Montreal Named Canada’s Top Ranking City for Hosting Sports!

Attention EC Montreal students, we have more things to celebrate!  Montreal has just been named Canada’s top-ranking city for hosting sports events by Global Sport Impact Canada Index, which aims to assess the performance of cities that host national and international sports events.  Montreal will be hosting several noteworthy sports events in the coming months including the tennis Roger’s Cup, the ISU World Short Track Speed Skating Championships, and the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

“Sport tourism is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry in Canada and around the world. Tourism Montreal will continue working to build a portfolio of high-caliber events that reflects the city’s potential,” “We believe that major sporting events are an excellent way of promoting Montreal and result in significant economic, tourism and media benefits—all of which are important for the city’s future.” said Yves Lalumière, President and CEO of Tourism Montreal, in a statement.

At EC Montreal we aim to include at least 2 sporting activities per month to show how athlete friendly this city is and to show how many amazing sporting events take place in this vibrant city!

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