Meet EC Montreal’s English Teacher, Katrina Olsen!

We are delighted to introduce you to EC Montreal’s English teacher, Katrina Olsen. Katrina began working with EC Montreal in July 2017 with our Young Learners.  After the Young Learners programme was over, she moved to our adult centre to teach our General English lessons. She has been teaching a cl … Read more

EC Montreal’s Homestay of the Year Awards!

Last Friday, we celebrated our winners of EC’s Homestay of the Year competition! Marc Girard & Chantal Fournier came in first place. They have had the most positive feedback from our students. In second place was Valerie Clayton. We had a lovely celebratory dinner and presented them with a … Read more

EC Montreal’s Young Learners Present!

EC Montreal is hosting a group of Brazilian teenagers for a two-week period.  They have been following EC’s Young Learner curriculum. In our Young Learners programme, students learn in a warm and dynamic environment.  Every week, the lessons are of a certain theme.  Students work in pairs and … Read more

Zumba Lesson at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal’s New Year’s resolution month is alive and well at EC Montreal!  Today, Nadia from Bamboofit lead an energetic and dynamic zumba class!  It was wonderful to see our students race to the bathroom after their class today to change into their sports clothes and so excited to work out! … Read more

Tips on How to Walk on Ice and Snow!

Freezing rain has been in the forecast all day and it has been difficult getting around the city.  We, Montrealers, have experience with this harsh weather and have learned how to walk on snow and ice without getting hurt.  Our EC Montreal students, however, have been experiencing this type of weath … Read more

Canada Ranked the Second Best Country in the World!

Attention all EC Montreal students!  We told you on your first day at EC Montreal that one of our goals was to make you fall in love with Montreal and to make you feel great about your decision in choosing Montreal and Canada as your destination to learn English or French.  Well, today, we learned t … Read more

Montreal Will Host a Vintage Retro Fair!

If you are looking for something a little different to do and are interested in exploring a different neighborhood of Montreal beyond the city centre, this vintage fair is for you! Our EC Montreal students are always looking for funky souvenirs to bring back home so we have a feeling they are going … Read more

EC Montreal’s Orange Carpet Experience!

When you come to EC Montreal English language school, you should expect a lot more!  You should expect to be treated as our guest!  The EC Montreal team works hard every day to make the student experience a positive one!  The team is here for our students, who are our special guests!  We will go out … Read more