Anastasija Kovalova From Latvia: “It has been the best experience so far…”

Anastasija Kovalova is a lovely young woman from Latvia participating in EC Montreal’s French as a second language programme.  This is her last day at EC Montreal.  Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about her EC experience:

I chose to come to EC Montreal because I have never been to Canada before and I was interested in an opportunity to study and see the country.  I came to learn French.  I became more confident in my knowledge and learned how to use my skills in French.  

I enjoyed the traffic light party that we had at the school.  It was interesting and funny.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere at the school.

I loved my room at the La Marq residence.  It had the best view and wonderful location.  I will recommend EC to all my friends.  I made friends from all around the world and it was amazing!

I will always remember how much fun it was and how many interesting people I have met.  It has been the best experience so far.

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