EC Montreal’s Evacuation Exercise Success!

At EC Montreal, our students’ safety and wellbeing is of the utmost importance.  Each EC centre has a crisis management team and evacuation procedures in place.  If an emergency should arise, we want to be as prepared as possible to ensure our students are out of harm’s way.

Every classroom has the evacuation posted and all the teachers and staff have been trained on what to do.  In addition, new students go over the evacuation plan as part of the walking tour.

Today we had a chance to practice our evacuation plan.  With the assistance of the building and the Montreal fire department, EC Montreal held a drill exercise.  It took less than 5 minutes to get all of our staff and students out of the school and to the meeting point across the street from the EC Montreal campus.  We currently have 191 students, 23 teachers and 6 staff members.  The fire department was impressed with our plan.  We beat last years’ time of 7 minutes.

We have a folder that is taken when there is an evacuation.  The folder includes a list of all EC staff with phone numbers as well as the evacuation plan and student attendance list.  This way, we can take attendance and ensure that every person from EC Montreal is accounted for.  All the teachers took attendance using their class list to ensure that all the students were accounted for.

Here are the basic rules when it comes to evacuating the school:

  1. Listen closely to directions.
  2. Quietly line up.
  3. Walk carefully out of the building to your assigned place.
  4. Stay with your class at all times.
  5. Wait with your teacher until it is safe to return to your classroom.

In addition, most of the EC Montreal team is CPR trained and equipped to handle an emergency situation.

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