EC Montreal at Your Workplace!

If your employees need to brush up on their English and French skills in order to be more productive and if you, as an employer, want to make this task easier on them, then the corporate classes that EC Montreal can offer are the solution.

EC Montreal can provide private courses as well as instruction for any size group. The custom-designed programme is arranged to suit specific needs in terms of course length, schedule and content.

Moreover, in any individual or small group course, clients can request a special emphasis on a particular language skill or area of expertise in English or French.  This will ensure that they maximize the benefits of the course.

The courses can be held on EC Montreal’s premises, which are conveniently located downtown Montreal, or our instructors could travel to your place of business. There are no transportation fees for companies located in the city centre.

If you want to invest in your employees’ training and development, EC Montreal is definitely the right choice! Remember, if your organization’s payroll exceeds one million dollars, as a company you are obliged to invest 1% of your payroll budget on employee training.  Invest this budget wisely with EC Montreal!

Being bilingual in the workplace in Montreal is a must! Let us help your employees get there!

Join our EC Montreal English language school!