Enrico Giacomini From Italy: “What are you waiting for…”

Enrico Giacomini is a pretty remarkable young man from Italy participating in EC Montreal’s French programme.  He already speaks several different languages and is a very determined and focused individual.  He impressed us from his very first day at EC.

Here is what he wanted to share with everyone about his EC experience.  Please note that this testimonial has been translated from Italian.

The question that many people asked me was: “Why did you come to Montreal to learn French instead of going to France?” There are two reasons for my choice: the first is that the cost is lower than going to Paris or Strasbourg; the second is that Quebec is bilingual.  We have the possibility to learn French and I can improve or learn English. Besides that, I discovered that Montreal is a multicultural city, full of beautiful places to discover and very “alive”. For us Italians, there is the possibility of feeling at home by visiting ‘Little Italy’ (Petite Italie), with its wonderful market full of Italian products. There are also many other ethnic neighborhoods to discover such as Chinatown or Little India.

My goal was to learn French, and, in only one week, I can produce complex sentences, read a novel and converse such as describing one of my typical days! The lesions are totally in French and this, in my opinion, helps us a lot with our pronunciation. The school organizes several very fun activities and also encourages us to make friends.  Here, I could meet people from all over the world, like Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Russia, China, etc…

Regarding accommodation, I had several options, but I chose to stay with a nice homestay.

In conclusion it has been an experience that I would do again and that I recommend it to everyone, not only for the possibility of learning a new language, but also to grow global ties and to learn aspects of different cultures.

So, what are you waiting for to start your new experience?

Come to Canada to Learn French in Montreal!