Forbes Named Montreal the Best Budget Travel Destination in the World!

Forbes magazine has recently named Montreal the best budget travel destination for 2018!  A panel of travel experts worked together to rank the top 27 places in the world that can offer an excellent experience on a small budget.

Montreal ranked at the top of the list!  Montreal does indeed offer an incredible cost of living.  EC Montreal makes sure to include this fact during our welcome talk presentations.  We explain to students that compared to other cities, approximately the same size, Montreal is a lot more affordable than cities like Toronto, Vancouver and New York City.

Samantha Brown a travel TV host had the following to say about Montreal:

“Montreal, with its strong French influence, offers a European fix without the long and expensive flight”.

Montreal is the only Canadian city to make the list.  It was so nice to see them praise our public art, seasonal festivals and all the attractions Montreal has to offer!

There you have it, you can have an incredible language adventure on a small budget in Montreal!  Join us and learn English and French in Montreal with EC!