EC Montreal’s Orange Carpet Experience!

When you come to EC Montreal English language school, you should expect a lot more!  You should expect to be treated as our guest!  The EC Montreal team works hard every day to make the student experience a positive one!  The team is here for our students, who are our special guests!  We will go out of our way to ensure our students have a pleasant, inspiring and memorable stay in Montreal!

Upon your arrival, we literally roll out the “orange carpet” to show our students how very special they are to us!

We make sure to give each and every student personal attention and care!  We will know and remember their name, we will celebrate their birthday, we will answer their questions and listen to their needs.  This is EC Montreal’s guarantee to our clients!

Throughout the students’ journey at EC, they will receive special attention and care.  They can start connecting with EC even before their arrival by logging in to EC online.  There, students will find all the planned events as well as important Montreal facts and centre information.

The students will receive a VIP greeting at the airport if they book the transfer service.  The accommodation provider will also ensure they are welcomed in a very special way.

Students are invited to participate in our Sunday experience before starting their lessons on Monday.  Students meet outside the EC Montreal main campus at 4:30 for a tour of Old Montreal.  New students can then choose to go to the group dinner at 6:30. We encourage our new students to join the Sunday activity so they can meet other new students and EC staff members.  This will make their Monday arrival a lot less stressful and intimidating.  They will already have friends at EC!

On Monday, they have a chance to meet the rest of the EC team as well as our team of student ambassadors.  They are given a welcome and academic talk as well as a walking tour.

During their studies, they will have a personalized learning plan and tutorials with their instructors.  This one-on-one time will help the teacher to give feedback on areas that need more improvement.  Special assignments, homework and study plans are assigned to the students.

At the end of the students’ stay, they are invited to a certificate ceremony and farewell party.  The students are served refreshments as the certificates are handed out to them.  They have a chance to take group pictures with our photo booth props and say farewell to their EC friends and teachers.

We want EC Montreal to be our students’ home away from home!  Here our students are family and they are in very good hands!


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