Tips on How to Dress Warmly in Montreal!

Are you traveling to Montreal this winter?  Although the climate in January is the harshest of the year, if you are dressed warmly, not only will you tolerate the cold, you will actually enjoy this winter season and will attend all our EC Montreal planned events!  There are 3 much anticipated winter festivals that all take place outdoors and with the right attire, you will thoroughly enjoy them!  You can also avoid the harsh weather by traveling through the tunnels of our famous underground city.

Here are some tips on what you should wear and pack when planning your trip to Montreal!

A hearty down jacket and specialized high-end vegan alternative coats for extreme cold weather are the best way to ensure comfort in the cold as are thick gloves, a scarf and tuque, ear muffs, hat or hood.

On very cold days, make sure to cover the head, ears and hands as they easily lose heat. Also, insulated boots, preferably water resistant or even better, waterproof, are highly recommended.

We suggest you pack:

  • long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, short-sleeved and sleeveless shirts to be layered with cardigans, fleece and outerwear
  • wool sweaters, cardigans, wraps, blazers, jackets, wool jackets, trench coats, down coats
  • long pants, jeans, skirts/dresses with tights, leggings (bare legs are a bad idea)
  • closed-toe shoes, boots (preferably insulated and water resistant)
  • scarves, gloves, hats, tuques, ear muffs
  • sunglasses and sunscreen are a must year round

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