EC Montreal April Teachers of the Month!

Today at EC Montreal we surprised our April teachers of the month!  Every month, our students have a chance to vote for their favorite teacher.  We ask our team of student ambassadors to help us distribute the ballots.  The ballots have 2 simple questions; who was your favorite teacher?  why?  The w … Read more

Montreal’s Annual Free Museum Day!

Sunday, May 27 is Montreal Museum Day.  EC Montreal students will be accompanying our students to participate in this annual event that is unique to North America! The goal is to make Montréal museums better known and more popular with Montrealers and visitors. It’s a way for the museums to put down … Read more

International Potluck at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal organized an international potluck picnic with its students!  Our Gastronomy themed month ended on a delicious note! All the staff and students were encouraged to bring dishes from their culture.  Sadly, only two students brought dishes from their countries.  Helena from Brazil brought a … Read more

Food Truck Festival Starts Next Week!

On the first Friday of every month, EC Montreal students will have a chance to enjoy a food festival at the Olympic Stadium.  Over 40 food trucks and 3 DJs will be available for the food fans to enjoy! There is no fee to enter the event.  This First Friday Food Festival began in 2013.  The food truc … Read more

Les Jardins Gamelin Beer Gardens in Montreal!

Les Jardins Gamelin will soon again host a rich and varied roster of cultural activities, every day and night of the week. Thanks to an engaging design by Pépinière & co, including an outdoor restaurant, Les Jardins Gamelin will be a great destination for outdoor lunches, after-work drinks and l … Read more

Cupcake Decorating Activity at EC Montreal!

As part of EC Montreal’s Gastronomy month, we held a cupcake decorating activity at the school.  These social activities are held during the afternoon and they are absolutely free!   These activities help us to create an EC community at the school.  Students have a chance to make friends, prac … Read more

Sebastian Ospina Shares his EC Homestay Experience!

Sebastian Ospina is a teen student from Colombia participating in EC Montreal’s French programme.  He will be presenting tonight at our annual Homestay Workshop event.  We always ask students to give a presentation on what homestay means to them and what they see as the ideal homestay host.  This wo … Read more