EC Montreal February Teachers of the Month!

The students have cast their votes and we are so happy to announce to the world, EC Montreal’s February teachers of the month.  We had a record number of ballots filled so we would like to thank our very dedicated and hardworking team of student ambassadors for helping us distribute the ballots to the entire student population!

Students voted Mariella as their favorite English teacher of the month and Yasser for the French department.

We surprised them in their class today with a special “Teacher of the Month” certificate and gift.  Their students cheered and cheered for them and posed proudly with their favorite teacher of the month!

We would like to thank all the students for taking the time to vote and for all the wonderful comments they wanted to share about their teachers.  We have taken the time to type up each comment and are delighted to share them with all of you:

Il est très sympa et j’appris beaucoup.

Il est drôle et les leçons sont intéressantes.

I think I learn more with her.  She’s great and a funny teacher!

She is very compassionate with the students.  She cares about each one.  She has experience helping students.

She is great and cares about the students.

She’s the best!

She tries to help her students as much as possible.

She is a very didactic teacher.  Her classes are funny and interesting.

She is a very dynamic teacher.  She is a very funny person and I really like the way that she teaches us.

Je pense qu’elle est très amusante.

She is nice!

She’s good at teaching.

She is powerful. So, her class is fun.

She is very funny and kind.

Elle est tres sympathique!!

The teacher’s class is very interesting.  Thank you.

She is nice.  I love her.

Her classes are really good.

Best teacher ever in every single way!

He takes an interest in his students and he is funny.

He is good!

She is really dedicated.

Her writing class is so good!

He is fun and cool!

He is a good teacher.

He encourages his students.

She is really patient and cheerful.

He is fancy and kind.

He cares about the students learning process.

She’s a really nice person and teaches very well.

He is a good teacher.

He is so funny!

Il est très amusant!

Il est très sympa!

Elle est une très bonne prof!

She teaches really well!

He is a very good teacher.

He explains very well.

He is funny!

The class is really good and she explains very good.

She is so intelligent and kind.

He teaches in a funny way but really useful way.  He is simply the best!

She is very patient and concerned about her students.

Her classes are always so dynamic!

Great classes!

He is really nice and I feel like I am learning so much more!

He has passion in teaching!

She has a sense of humour and is always fun!

Elle est une merveilleuse professeur!

She’s a nice teacher!

Best French teacher ever!

He really knows how to teach!

She is cool!

Il est une personne drôle et les leçons sont divertissantes et passionnantes.

Les leçons passent vite et il est très drôle.

He has a lot of attention with students.

Her pronunciation is easy to listen to.

He prepares really good lessons.

She is really understanding.

He is really motivated and so kind.

He is very polite, attentive and knows how to motivate his students.

Her willingness to make each of her students enhance their knowledge.

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