Postage Courtesy of EC Montreal!

EC Montreal wants its students to keep in touch with their friends and family back home and to tell them how much they are enjoying their time with us!  This afternoon, EC Montreal offered our students a very special gift….free postage for their Christmas cards and letters home!  We started this tradition a few years ago and it has become a much anticipated annual activity for our students!

We set up each table in the student lounge with stationary, Christmas cards, postcards and stickers.  It was so nice to see students writing the old fashioned way and sending messages of love and best wishes!

Many students get homesick during this time of year.  It is a festive time and they are missing their relatives and traditions from home.  A great way to avoid homesickness is to keep active and to stay in touch with those back home.

EC Montreal is committed to giving our students a magical experience in Montreal, not only during the holiday season, but all year long!

Join our English courses in Montreal and be part of our big, happy family!