Zumba Lesson at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal’s New Year’s resolution month is alive and well at EC Montreal!  Today, Nadia from Bamboofit lead an energetic and dynamic zumba class!  It was wonderful to see our students race to the bathroom after their class today to change into their sports clothes and so excited to work out!

Nadia set the perfect tone for the class!  She had festive music blaring and got everyone pumped for the class!  Her dance moves and athletic abilities were very impressive!

The students appreciated the class so much they asked if it could be repeated every week!  Kudos to our staff Mirka and Renee who actively participated.

EC Montreal’s mission this month was to make students aware of the importance of our health.  The heart is a muscle and it should be worked out regularly.  We hope we have inspired our students to continue this healthy path and put their well-being first!

There is one more activity to wrap up our New Year’s Resolution month – we look forward to our self-defense class next week, when we will learn how to be confident and strong!

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