EC Montreal April Teachers of the Month!

Today at EC Montreal we surprised our April teachers of the month!  Every month, our students have a chance to vote for their favorite teacher.  We ask our team of student ambassadors to help us distribute the ballots.  The ballots have 2 simple questions; who was your favorite teacher?  why?  The why question is very important to us because we are able to collect a lot of wonderful feedback from our students about our teachers.  It is always so rewarding to see so many comments about our team of instructors.  We take the time to type up all the comments and display them in the teacher’s lounge.  This way, they can see how very much appreciated they are.  This positive reinforcement truly creates a “feel good” atmosphere at the school and contributes to their motivation to teach! This month our EC Montreal students voted for Shayan for the English department and Clelia for French.  This is Clelia’s first win in 2018!  We are so happy for her!  This is Shayan’s second consecutive win!  Our students have spoken and have told us how wonderful our teachers are! First we surprised Shayan!  We presented him with a Teacher of the Month certificate as well as a small gift.  His students cheered and posed proudly with him for a picture! Next, we surprised Clelia.  She was delighted to hear this news and held up her certificate with great joy and enthusiasm! Thank you to our wonderful EC Montreal students for taking the time to vote and for leaving so many great comments.  We are so happy to share them with all of you: She’s nice and a very good teacher. He is good! Elle est une très bonne professeure. He always has something new to teach us and he is very good at … Read more

EC Montreal Prepares Students for their Missions Abroad!

EC Montreal is the language school of choice for Doctors Without Borders.  Their doctors need to obtain a B2 level in order to qualify for their missions.  EC Montreal offers these doctors a free evaluation to test their language ability.  If they do not possess a B2 level, they sign up for our General English lessons.  EC Montreal is here to assist them.  We have been working with this organization for several years and have prepared many of their doctors for their missions abroad. It is extremely rewarding working with such a prestigious organization such as Doctors Without Borders.  It takes a special kind of doctor to give their time so selflessly and volunteer their time in some very dangerous areas. Each year more than 2,500 international staff join 30,000 locally hired staff to provide medical aid in countries around the world. Doctors Without Borders guarantees staff a dynamic and intense work environment alongside people who believe in helping those in need. Doctors Without Borders recruits medical and non-medical staff to work in its projects. All of these people bring professional abilities, practical experience, as well as a commitment to and concern for the people they help. Did you know that EC Montreal offers DELF/ DALF Preparation Courses in Montreal?

Montreal’s Annual Free Museum Day!

Sunday, May 27 is Montreal Museum Day.  EC Montreal students will be accompanying our students to participate in this annual event that is unique to North America! The goal is to make Montréal museums better known and more popular with Montrealers and visitors. It’s a way for the museums to put down deeper roots in the community and make culture and knowledge more accessible. The event is in collaboration with the STM – Montreal’s Transportation system.  Public transportation between museums and the actual museum visits are free as well as free Bixi bike access! A total of 34 museological institutions across Montreal have planned a multitude of free activities and events for this occasion, with complimentary shuttle service between the different institutions! Montreal is the definitely the coolest city in North America! Did you know that EC Montreal offers DELF/ DALF Preparation Courses in Montreal?

International Potluck at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal organized an international potluck picnic with its students!  Our Gastronomy themed month ended on a delicious note! All the staff and students were encouraged to bring dishes from their culture.  Sadly, only two students brought dishes from their countries.  Helena from Brazil brought a corn meal cake and Nicky from Taiwan spent three hours making dumplings for us.  A special thank you to them for their beautiful contributions. Thank goodness for the administrative team!  Thanks to their generosity, we had food from Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Canada.  We had Mexican churros, Italian cold-cuts and pizza, Brazilian appetizers, Swiss Rosti, cheese and Toblerone  and sweets from Hong Kong.  The Montreal table included smoked meat, poutine and of course, our ever-popular maple cookies! We decorated the student lounge with flags from all the different countries and each table had a different theme!  The lounge looked beautiful and smelled so appetizing! The students had a marvelous time trying each other’s dishes and were so happy to eat food that they have missed from back home!  They were jumping from table to table sampling different foods from all over the world! What a yummy afternoon we had at EC Montreal! Did you know that EC Montreal offers DELF/ DALF Preparation Courses in Montreal?

Food Truck Festival Starts Next Week!

On the first Friday of every month, EC Montreal students will have a chance to enjoy a food festival at the Olympic Stadium.  Over 40 food trucks and 3 DJs will be available for the food fans to enjoy! There is no fee to enter the event.  This First Friday Food Festival began in 2013.  The food trucks had over 50,000 visitors on the first Friday of every month!  This year, the event is even more grand with the addition of music and alcohol vendors.  Popular Montreal DJs will perform from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. The food trucks serve a range of food from burgers to gourmet dishes.  Some of Montreal’s very popular restaurants will be driving up to the Olympic Stadium to serve their dishes from their truck! The Olympic Stadium is located close to the Pie-IX metro station.  The first event of 2018 is May 4!  We hope to see you there! Did you know that EC Montreal offers DELF/ DALF Preparation Courses in Montreal?

Les Jardins Gamelin Beer Gardens in Montreal!

Les Jardins Gamelin will soon again host a rich and varied roster of cultural activities, every day and night of the week. Thanks to an engaging design by Pépinière & co, including an outdoor restaurant, Les Jardins Gamelin will be a great destination for outdoor lunches, after-work drinks and lively weekends for the whole family. There will be gardens, vegetable plots and other greenery that will enliven the space for the season. Every spring and summer this area is lit up with a beer garden, live music and events every weekend, dancing and a ton of other cool events. There will be tons of picnic tables, food on-site and great lighting and art installations to enjoy. Les Jardins Gamelin will be open 7 days a week, from 7:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.!  The park is located at  550 de Maisonneuve Boulevard East. Look for an outing at Les Jardins Gamelin on our EC Montreal spring and summer calendar of events! Did you know that EC Montreal offers DELF/ DALF Preparation Courses in Montreal?

Cupcake Decorating Activity at EC Montreal!

As part of EC Montreal’s Gastronomy month, we held a cupcake decorating activity at the school.  These social activities are held during the afternoon and they are absolutely free!   These activities help us to create an EC community at the school.  Students have a chance to make friends, practice their English or French and have a great time! The tables were set up with small cakes, frosting and a variety of sprinkles and other toppings. Students created their very own dessert with pride while munching on the candy decorations! At EC Montreal, we love giving our students these wonderful opportunities to interact with one another in a social setting! Next week, we will end our gastronomy themed activities with an international potluck!  We will have foods from Italy, Mexico, China, Taiwan and many more countries!  We can’t wait to see what the students prepare and share with the rest of the school! Life is sweet at EC Montreal! Did you know that EC Montreal offers DELF/ DALF Preparation Courses in Montreal?  

Sebastian Ospina Shares his EC Homestay Experience!

Sebastian Ospina is a teen student from Colombia participating in EC Montreal’s French programme.  He will be presenting tonight at our annual Homestay Workshop event.  We always ask students to give a presentation on what homestay means to them and what they see as the ideal homestay host.  This workshop is for new homestays.  For most, it will be their very first time hosting international students.  Some are nervous and aren’t quite sure what to expect.  Having an opportunity to meet students and giving them a chance to speak with them, really puts their minds at ease and gives them even more motivation to welcome students to their homes. As Sebastian has had homestay experiences in different EC destinations, we felt he would be the perfect student to deliver a presentation.  Sebastian has promised to present in both English and French! Here is what he would like to share about his EC homestay experience: My name is Sebastián Ospina. I am from Colombia and I am seventeen years old. I have been here in Canada for 9 months. I arrived in July of 2017 at Victoria, BC with the purpose of studying English, and in January of 2018, I arrived at Montreal to study French. I have had a lot of good experiences here and I have known a lot of different people, a totally new culture and way of living and at the same time of learning two languages, learning how to be more mature and open my mind to the world. My experience in homestays during all my stay in this country has been very good and pleasant. I think that in both homes I have been hosted very well and I have had a very good time. In my opinion, a good homestay has to be very … Read more

Meet our New Student Ambassador Helena Granja From Brazil!

Helena Granja is a teenage student from Brazil participating in EC Montreal’s Bilingual programme.  She has been at EC Montreal since January 27 and is booked for a 24-week period.  Helena recently joined our Student Ambassador programme.  Here is what she wanted to share with all of you: My name is Helena.  I am 16 years old and I love drawing and painting.  I chose Montreal because I wanted a safe place to study English and French. I believe to have improved my writing skills a lot and since I will be staying until July, I hope to improve even more. My favorite activity was ice skating because I love to skate.  I love my homestay family and my house.  We get a long pretty well.   Since I came here I met a lot of friends from different countries like Japan, China, Libya and Colombia. The reason I want to be a student ambassador is that I love meeting new people and helping them plus I want to be as involved as possible in EC Montreal’s activities. Did you know that EC Montreal offers DELF/ DALF Preparation Courses in Montreal?

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette Comes to Montreal’s Place des Arts!

Shakespeare’s most popular work of art, Romeo and Juliette, will be performed as a French opera at the Place des Arts in Montreal!  The performance will take place from May 19 to May 26, 2018 in the Salle Wilfred-Pelletier ballroom. There is an international cast with performers from Spain, Italy, France and Canada, under the direction of Tom Diamond.  It is a 3-hour show from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. We are so excited to introduce our EC Montreal students to this version of Romeo and Juliette, in French! The ever popular tale of the Capulets and the Montaigus from Verono and their tragic love story.  The 5 acts of Shakespeare’s play will be played out in song. Tickets range from $62.45 to $200 depending on seating. We tell our EC Montreal students on their first day that Montreal is an art lover’s paradise, not just with our hundreds of museums and galleries but with our performing arts.  We  have L’Opera de Montréal, Les Grand Ballets Canadiens and so many theater production companies. We hope our EC Montreal students will add some culture and romance to their Montreal visit and purchase a ticket to see Romeo and Juliette at our iconic Place des Arts! Did you know that EC Montreal offers DELF/ DALF Preparation Courses in Montreal?