Sofia Brizoto Camassola From Brazil: “I’m going to miss everything…”

Sofia Brizoto Camassola has been a student ambassador for EC Montreal for many months!  She has been so helpful in welcoming new students, promoting our activities programme and distributing ballots for our teacher of the month campaign.  Recently, she volunteered at the World Student Day celebration.  Sadly, today was her last day at EC Montreal.  She will be sorely missed.  Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about her EC experience: I chose Montreal because it is a bilingual city where I could learn and practice my English and French.  I have improved a lot my English and learned French as well.  I love the school, the teachers and all the staff.  Everyone is really kind and try their best to help the students. I’m going to miss everything. Check out our EC Montreal school!

EC Montreal’s Evacuation Exercise Success!

At EC Montreal, our students’ safety and wellbeing is of the utmost importance.  Each EC centre has a crisis management team and evacuation procedures in place.  If an emergency should arise, we want to be as prepared as possible to ensure our students are out of harm’s way. Every classroom has the evacuation posted and all the teachers and staff have been trained on what to do.  In addition, new students go over the evacuation plan as part of the walking tour. Today we had a chance to practice our evacuation plan.  With the assistance of the building and the Montreal fire department, EC Montreal held a drill exercise.  It took less than 5 minutes to get all of our staff and students out of the school and to the meeting point across the street from the EC Montreal campus.  We currently have 191 students, 23 teachers and 6 staff members.  The fire department was impressed with our plan.  We beat last years’ time of 7 minutes. We have a folder that is taken when there is an evacuation.  The folder includes a list of all EC staff with phone numbers as well as the evacuation plan and student attendance list.  This way, we can take attendance and ensure that every person from EC Montreal is accounted for.  All the teachers took attendance using their class list to ensure that all the students were accounted for. Here are the basic rules when it comes to evacuating the school: Listen closely to directions. Quietly line up. Walk carefully out of the building to your assigned place. Stay with your class at all times. Wait with your teacher until it is safe to return to your classroom. In addition, most of the EC Montreal team is CPR trained and equipped to handle … Read more

Arisa Shuto From Japan: “I am such a lucky girl…”

Arisa Shuto is a lovely young woman from Japan participating in EC Montreal English School’s English programme.  Sadly, this is her last week at EC.  Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about her EC experience: I was looking forward to seeing Montreal.  It is amazing.  I am happy to come here!  I was able to make new friends from all over the world.  It is a super good experience for me.  I love Sohban’s class and my friends.  I also love my host mother.  She is so kind.  I am such a lucky girl among EC students.  I will never forget this experience, my teachers and my friends from Korea, Mexico, Colombia. Thank you so much. Arisa  

Nelma Faria Goulart From Brazil: “I’m really glad that I chose EC…”

Nelma is a lovely woman from Brazil participating in EC Montreal’s Semi-Intensive French programme.  She has been studying at EC Montreal for 12 weeks but sadly, this is her last week.  Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about her EC experience: I’m really glad that I’ve chosen EC school and also Montreal.  I had such an amazing time here.  The school is great.  I like the methodology and also the fact that we have at least 2 different teachers and every week, we also have new students in class and that makes the classes more dynamic.  I think I’ve improved a lot.  Most of the teachers are good, so I am satisfied about it.  I certainly would recommend EC.  I hope to have that experience again soon. Check out our  English courses in Montreal

Natalie Zelenkova From Czech Republic: “I met a lot of amazing people…”

Natalie Zelenkova is a lovely young woman from the Czech Republic participating in EC Montreal’s French as a foreign language programme.  Sadly, tomorrow is her last day at EC.  Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about her EC experience: I chose Montreal because I have always wanted to visit Canada and also because it is a bilingual city.  Even though, I stayed just one month, I think my French has definitely improved.  I loved how interactive the lessons were and I really liked all my teachers!  My accommodation in my host family was great as well, so I’d totally recommend EC to a friend.  I met a lot of amazing people from all parts of the world here and my stay in Montreal will forever be one of my great memories.  Thank you! Check out our English school in Montreal!

Alejandra Torres From Mexico: “It was a great experience…”

Alejandra Torres is a lovely woman from Mexico participating in EC Montreal’s English For Work programme which consists of 20 Lessons of General English followed by 10 Lessons of Business English.  Sadly, tomorrow is her last day at EC Montreal.  Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about her EC experience: EC is an excellent school and has a great programme to help students to improve their language skills.  The teachers were excellent and had a lot of patience with me. For me, it was a great experience because before I arrived, I felt nervous and scared to speak or write.  I have learned a lot of things; grammar, speaking, writing and also I’ve learned about the people and the city. It’s fantastic to have met people from other countries and learn about other cultures. Thank you EC. Find out more about how you too can Learn English in Canada with EC

Meet our New Student Ambassador, David Arango!

We are delighted to introduce you to our new student ambassador, David Arango.  Here is what he wanted to share with all of you: I am David Arango, I come from Colombia and I speak Spanish, English and French. I studied business management in my country. I have been living in Canada since April because I was learning English in Toronto and I came to Montreal on the 1st of September will stay here until the 20th of December. The city and people are great in Montreal. There are many activities to do after school for people to enjoy and practice the languages. Also, Montreal is a city that has many special events and different types of food because there are people from all over the world. Therefore, the city is open to everyone that visits. The classes at EC have been amazing and my French has improved a lot. I feel it was the right choice to come here to learn this language also because I have the opportunity to practice what I have learned so far. I would like to work as an EC student ambassador and help the school with the assignment they have. Thank you for your attention. David Arango Check out our English Courses Montreal!

Montreal’s Cafe Olimpico Named One of the Best Cafes on Earth!

Author Chris Moss of England’s The Telegraph, has published his list of the “50 greatest cafes on Earth,” which includes coffee shops on every continent. Nestled in the heart of the ever-popular Mile End district, Cafe Olimpico is one of Montreal’s best-kept secrets. In a city known for its fondness for good food and drink, Olimpico stands out, serving a selection of delicious coffee, espresso drinks and Italian pastries. Moss notes, “Cafe Olimpico is great because it’s just a café. Opened in 1970 in the arty (increasingly gentrified) Mile End district, it’s a permanently busy, bustling little brown-hued café, turning out superb espressos, macchiatos and cappuccinos to a mixed clientele. That’s what makes Cafe Olimpico great, it’s a traditional coffee shop that doesn’t over complicate their menu or environment. The quaint shop serves coffee and does it well enough to earn global recognition.” At EC Montreal, we encourage our students to discover different neighborhoods to get a real taste of Montreal.  When you are in the Mile End area, pop into Café Olimpico and experience one of the best cups of coffees on the face of the earth, according to The Telegraph! While you are in the Mile End, check out one of Montreal’s most famous bagel shops, St. Viateur! Join our classes at our EC Montreal language school!

Dear EC Montreal….From Sofia Pla Alemany

Dear EC Montreal, My name is Sofia Pla Alemany and I was a student of yours last summer. Ever since I left (really pleased with my experience) from Montreal I had wanted to let you know about my time there, however I keep forgetting every time. I hope that it’s better late than never. I would like to talk especially about my excellent home stay as I had the pleasure of staying with Valerie Vieira. Although I was only one month there she made me feel from the very first moment as if I was at my own home and mostly as if she was my family. She was always comprehensive with me, talked to me and listened, she was there for me all the time and made my experience even better. I could probably say that she was the main reason why I returned so happy to my country and the reason why I still have so good memories of my time there. As I said she was always willing to chat, in particular at dinner time, where we had really nice talks and where we shared lots of things from our experiences as well as our culture, which was great for my English communication improvement, one of my main objectives for this month. Above that, the food was always amazing, and I had the chance to taste every Canadian dish at the very best level, seriously awesome. Besides, this was my first time in a home stay, so I was more than impressed and could have never imagined I would get the chance to live with such a nice and caring person in a beautiful home and superb neighborhood. I could not forget about my outstanding teacher, Essadia. It was an absolute pleasure to be in her class as it … Read more

Laura Elisa Schwander From Switzerland: “I met many nice people…”

Laura Elisa Schwander is a lovely young woman from Switzerland participating in EC Montreal’s English for Work programme which combines General English with a business English elective in the afternoon.  Sadly, this is Laura’s last week at EC Montreal.  Here is what she wanted to share about her EC experience: I chose EC Montreal because Canada was my favorite destination and after comparing Toronto and Montreal, I thought Montreal would be the better option.  The lessons were very varied, consisting parts of speaking, writing and listening.  Besides the school, I met many nice people, mostly from South America, but also from Japan, Korea and Europe.  I appreciated the cultural exchange because you can learn about lives in foreign countries.  After the lessons, we could meet in town to discover the sights of Montreal, such as the Old Port, Mont-Royal or the Notre-Dame Basilica. My favorite EC activity was the trip to Quebec City and the Independence Day we celebrated on Wednesdays in our student lounge.  That was a memorable stay which I will never forget! Be sure to check out our Montreal English School !