EC Montreal Welcomes its EC Family!

Last week, EC Montreal hosted an EC North American conference at our school.  We welcomed all the Centre Directors and Directors of Studies from all our North American centres as well as our CEO, Mike Xuereb, our Directors of Operations from across the EC locations as well as very important EC employees. The goal of this conference was to share best practices, get an update from the different departments across EC and to enjoy each other’s company.  Although EC is a large company with over 20 destinations, in 5 different countries and 3 different continents, it is still a family run business and we are still a family at heart.  These occasions to get together reinforce this family relationship we have with our colleagues across the different centres. For many of our guests, it was their first visit to Montreal.  They were so excited to be here!  We planned some very fun outings to different restaurants in Montreal, including a night out at Les Enfants Terribles, that is located at the top of Montreal’s tallest building, Place Ville Marie.  The view from the restaurant is spectacular! We also planned a gastronomy team-building activity for the EC team!  We went to one of our most mused gastronomy vendors, Ateliers et Saveurs and learned how to mix cocktails and make tapas.  We had so much fun on this very hands on activity!  We drank, ate and enjoyed each other’s company. We began the meeting with our French teacher Fatiha giving a French crash course.  Everybody loved it and wished they could have a stayed for a longer French class at EC Montreal! It was a very pleasant and productive week at EC Montreal with our extended EC family!  They all fell in love with Montreal and have asked for us to host … Read more

Irina Aliabedeva From Russia: “EC Montreal is the best language school…”

Irina Aliabedeva is a lovely woman from Russia participating in EC Montreal’s French Intensive programme.  She fell in love with EC Montreal on her first day at the school and has been bring us small gifts every day to show her appreciation!  She has fattened us up with gifts of chocolates, candy and cakes! Today was her last day at EC Montreal. Here is what she wanted to share with all of you: EC Montreal is the best language school in Canada!  It has a beautiful campus, intensive lessons and extremely qualified instructors.  With the lessons, there is an individual approach for each student.  The classes are unique and not at all standard. My French teacher, Jasmine is wonderful!  If you have the time to take classes for 2 weeks, in this time, you will learn to understand, speak and write in French through her lessons. The afternoon electives were special!  Thank you for this special part of my day! I enjoyed my free time exploring the city of Montreal and my trips to Quebec City and Ottawa.  This has been an excellent opportunity to broaden my horizons and to learn about Canadian culture and customs. I would most definitely recommend EC Montreal to my friends, work colleagues and their children.  The school director, Elisa Gazzola and her team of managers, guarantee the safety and quality of language training at the centre.  A big thank you and I hope you will continue to have a lot of success at EC Montreal. Did you know that EC Montreal offers DELF/ DALF Preparation Courses in Montreal?

Taste of Poutine at EC Montreal!

Gastronomy month is in full swing at EC Montreal!  On Wednesday, we gave our students a taste of Montreal!  We introduced them to Poutine! Poutine is the ultimate junk food that originated in the province of Quebec.  It is a dish that combines cheese, gravy and fries!  Poutine is a word that is slang from pudding, which is a mix or mess of ingredients.  That was poutine is a big, delicious mess! Everyone who comes to Montreal needs to give this dish a try!  It is comfort food and highly addictive!  It was the best comfort food on a cold spring day in Montreal! Our students lined up to get a taste of poutine!  We were thrilled to see so many smiles on our students’ faces.  They came back for seconds and thirds!  They couldn’t get enough of it! Next week, the gastronomy theme continues with a cupcake decorating activity! What a delicious month at EC Montreal!  Bon appetit! Did you know that EC Montreal offers DELF/ DALF Preparation Courses in Montreal?

Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry’s Tomorrow!

Ben and Jerry’s is having their annual free cone day tomorrow and both French and English students from EC Montreal will be taking advantage! Every year in April, Ben and Jerry’s hosts a free cone day.  You can see a line up outside their shop all day long.  They start lining at the de Maisonneuve location to get a sweet taste of spring!  We are located so close to this ice cream shop and to so many other wonderful restaurants, bars and cafés!  So many great things are within walking distance to EC Montreal! The sun is shining and we finally have warm weather in Montreal!  We look forward to summer which is right around the corner! Free cone day is the perfect addition to our gastronomy themed month at EC Montreal this April!  This week is Mac ‘n Cheese week and there weeks on EC Montreal’s social events calendar filled with cooking lessons, food tours and a taste of Montreal activities! Life is sweet in Montreal! Did you know that EC Montreal offers DELF/ DALF Preparation Courses in Montreal?

The Bixi Bikes Are Coming Back Soon!

EC Montreal students are very much familiar with Montreal’s public bike transportation system! There is a bixi bike stand right outside the school! There are stations all over the island of Montreal. The convenience of the bixi system is you can take a bike from one stand and return it to any stand anywhere in Montreal. You can cycle your way around the city. Montreal is a bike friendly city. There is a bike path that runs along almost the entire island. It runs along the riviere de prairie and along the St-Lawrence river. The bike paths run across the bridges into the North Shore of the island of Laval and the South Shore. Cycling is a convenient and healthy mode of transportation that is encouraged by the city of Montreal. There are bike paths that lead to Montreal’s 4 universities. Students are encouraged to cycle to school! EC Montreal students quickly learn that when the weather turns warmer in Montreal, everyone wants to enjoy the outdoors. Although our public transportation system is efficient and clean, travelling by bike to and from school adds something special to their Montreal adventure. The bixi stands will be stocked and ready to go on April 15! We encourage all our staff and students to give them a try! It’s fun, healthy and good for the environment! Did you know that EC Montreal offers DELF/ DALF Preparation Courses in Montreal?

EC Montreal’s New Pathway Partner: Cegep de la Gaspesie et des Iles!

EC Montreal is proud to announce that we have a new pathway partner in Montreal.  It is the Cegep de la Gaspesie et des Iles.  This Cegep is a public post-secondary level institution made up of multiple campuses across Quebec inclduing Gaspe, Carleton-sur-Mer, Grande Riviere, Iles de la Madeleine and Montreal.  The Cegep de la Gaspesie et des Iles offers exciting programmes in Business, Technology, Tourism and Healthcare to international students aimed at building employable skills for the future. Now, EC  Montreal students, who have achieved an Upper-Intermediate to Pre-Advanced level at EC, can be admitted to the college without undergoing an English proficiency test such as TOEFL or IELTS. Catherine from the Cegep will be coming to EC Montreal on Tuesday, April 17 at 1:30 to give a presentation to our more advanced English students about the different programmes offered at the Cegep.  She will also talk about the admissions process. On May 3, our English in the City class has been invited to visit the Cegep for a tour of their facilities. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership with the Cegep de la Gaspesie et des Iles. EC Montreal is also pathway partners with Herzing College and we are exploring other exciting options in Montreal! Did you know that EC Montreal offers DELF/ DALF Preparation Courses in Montreal?

EC Montreal’s English in the City!

One of EC Montreal’s most popular programmes is English in the City.  It is a programme that combines classroom instruction with weekly lessons conducted outside the school. If you are looking to develop fluency, target core skills, and truly experience your destination through its language, this dynamic course is your gateway to practical use of English. This Special Focus Programme combines 20 lessons of General English with 10 lessons focused on language study inspired by your destination, for a complete intensive experience that is tailored to you and your personal reasons for learning. Structured classroom study will also support each theme, with themes changing weekly. EC Montreal students have visited markets, hospitals, museums, city hall and many other interesting places. Join our English in the City programme at EC Montreal and improve your English skills while you explore our amazing city!  Next month, our English in the City class will be visiting the Cegep de la Gaspesie to see what a Quebec college looks like.  They will get a tour and meet the staff. EC Montreal also teaches French!  Join us and learn English and French in Montreal with EC! Did you know that EC Montreal offers DELF/ DALF Preparation Courses in Montreal?

EC Montreal + Iko Tours = Very Happy Students!

EC Montreal offers a dynamic activities programme our students can take advantage of!  We strongly recommend that our students participate in as many activities as possible as they will complement their stay.  Not only are our students here to learn a language but they are here to make friends, practice their language skills, discover our city and its neighbouring cities and of course, have loads of fun! EC Montreal offers complimentary activities every Wednesday afternoon.  The activities range from sports, cultural celebrations and the most popular; a taste of Montreal, where we introduce our students to local flavours and savours. In addition, EC Montreal offers evening activities 2 times per week.  Every Tuesday, EC organises a welcome activity.  All students are welcome to participate.  This gives our new students a chance to meet our current students and it gives our current students a chance to welcome our new students to EC and to Montreal!  Every Thursday, EC Montreal offers our students a cultural activity.  Whether it is a tour of Old Montreal or a visit to a museum, these activities are meant to give our students an opportunity to discover Montreal. On the weekends, we work with a local tour operator called Iko Tours!  Marcus Bender is the owner of Iko tours.  He has so much passion and heart!  He is great with our students.  He makes every excursion a memorable one! Geographically, Montreal is perfectly situated.  We are so close to so many other Canadian cities as well as to the US border.  This means that students have an opportunity to visit so many other places on the weekend!  Iko Tours organises trips to our Nation’s capital; Ottawa, to Quebec City, Toronto / Niagara Falls, Mont-Tremblant and New York City! Iko Tours offers carefully planned itineraries in each city … Read more

Restaurant of the Week: L’Avenue is Both Funky and Fun!

L’Avenue is a brunch restaurant located on the very popular and trendy Mount-Royal Avenue.  The restaurant is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day of the week.  They only serve breakfast and lunch all day long! While strolling on Mount-Royal Street, you will always find a huge line outside one particular restaurant and that restaurant is L’Avenue! Since it was featured on the Food Network, this restaurant has really grown in popularity!  I always wondered what all the fuss was about and was always discouraged to wait in the long line up outside.  Last Friday was Good Friday and the school was closed.  I decided to go there early and finally get a taste of this very popular eatery.  Although it was only 8:15 a.m., we still had to wait over 30 minutes in line outside before we were seated.  From the window, I could see people really enjoying their breakfast and taking picture after picture of their dish before finally digging in!  Going to L’Avenue is an event and of course, it must be shared on social media! As the line was moving and we were getting closer and closer to the front door, our mouths were watering from the incredible aromas that were coming from the door.  We could also catch a glimpse of the funky and fun decor every time the door opened.  We could see graffiti all over the walls and a real motorcycle hanging from the ceiling!  Every customer leaving had such an incredibly satisfied look on their face.  A few even stopped to let us know in the line that it was worth the wait! Finally, we made our way inside.  The service is extra friendly and bubbly!  The waiter took our drink order immediately.  L’Avenue is known for their long list … Read more

EC Montreal Bilingual Options!

Learn English and French while fully immersing yourself in the cosmopolitan culture of the world’s biggest bilingual city. The Bilingual Programme offers you many options to improve your skills in English or French. You can learn at your own pace, take French in the morning and English in the afternoon, or even start your course in one language and complete it in the other. A wide range of academic extras are also available to you in both languages, including Quebecois expressions, pronunciation clinics, academic lectures and resume writing workshops. You can also add on EC Montreal’s plus programme, Gastronomy, which is available in English and French.  The culinary sessions are hands on and available at every level.   Another interesting option is Farmstay.  It offers an opportunity for students to enjoy the countryside, and experience farm life while practicing their English or French skills in a real social context. Many students attend one of our Friday workshops and then decide which course they’d like to take, choosing either our Semi-Intensive programme with 24 lessons per week, or our Intensive programme which offers 30 lessons per week. EC makes it easy for you to learn the language of your dreams in one of the world’s most exciting and vibrant cities. Did you know that EC Montreal offers DELF/ DALF Preparation Courses in Montreal?