EC Montreal’s May Teachers of the Month!

EC Montreal named its’ May teachers of the month this week.  The students voted and left their comments for their favorite teachers.  The lucky winners in May were Essadia for the French programme and Shayan as the English teacher of the month!  Shayan, unfortunately, is on vacation this week, so we will surprise him with his special certificate and gift when he returns next week.

We surprised Essadia in her class.  All her students cheered and posed proudly with her for the group photo.  Essadia is loved by all her students.  She received a record number of votes this month!

Congratulations to both Essadi and Shayan!  Thank you for your incredible passion and dedication to your students!

We also want to thank our students for taking the time to vote and for your heartfelt comments.  We are happy to share them with all of you:

Il a patience et aussi il enseigne avec passion, il aime ce qu’il fait!

I love u!

Her classes are very interesting and dynamic.

He is really nice and kind.

I love you!

Elle parle lent.  Elle est toujours heureuse!

Notre tournesol!

Elle est très agréable.  J’ai compris les leçons rapidement.  Elle aime sa profession!

Elle est très gentille.  Elle enseigne très bien.  Elle m’aide beaucoup!

Elle est très joyeuse et patiente.  Elle m’a beaucoup aidé.

C’est très facile d’apprendre et j’aime toutes les classes avec elle!

Best way of teaching!

She is so good at having students become intested in French!

He encourages the students to keep studying, even if they don’t express any interest.

Très gentil.

Je suis content avec la classe.

Très content avec beaucoup d’énergie!

La mère d’enseignement est magnifique!

Elle est très gentille, est a une bonne pratique d’enseigner!

She is good!

He is the best!

She is so kind and she always helps us if we have questions!

He is very good at explaining things!

Elle est très gentille!

She is awesome!

He understands the students and you love to pay attention in his class.

Good teacher.

Interesting classes!

Good teacher.

Elle est une bonne professeure.

He’s handsome.

She makes the class very interesting.

He’s funny!

His classes are very interesting and dynamic.

Parce ce qu’elle est très heureuse et elle enseigne très bien.

Good teacher.

Je l’adore!

Parce que oui!

She is a good teacher.

Il explique très bien.

Il a le saveur cubain.

He is cool.

He encouraged the students!

He is very patient.

He is « didáctico » in spanish.

Happy, dresses really good.

Good classes.


Très bien.

Really funny!

Parce qu’elle est sympathique, calme, joyeuse.

She’s a good teacher.

She is patient.  She is friendly.  She gives good examples.

Elle est efficace et gentile.


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