EC Montreal Welcomes its EC Family!

Last week, EC Montreal hosted an EC North American conference at our school.  We welcomed all the Centre Directors and Directors of Studies from all our North American centres as well as our CEO, Mike Xuereb, our Directors of Operations from across the EC locations as well as very important EC emplo … Read more

Taste of Poutine at EC Montreal!

Gastronomy month is in full swing at EC Montreal!  On Wednesday, we gave our students a taste of Montreal!  We introduced them to Poutine! Poutine is the ultimate junk food that originated in the province of Quebec.  It is a dish that combines cheese, gravy and fries!  Poutine is a word that is slan … Read more

Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry’s Tomorrow!

Ben and Jerry’s is having their annual free cone day tomorrow and both French and English students from EC Montreal will be taking advantage! Every year in April, Ben and Jerry’s hosts a free cone day.  You can see a line up outside their shop all day long.  They start lining at the de Maisonn … Read more

The Bixi Bikes Are Coming Back Soon!

EC Montreal students are very much familiar with Montreal’s public bike transportation system! There is a bixi bike stand right outside the school! There are stations all over the island of Montreal. The convenience of the bixi system is you can take a bike from one stand and return it to any … Read more

EC Montreal’s English in the City!

One of EC Montreal’s most popular programmes is English in the City.  It is a programme that combines classroom instruction with weekly lessons conducted outside the school. If you are looking to develop fluency, target core skills, and truly experience your destination through its language, t … Read more

EC Montreal + Iko Tours = Very Happy Students!

EC Montreal offers a dynamic activities programme our students can take advantage of!  We strongly recommend that our students participate in as many activities as possible as they will complement their stay.  Not only are our students here to learn a language but they are here to make friends, prac … Read more

EC Montreal Bilingual Options!

Learn English and French while fully immersing yourself in the cosmopolitan culture of the world’s biggest bilingual city. The Bilingual Programme offers you many options to improve your skills in English or French. You can learn at your own pace, take French in the morning and English in the aftern … Read more