 to December 31 at the Bell Centre.  Tickets start at $62.50.  Do not miss your chance to attend! Join us to learn English and French in Montreal with EC!

Conversation Tips to Help You Through the Holiday Gatherings!

EC Montreal encourages open conversations as part of its active learning plan.  It is sometimes difficult to break the ice with people and get the conversation going. As the holidays are approaching, there will be many social gatherings and parties to attend.  Sometimes it is difficult to socialize with people you don’t know very well.  The Business Insider has come up with some tips on how you can have a conversation with just about anyone! If you follow these suggestions, you will become a natural conversationalist. The more conversations you have, the more practice you will bet with the language. Eventually, you will be completely bilingual and be able to converse without any difficulty or apprehension. Here are 7 of the tips from the article entitled Start a Conversation with Absolutely Anyone: Ask for their opinion. Everyone has one! For someone you don’t know well, start with light subjects like the food, the music, the atmosphere, etc. “Do you like your Margaritas with salt or without? Do you watch horror movies? Do you like this song?” Ask for their advice or recommendations. This works very well when commenting on someone’s outfit or accessories, as in “What a great t-shirt! Where did you get it?” or if you are at restaurant looking at a menu “Everything looks great, what are you having?” Ask them a question that is easy to answer. This is great when you know or find out that a person has expertise in a particular field. Avoid asking anyone to explain something super complex or involved; if that’s where the conversation leads, great, but asking a really complicated question up front can feel demanding. Comment on the environment. No matter where you are, there are things to comment on: the music, the food, the lights or the guests, … Read more

The World Comes to us at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal hosted students from 26 different countries this past November!  WOW!!  Another amazing month at our center meeting people from all over the world!  The world truly does come to us working in this industry!  We are blessed to travel without having to travel!  We get a joy of watching students from all 4 corners of the world bonding and making lifelong friendships! Brazilian, Colombian, Mexican, Swiss and Korean were among the top nationalities this past month!  It is so rewarding to see students learning about so many different cultures and traditions.  This time of year, as the holidays are approaching, we are learning so much about how different cultures celebrate Christmas.  What foods they eat, how they decorate, the family activities and outings.  It is all so very interesting! All these different cultures are celebrated at EC Montreal!  No matter where you are from you will feel at home in Montreal! Join us to learn English and French in Montreal with EC!

Montreal’s Ugly Christmas Tree Village!

From November 24 to December 23, you can check out another Christmas village in Montreal called the Ugly Christmas Tree Village. The ugly tree is meant to be the main attraction.  It is 20 feet tall and looks like it came right out of a Dr. Suess Christmas book. The village is located on Prince Arthur Street close to the entertainment district. This is just one of many Christmas markets around the city.  It is really hard not to get into the Christmas spirit in Montreal!  Every corner you turn there are fantastic decorations, twinkling lights and festive treats! Join us to learn English and French in Montreal with EC!

Bring Your Kids to School at EC Montreal!

On Friday, December 22, EC Montreal will offer a Christmas daycare for the children of all staff and students.  As we approach Christmas, many schools and day care facilities are closed for the holidays.  To give these EC parents a hand, we will invite all the children to come spend the day with us at the school.  EC Montreal has many student “moms” that have children in private schools.  They will be so happy to know that they can count on EC Montreal on the 22nd to help care for their children. We will set up a classroom as a day care.  There will be an arts & crafts corner as well as a cookie decorating station.  We will play a holiday movie and we will read a Christmas story to them. EC Montreal will serve a pizza lunch and there will be a surprise visit from Santa Claus.  He will bring sweets and treats for all the kids.  Everyone can get their picture taken with Santa! This invitation is offered to all EC Montreal staff and students who have children ages 3 and up. What a magical and fun day we look forward to at EC Montreal!  Join us to learn English and French in Montreal!

Showa School Group Student Testimonials!

EC Montreal hosted a group of Japanese girls from a school in Boston this past fall.  They had a marvelous time and wanted to share their EC experience with everyone.  Here is what they had to say about their language adventure in Montreal! Haruka Oshita I chose EC Montreal because I heard that it is a good city. Also, I want to see European building and to hear French. This is a good experience for me. I could make some friends. They are so friendly to me. In addition, I could meet a good teacher. My host family is amazing. She always cooks delicious food. And she treats me as a daughter. It was such an amazing experience. Thank you Kayoko Ishihara My level was hard for me, but I had stayed for only 3 weeks, so I tried my best without changing level. Also my afternoon classes were academic and business English, so I couldn’t participate to classes actively, but I learned a lot of things from other students and teachers. My favorite activity was Zumba lesson. I really enjoyed and made friends through exercising. I have experienced homestay and language school before, but today is absolutely different (in a good way). I felt that I am not a child anymore, and that I can do anything by myself. I would like to work hard after going back to Boston and Japan. Chinami Murakami I had a lot of fun talking about national icons in different cultures in pairs during a class activity. I feel like learning about different cultures in a unique selling point in language schools. The teachers were friendly and gave us many opportunities to speak up in class, so I feel like my speaking skills improved a little. The grammar lessons also helped me. Although … Read more

Kayak Names Montreal One of the Best Destinations to Celebrate the New Year!

We are thrilled to share this wonderful news with our EC Montreal students!  Montreal has been named by Kayak, one of the best destinations to celebrate the New Year!  At EC Montreal we are always concerned about making our students feel great about their decision in choosing Montreal as a destination.  We explain to them that what happens outside the classroom is just as important as what happens inside.  We want to give them a taste of Montreal and show them all the wonderful things they can experience during their stay. We have many EC Montreal students that will be spending the holiday season with us in Montreal.  We will be introducing our students to the many Christmas markets and festivities taking place all over the city.  In addition, students will be ringing in the New Year in Montreal!  Some want to travel to New York City to be part of the iconic Times Square New Year’s Eve, however, according to Kayak, Montreal has been ranked the 9th best destination in the world to celebrate the New Year! Here’s what they had to say about Montreal: Montreal is the perfect place to spend the countdown to 2018. New Year’s Eve plans this year include a massive outdoor party with, DJs, live entertainment, food and drinks. The Jacques Cartier Bridge will also light up to the music of a live soundtrack and when the clock strikes midnight, an amazing fireworks show will begin. It’s going to be a spectacle that you don’t want to miss! The top 10 trending New Year’s Eve Destinations according to KAYAK: Guadalajara, Mexico Kingston, Jamaica Mexico City, Mexico Amsterdam, Netherlands Lisbon, Portugal Barcelona, Spain Paris, France Madrid, Spain Montreal, Canada 10.Athens, Greece Learn English and French in Montreal!

Chocolate Martinis at EC Montreal!

As part of EC Montreal’s Soulful November events, we held a Soul Lounge activity today!  We played the sweet sounds of Montreal jazz.  We dimmed the lights and decorated with soft orange table lamps.  We created a special chocolate mint martini to serve in our very cool lounge. The students loved the cool lounge atmosphere as they sipped their delicious chocolate cocktail!  They really enjoyed the music and most of all spending time chatting with one another! EC Montreal loves to create these wonderful opportunities for our students to help them make friends, practice their language skills and have a marvelous time in Montreal! It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon on a cold November day in Montreal! Learn English and French in Montreal!

Forbes Named Montreal the Best Budget Travel Destination in the World!

Forbes magazine has recently named Montreal the best budget travel destination for 2018!  A panel of travel experts worked together to rank the top 27 places in the world that can offer an excellent experience on a small budget. Montreal ranked at the top of the list!  Montreal does indeed offer an incredible cost of living.  EC Montreal makes sure to include this fact during our welcome talk presentations.  We explain to students that compared to other cities, approximately the same size, Montreal is a lot more affordable than cities like Toronto, Vancouver and New York City. Samantha Brown a travel TV host had the following to say about Montreal: “Montreal, with its strong French influence, offers a European fix without the long and expensive flight”. Montreal is the only Canadian city to make the list.  It was so nice to see them praise our public art, seasonal festivals and all the attractions Montreal has to offer! There you have it, you can have an incredible language adventure on a small budget in Montreal!  Join us and learn English and French in Montreal with EC! .

English Letter Writing Workshop at EC Montreal!

Today’s free English academic session at EC Montreal was a letter writing workshop.  Katrina, our beginner English teacher, lead the activity for a small group of students. Writing friendly letters is a valuable life skill and a whole lot of fun!  During the workshop, students learn about letter writing format, but also how to write with intention.  The workshop also covers writing with purpose and with the audience in mind. It is also an excellent opportunity to learn about proper conventions of punctuation and capitalization of names and the beginning of sentences. Katrina had stationary available for the students and encouraged them to write a postcard home with the English lessons they learned during the workshop.  EC Montreal was happy to pay for the postage so these messages could be sent out to their loved ones today! Join EC Montreal’s free academic workshops every Friday and learn important and useful language skills! Learn English and French in Montreal with EC!