Gingerbread House Making Activity at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal held its annual Gingerbread  house making contest this week..  We set up each table with a kit that includes the gingerbread cookies, icing sugar and candies. The groups were formed and the activity began!  The students enjoyed creating their houses together and making sure that they didn’t fall apart.  It was so nice to see all the students interacting with each other while practicing their English and French.  It was also nice to see them getting into the holiday spirit! The students displayed their final houses with great pride!  When the activity was over, they all dug in and enjoyed their delicious creations! When you choose to study at the EC Language School in Montreal, you are booking more than just a language course, you are booking a memorable experience and a world of life long friendships!

The EC Montreal Team: We Love What We Do!

EC’s mission is helping students succeed in a global community.  Each and every member of our EC Montreal team understands this mission statement and does his or her part to help EC achieve this vision. EC Montreal teachers are qualified and dedicated employees who work above and beyond their required work schedule to ensure their lesson plan is of the highest standards to enable their students to achieve their language objectives.  EC’s teaching method encourages a very personalized approach, where the teacher treats each and every student as a unique individual.  This personal attention and care is key to ensuring our students feel they are learning and motivated during their journey at EC Montreal.  Every student is different and everyone learns at a different pace.  We cannot expect all students to be ready to move up to another level, for example, at the same time.  One student may be ready after only a few weeks, while another student needs more time.  The most important thing is that our students feel they are learning and they can see their own personal progress.  This type of teaching and evaluation system requires a lot of dedication on the part of the teacher and the student.  If the student puts in the effort to learn, so will we!   I would like to congratulate our team of teachers who go the extra mile for our students each and every day.   While the classroom experience is the core element in the student experience, all of EC’s other services are vital in helping students succeed in a global community. Our Accommodation Coordinator, Mirka, for example, helps students get the most out of their immersion experience by placing students with caring, dedicated and welcoming homestay hosts.  Every student is placed with special care.  Should a student have any … Read more

A Traditional Quebecois Christmas Dinner!

Christmas is coming and our EC Montreal students keep asking us what we traditionally eat during the holidays.  It is so nice for our students to take an interest in our culture and customs at Christmas. Although turkey is still the most popular meal to serve at Christmas, a traditional Quebecois dish is called Tourtière.  Tourtière is a French Canadian meat pie dish originating from the province of Quebec.  It is made with minced pork, veal or beef.  Wild game is often added to enhance the taste of the pie. A traditional part of Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve in Quebec is this meat pie dish.  It is often served with homemade relish.  The dinner table is incomplete without serving this very delicious comfort food dish. Other Quebecois traditions include cooked ham, mashed potatoes, pickled beets, baked beans, chestnuts, fruit cake and of course; la bouche de noel, which is a yule log cake. I hope our EC Montreal students will have a chance to get a taste of a Quebecois Christmas!  Join our EC Language School in Montreal!

10 Reasons Why….Montreal is the Ideal Destination to Study!

When you are looking for a school to learn English or French, choosing the destination should be an important part of your decision.  We feel that Montreal is the ideal destination to visit! When we think of Montreal, we think of language, culture and education.  These 3 characteristics are essential in helping our EC Montreal students succeed in a global community! Here are our top 10 reasons why Montreal is the best destination to learn a language! Montreal is the 2nd largest Canadian city (3.6 million people) and the largest bilingual (English and French) city in the world Cost of Living – Montreal is one of the largest cities in the world that offers the most affordable prices according to Prices and Earnings: A Comparison of Purchasing Power Around the Globe, a study conducted by the Union des Banques Suisses (2008) Clean & Safe Efficient Transit System- Montreal won top awards in 2017 for having the best public transportation system in North America Most Cosmopolitan City in North America- Montreal ranked by British firm QS as best student city in Canada Nightlife & On-going Festivals Food Lovers’ Paradise with more than 6000 restaurants on the island! Art Lovers’ Paradise with great number of museums, art galleries and performing arts; L’opéra de Montréal, Les Grands Ballet Canadiens and many theatre companies. Nature Lovers’ Paradise approximately 1000 parks on the island:  17 large parks with an area of nearly 2,000 hectares; 10 Eco-territories of 3000 hectares; 350 km of bike paths Best Student City in the world:  with 4 large universities;  McGill, Concordia, UQAM and Université de Montréal Join our English or French in Montreal courses and get a taste of our fabulous city!  Join our EC Language School in Montreal!

EC Montreal Students Write Home for Christmas!

This afternoon, EC Montreal offered its students a wonderful Christmas gift!  We held our annual letter writing activity.  We gave them the opportunity to write letters or Christmas cards back home to their loved ones.  Every table in the student lounge was set up with greeting cards, stationary, postcards and stickers.  We asked our students to take the time to get in touch with people back home or anyone they wanted to connect with in the world. EC Montreal paid for the postage to get these letters out! It was so touching to see our students overcome with emotion as they wrote their Christmas greetings.  They decorated their envelopes with holiday stickers and sealed them with great care! When the activity was over, we collected all the cards, stamped them and put them in the post.  These holiday wishes are on their way around the globe! It was such a rewarding activity and we feel so special having offered this gift to our students! Happy Holidays from your EC Montreal family!  Join our EC Language School in Montreal!

EC Montreal January Calendar of Events!

EC Montreal is busy planning the January calendar of events.  The theme this January is New Year’s resolutions!  The weekly social activities at the school will represent the most common resolutions and promises people make in the New Year. As soon as the New Year celebrations come to an end people look at the new year as a fresh start, an opportunity to kick off the year on a positive and healthy note! On January 3, we will celebrate the New Year with our students with an activity called “Tea and Resolutions”.  We will serve tea and biscuits and have students write down their New Year wishes and resolutions on snowflakes. On January 10, we will have a healthy juice bar set up. Students will have an opportunity to prepare their own nutritious shake.  We will be starting off the new year with a much-needed cleanse after the calorie filled holiday season! On January 17, we will work out our extra pounds with a self-defense workout!  Ernie, a professional personal trainer will lead a 30-minute exercise session where we will get fit and learn confidence! On January 24, healthy eating is on the menu!  We will set up a salad bar in the student lounge!  Students can fill their plates with plenty of veggies for their lunch! On January 31, we will end the month with a healing yoga session.  It will be the perfect end to the month! Cleansing, exercise, eating well and learning how to relax – those are the most common New Year’s resolutions and we are happy to share them with our students at EC Montreal this January! Our other EC Montreal activities will consist of museum visits, group dinners, skating skiing and attending Montreal’s annual car show! We look forward to a strong start to … Read more

Montreal’s Annual Craft Fair!

From December 7 to December 17, Place Bonaventure will host the annual Arts & Crafts show called le Salon des métiers d’art de Montréal.  This year will be the 62nd edition. Admission is free and you can attend Monday to Saturday between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays. The exhibit will showcase the creative works of over 400 professional fine craft artisans from Quebec, the rest of Canada and France.  There will be cabinetmakers, glassmakers, toymakers, leather craftsmen, jewelers and designers. The exhibit will include tributes, demonstrations, conferences and so much more! It is a perfect opportunity to get some Christmas shopping done with one of a kind gifts for your new EC Montreal friends or to bring back home as a holiday souvenir. Don’t miss this anticipated yearly event!  Join our EC Language School in Montreal!

EC Montreal’s Bilingual Programme

EC Montreal’s Bilingual Programme will help you to improve your English and French skills, and give you an opportunity to have an authentic, bilingual Montreal experience. The course helps you learn English and French.  You choose either language as your primary language, and you choose whether you want to live with a French or English-speaking host family.  You will attend 20 lessons per week in your primary language, and you may choose an additional 4 or 10 lessons per week in your secondary language.  You will then have a chance to practice your new language skills in the beautiful city of Montreal, and live as a bilingual resident of this cosmopolitan city. EC teachers are highly qualified and trained to deliver effective and engaging instruction to help you improve your English and French language skills.  Through communicative and “real life” lessons, you will learn real-world language and cultural skills so that you can enjoy the city of Montreal to its fullest.  The EC staff will support and guide you as you progress in your language skills, and they will also provide you with opportunities to engage with the local population and participate in exciting activities throughout the city. Join our EC Language School in Montreal and be part of this magical experience!

EC Montreal’s Annual Staff & Student Party!

Last Friday, EC Montreal held its annual staff & student Christmas Party!  It was wonderful celebrating the holidays with the entire EC Montreal community made up with our teachers, students, administrative team and airport reception greeter! The event was held at our Student Services Manager, Renee Lee’s family Restaurant called Atti!  We had the whole lower floor to ourselves! The evening began with a speech by our Centre Director, Elisa.  She welcomed everyone and wished everyone happy holidays!  She announced that we are blessed to be working in this industry as the world truly does come to us.  She thanked the students for joining our annual party and how they are our “raison d’être” and how we go to work every day for our students! She also asked everyone to get up on their feet and to dance like no one was watching!  The party was just beginning and already there was such a festive spirit in the air! Dinner was served buffet style.  We all lined up with great anticipation for the tasty Korean dishes that we have all come to know and love! We had a great DJ from Party Time Entertainment.  Frankie was the master of ceremonies and he animated a few games.  After the games were played and all the prizes were distributed we sang Happy Birthday to our student ambassador, Jesus and to Renee’s daughter, Crystal!  After they blew out their candles, the dance floor became officially open and everyone was invited up to dance. Everyone had a great time dancing and drinking! Happy holidays from the EC Montreal team!  Best wishes for a magical Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year!  Join our EC Language School in Montreal!

Ice Skating in Montreal!

There is something about ice skating that really adds fun to the holiday season.  Maybe it’s the twinkly lights in the trees or the holiday tunes playing on the speakers hung in the trees?  Personally, I think it’s terribly romantic gliding side by side with the one you love!  As it’s a favorite activity among friends, family and couples, you can find amazing skating rinks all over the city! The two most popular are Beaver Lake on Mount-Royal and the Old Port!  The Old Port skating rink officially opens tomorrow, Saturday, December 9!  New this holiday season, the Old Port skating rink will be hosting DJ nights every Thursday! The city of Montreal has over 1000 parks and you are sure to find skating rinks in most of them! If you just can’t take the cold weather, the indoor skating rink Atrium 1000 is the place to be!  It is accessible through the metro tunnel, so you don’t even have to walk outdoors! Winter sports on Mount-Royal can be found on the EC Montreal winter calendar of events!  Join us for a jolly good time!  Join our EC Language School in Montreal!