A Sneak Peak at our Joyful December Calendar of Events!

EC Montreal is looking forward to another wonderful holiday season.  Next month’s theme is Joyful December!  Next month will be about celebrating the holiday season as a family with our staff, teachers and students.  It will also be a month of giving and being involved within the Montreal community. The free social events next month will take place on Wednesdays.  The first week, EC will hold its tree trimming party.  We will give our students the opportunity to decorate the EC Christmas tree while enjoying holiday refreshments and listening to Christmas music. The following week, all our energy will revolve around our charity bake sale.  It will be an entire day of giving with the bake sale at the first break and hopefully still going at the 12:30 break.  We will also sell raffle tickets and there will be many wonderful prizes to be won!  Many different classes are working on projects to help spread our fundraising efforts to the entire student population.  This will be our 15th annual charity bake sale. On December 12, we will hold our annual letter writing activity.  For one day only, EC will pay for our students’ postage.  We will set up each table with holiday postcards, greeting cards, stationery and stickers so our students can send messages and greetings to their loved ones back home.  We are delighted to stamp and mail them for our students.  It warms our hearts to think of so many messages of love being circulated around the globe! On December 19, we will have a gingerbread house making competition.  We can’t wait to see our students’ creativity! The evening and weekend activities will include a day trip to Quebec City, night skiing, happy hour, cocktails, brunches, Christmas markets and a games night at La Marq residence. What a joyful … Read more

EC Montreal’s Wine and Cheese!

EC Montreal held a wine and cheese event in the student lounge today.  This type of event is the perfect way for students to get to know one another.  It is a great ice breaker, especially for new students. We served a variety of Quebec cheeses and French wines that paired beautifully.  Quebec has over 80,000 types of cheeses and hundreds of cheese farms across the province. At EC Montreal, it is important for us to create a sense of an EC community at the school.  Students hang around chatting, practicing their language skills and making friends.  It is always so lovely to see the students having a great time. Next week, we will end the month with our annual Christmas tree trimming party!  We cannot wait to decorate the school for the festive season. Life is sweet at EC Montreal! Learn English and French in Montreal! And experience our very fun activities!

Montreal’s Plateau Named Most Instagrammable Neighborhood!

Mapped has just released a list of the most instagrammable neighborhoods for street art in the world and we are delighted that Montreal’s Plateau neighborhood made the list.  Street art is an important part of our art scene in Montreal and a form of art that is very much celebrated.  This is what Mapped had to say about Montreal’s Plateau neighborhood: As the festival capital of the world, Montreal was not about to leave out the Mural Festival. Drawing artists from around the world to create masterpieces, this 11-day festival paints the town with photogenic works of art. Stroll around Saint-Laurent Boulevard for the best spots, and don’t forget to check out the massive painting of Leonard Cohen. We encourage all our EC Montreal students to check out the various Montreal neighborhoods and to make sure that Le Plateau is on their bucket list.  It is such a fun neighborhood filled with one-of-a-kind shops, restaurants and cafés. Check out our Montreal Language School and experience our city!

EC Montreal Student Focus Group Feedback!

Every week, EC Montreal meets with our departing students to get their feedback on their experience.  The student experience is very important to EC.  We strive to ensure all our students are happy and satisfied with the quality of our services. This week, we met with students from Germany, Chile, Switzerland, Brazil and Mexico.  They had such interesting things to say about EC.   Wolfgang Koerner From Germany EC Montreal offers a nice and professional atmosphere, excellent teachers and a warm welcome was presented. It’s my third time here and I will come back!  Of course, I would recommend EC to my friends.  Thank you.   Delory Espinoza From Chile Well, I wanted to learn French and I literally started from zero.  I didn’t know anything, not even the basic stuff and now I feel confident enough to have a simple conversation, where I can give my opinion easily.  Honestly, every activity with food is fun hahaha…I think the best is that the teachers take their time with you and if you don’t understand they search for other options.  I’ve been already recommending EC to a lot of people.  The homestay was a little too far.  I met a lot of people and made a lot of friends from Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Switzerland, the USA and a lot of Europeans.  I will remember everything to be honest.   Claudia Berglas From Switzerland The teachers were great!  The lessons have been different every day.  I feel more confident now to speak in French.  The accommodation was good too.  Very friendly host mother and school not that far from my accommodation.  Yes, I would recommend EC to another friend.  I chose Montreal because I love North America.   Gabriela da Silva Santos From Brazil I chose Montreal because I wished to have an … Read more

Grecia Carolina Juarez Casarin From Mexico: “Thank you EC…”

Grecia Carolina Juarez Casarin is a lovely 17-year old girl from Mexico participating in EC Montreal’s Semi-Intensive Bilingual programme.  Sadly, this is her last week at EC.  Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about her EC experience: EC taught me the most valuable things and that is friendship.  Even though we are not from the same place or we speak a different language, we have this thing in common that can last forever.  Thank you EC!!! Come to Canada and Learn English and French in Montreal!

EC Montreal to Host its 15th Annual Charity Bake Sale!

Corporate social responsibility is very important to us at EC Montreal.  We are the school who cares about its students, its employees, its community and the environment.  We feel it is important for our students to get involved in our fundraising efforts to feel like a part of our EC community and to feel like a true Montrealer. The month of December is usually the time of year that we do a little more in terms of community service.  The holidays can be a difficult time for many families in need.  This year, EC Montreal is having a food and toy drive for Sun Youth.  The donation boxes are already set up in the office.  We encourage everyone to pick up a few extra items the next time they are at the grocery store, pharmacy or even the Dollarama downstairs. In addition, EC Montreal will be holding its 15th annual charity bake sale on Wednesday, December 5.  We will be raising funds for the Shriner’s Hospital for Children again this year.  We were so impressed by the work the hospital is doing; their research, care and thoughtfulness to their patients and their families, that we decided to make this an annual effort. The Shriner’s Hospital is always so appreciative of the funds we raise that they invite us to present the check and give our staff and students a tour of the hospital. The bake sale will include goodies baked with lots of love and care from our EC Montreal team of staff and teachers.  We will also be selling raffle tickets and have already received some lovely gift donations to be won! Let’s show our Montreal community how much EC Montreal cares!  Please give. Attend our Montreal Language School and give today!

Homestay Host, Nicolina Patulli: “My favorite moments are when I’m sitting with the students during dinner time…”

Nicolina Patulli is a homestay host for EC Montreal.  She has been hosting students for us for over 10 years. Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about hosting for EC: I decided to become a guest while my children were still young. I had heard that hosting students from all over the world would be a learning experience for them and for myself. Not only would I shape the care and acceptance of others from different backgrounds, my family and I have been enriched by the many people and their different cultures and languages ​​that they have shared with us. I was always happy to present them to our cultures and traditions and our ways of life in Montreal. My favorite aspect is to invite students to my home and give them the chance and a safe place to learn and grow. I appreciate the many cultures and I am open to getting to know them and their future plans. I would recommend it to others to start hosting because it is an enriching and rewarding experience for both the host family and the student. I would recommend the EC school, it is a fantastic learning school and has lots of activities to offer its students. My favorite moments are when I’m sitting with the students during dinner time. Together we enjoy a good meal and discuss their daily experiences, trips, school activities, even practicing speaking in French and English. Learn a new language at our Montreal Language School and stay with a homestay!

Enrico Giacomini From Italy: “What are you waiting for…”

Enrico Giacomini is a pretty remarkable young man from Italy participating in EC Montreal’s French programme.  He already speaks several different languages and is a very determined and focused individual.  He impressed us from his very first day at EC. Here is what he wanted to share with everyone about his EC experience.  Please note that this testimonial has been translated from Italian. The question that many people asked me was: “Why did you come to Montreal to learn French instead of going to France?” There are two reasons for my choice: the first is that the cost is lower than going to Paris or Strasbourg; the second is that Quebec is bilingual.  We have the possibility to learn French and I can improve or learn English. Besides that, I discovered that Montreal is a multicultural city, full of beautiful places to discover and very “alive”. For us Italians, there is the possibility of feeling at home by visiting ‘Little Italy’ (Petite Italie), with its wonderful market full of Italian products. There are also many other ethnic neighborhoods to discover such as Chinatown or Little India. My goal was to learn French, and, in only one week, I can produce complex sentences, read a novel and converse such as describing one of my typical days! The lesions are totally in French and this, in my opinion, helps us a lot with our pronunciation. The school organizes several very fun activities and also encourages us to make friends.  Here, I could meet people from all over the world, like Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Russia, China, etc… Regarding accommodation, I had several options, but I chose to stay with a nice homestay. In conclusion it has been an experience that I would do again and that I recommend it to everyone, not … Read more

Jackeline Merly Ballon and Mariana Nanantzin Azcarate Present: Blue Jeans!

Jackeline Merly Ballon and Mariana Nanantzin Azcarate gave a presentation today as part of EC Montreal’s student academic lecture series.  We encourage our students to show off their newly acquired language skills by giving a presentation on a topic they are the most passionate about.  At EC Montreal we teach presentation skills and instill confidence in our students.  We encourage them and work with them to deliver stellar presentations to the rest of the school.  The English elective classes are encouraged to take their students to the presentation so they can give support to the presenters and also practice their listening skills and note taking skills. Today Jackeline and Mariana made us very proud by delivering a presentation on blue jeans.  They spoke about the history of blue jeans as well as the impact this industry is having on our environment and the world labor force. They began by asking the audience how many blue jeans they owned and why they are so drawn to blue jeans.  Many of the students answered that they own more than 5 pairs of jeans.  They explained that the average American owns 7 pairs of jeans. They talked about the history of jeans.  They bean in 1871 by Levis Strauss and Jacob Davis.  They were invented because miners needed strong clothing.  They were mainly used by miners and farms until 1950.  In 1950, James Dean became the “bad boy” symbol and his jeans became very popular.  Male celebrities began wearing blue jeans.  In the 60s and 70s, they were the wardrobe of choice of famous people and the hippy movement. Today, they are worn by all people of all ages, genres and genders. They further explained that the jeans industry is having a huge impact on our environment.  Jean manufacturers are contributing to the … Read more

EC Montreal Serves Canada’s Number 1 Comfort Food: Grilled Cheese!

Everybody say “Cheese”  – Grilled Cheese, that is!  Today at EC Montreal, we served Canada’s number one comfort food, Grilled Cheese sandwiches! This was one of five free social activities from our Soulful November calendar of events!  The month of November is all about feeling good and feeding our mind, bodies and souls! The students really appreciated a warm, gooey grilled cheese sandwich, right off the grill, on a cold November day in Montreal! These special events at EC Montreal help to bring the entire school together allowing us all to interact with one another.  We want our students to make friends and to feel at home with us! The lounge smelled absolutely heavenly with the aroma of butter and toasted bread.  Everyone had a smile on their face as they waited patiently for their taste of grilled cheese.  Students came back for seconds and thirds.  They just couldn’t get enough! Next week, we look forward to transforming the student lounge into a soul lounge.  We will serve chocolate martinis and listen to the sweet sounds of jazz. Join us and learn English and French in Montreal with EC!