EC Montreal Student Feedback!

Today we held a student focus group at EC Montreal to touch base with our students and here what they had to say about their EC experience. Our student feedback is so very important to us.  This is how we are able to improve our service and implement changes to better satisfy our clients.  We have an open door policy at EC.  Our students are encouraged to come see us at any time to discuss a concern or ask for advise.

We are delighted to share our student feedback with all of you:

Patricia Martinez From Mexico

When I chose EC, I didn’t know the change and experienced that I would have.  It was much more than learning the language.  I learned to be independent and less shy!  The friends I made here as well as the knowledge, I know they are forever.  You get to know people every week and they become your family.  EC is definitely a school to learn, have fun and grow as a friend, daughter and student.  If they gave me another change to make a different decision, I wouldn’t.

Roberta Barbara Mello de Brito From Brazil

Montreal is an amazing city where we can find friendly people.  I have learnt so many things since I arrived and I think studying abroad is the most enriching experience a human being can have.  I definitely recommend it.

Mourad Shaheen From Saudi Arabia

I have chosen to study in Montreal because I want to do my Masters at Concordia University.  I believe EC Montreal helped me a lot to be prepared for the IELTS exam.  I love La Marq residence.  It helped me to make a lot of friends.  I want to thank my teacher, Shayan, for supporting me.

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