Gingerbread House Making Activity at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal held its annual Gingerbread  house making contest this week..  We set up each table with a kit that includes the gingerbread cookies, icing sugar and candies. The groups were formed and the activity began!  The students enjoyed creating their houses together and making sure that they did … Read more

The EC Montreal Team: We Love What We Do!

EC’s mission is helping students succeed in a global community.  Each and every member of our EC Montreal team understands this mission statement and does his or her part to help EC achieve this vision. EC Montreal teachers are qualified and dedicated employees who work above and beyond their requir … Read more

A Traditional Quebecois Christmas Dinner!

Christmas is coming and our EC Montreal students keep asking us what we traditionally eat during the holidays.  It is so nice for our students to take an interest in our culture and customs at Christmas. Although turkey is still the most popular meal to serve at Christmas, a traditional Quebecois di … Read more

EC Montreal Students Write Home for Christmas!

This afternoon, EC Montreal offered its students a wonderful Christmas gift!  We held our annual letter writing activity.  We gave them the opportunity to write letters or Christmas cards back home to their loved ones.  Every table in the student lounge was set up with greeting cards, stationary, po … Read more

EC Montreal January Calendar of Events!

EC Montreal is busy planning the January calendar of events.  The theme this January is New Year’s resolutions!  The weekly social activities at the school will represent the most common resolutions and promises people make in the New Year. As soon as the New Year celebrations come to an end p … Read more

Montreal’s Annual Craft Fair!

From December 7 to December 17, Place Bonaventure will host the annual Arts & Crafts show called le Salon des métiers d’art de Montréal.  This year will be the 62nd edition. Admission is free and you can attend Monday to Saturday between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays. The e … Read more

EC Montreal’s Bilingual Programme

EC Montreal’s Bilingual Programme will help you to improve your English and French skills, and give you an opportunity to have an authentic, bilingual Montreal experience. The course helps you learn English and French.  You choose either language as your primary language, and you choose whethe … Read more

EC Montreal’s Annual Staff & Student Party!

Last Friday, EC Montreal held its annual staff & student Christmas Party!  It was wonderful celebrating the holidays with the entire EC Montreal community made up with our teachers, students, administrative team and airport reception greeter! The event was held at our Student Services Manager, R … Read more

Ice Skating in Montreal!

There is something about ice skating that really adds fun to the holiday season.  Maybe it’s the twinkly lights in the trees or the holiday tunes playing on the speakers hung in the trees?  Personally, I think it’s terribly romantic gliding side by side with the one you love!  As it&#821 … Read more