EC Montreal’s First Annual Alumni Reunion Party!

Last night, EC Montreal held its first annual alumni reunion party. It was wonderful welcoming back our former EC Montreal students. It was great hearing what they have been up to since we’ve seen them last. It was also extremely rewarding to hear how much EC has meant to them and how we have … Read more

EC Montreal’s Computer Lab

Did you know that EC Montreal has a computer lab for students?  It is located in room 2 and is available to students from Tuesday to Friday.  It is equipped with 10 new computers, language applications and headphones. You can use the computer lab to do your EC homework, to do the exercises on EC onl … Read more

Montreal’s Barbie Museum

In Les Cours Mont-Royal shopping mall downtown there is a hidden little spot called the Barbie Expo.  It is a museum with a collection of Barbie dolls from all over the world!  Our EC Montreal international students can try to find their country’s Barbie.  There are hundreds and hundreds of in … Read more

The Montreal Bagel

Along with Celine Dion, the Olympic stadium and the Canadiens hockey team, the bagel is probably one of Montreal’s best known symbols. But do you know why? Because Montreal bagels are rather unique, and what makes them different also makes them tastier. Specifically, I think that Montreal bagels bea … Read more

EC Montreal’s Language Policy

Did you know that EC Montreal has a language policy at the school?  We definitely do!  In order to give our students a full immersion experience, the entire EC Montreal centre is an English and French only zone! There are posters in the common areas reminding students that no other language other th … Read more

EC Montreal and the Spirit of Giving!

EC Montreal is proud to support CTV’s Spirit of Giving campaign again this holiday season!  There are many needy families in the Montreal community and these donations can really help to brighten the Christmas season for many families. CTV will deliver 7 donation boxes to our offices next week … Read more

Joyful December at EC Montreal: A Time of Giving!

EC Montreal is looking forward to another wonderful holiday season.  Next month’s theme is Joyful December!  Next month will be about celebrating the holiday season as a family with our staff, teachers and students.  It will also be a month of giving and being involved within the Montreal comm … Read more

Become Empowered by Learning English at EC Montreal!

I have recently read somewhere that English is an empowering language. The words empowering language caught my attention in an intriguing way, but the more I thought about it the more sense it made.  English is empowering because once you acquire the language a world of possibilities is open to you. … Read more