EC Montreal’s English in the City Class Presents…

Yesterday, Pooria’s English in the City class gave a presentation recapping their visit to the Shriner’s Hospital.  They each took turns talking about the hospital and what they learned from the tour.

They also showed videos given to us by the Shriners.  One was a welcome video from one of their patients and the other was a thank you video for our fundraising efforts.

We were delighted to welcome Jennifer Bradely to EC Montreal.  She is the Fundraising Event Specialist for the Shriner’s Hospital.  She had given us the most incredible tour last week and when she learned that the students were going to be giving a presentation about the Shriners, she wanted to be a part of it.

In December, our school held its 14th annual charity bake sale for the Shriners.  We are proud to raise funds for such an amazing institution.  Their thoughtfulness and care is evident in all aspects of their organization.  They always make us feel so special and are so appreciate of our fundraising efforts.

At yesterday’s presentation, Jennifer helped to answer questions from the audience.  Students asked about where they can donate and if the hospital accepts volunteers.  Jennifer encouraged anyone interested in getting involved to reach out.

Jennifer has promised to come back to EC Montreal and set up a volunteer booth in the student lounge to promote the different volunteer opportunities available to our students.

Thank you to the English in the City class for their presentations.

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