EC Montreal’s Weekly Complimentary Activities!

EC Montreal students call Wednesdays fun days because that is the day of the week when we host our complimentary activities.  Every month the EC Montreal team chooses a theme.  It usually is chosen based on what is happening in the city.  We then create our list of activities within that theme.  We try to offer our students a taste of Montreal, a fitness class, a team-building activity and an introduction to the city’s festivals.

We like to give our students a taste of the festivals that are taking place around the city and then we encourage our students to go out and explore the city and participate in the actual festivals.  Montreal hosts hundreds of festivals every year!

These weekly complimentary activities give our students an opportunity to interact with one another and to make friends.  It also gives our EC Montreal team a chance to get to know our students on a more social level.  This is how we remember their names and create a sense of an EC community at the school.

The EC Montreal team really enjoys creating the different themes for our students and doing all the prep work in delivering the activities.  It makes us so happy to watch the look of surprise on our students’ faces when the walk into the student lounge and see it all set up for the activity!

June is festival season in Montreal so our students can look forward to a beer festival, strawberry festival and Canada Day festivities at the school!

EC Montreal is more than just a language school.  The EC should stand for all the extra care we offer our students!  Join our ESL course in Montreal!