EC Montreal’s December Teachers of the Month!

EC Montreal announced its December teachers of the month today!  We have been collecting ballots from our students since before the Christmas holidays.  Even though December is one of the quietest months of the year, we received so many votes from our students.

The December winners were Golnaz for the English programme and Yasser for French.  Yasser has won several times in 2018, however, this is Golnaz’ first win!  We are so incredibly happy for both of them.

A world of thanks goes out to our students who took the time to cast their vote and to write so many wonderful comments about their teachers.  We are delighted to share them with you below:

She is very clear in her classes and she likes help students

She is great and is very attentive with us

She’s clear with all

She energy is so good!  She’s so funny

She is a good teacher who is really kind to students

Because she gave helpful and useful English pronuntion to our

Because is very dynamic

Very kind and friendly ❤️

Because she is friendly and happy.  Her class is didactic and she know and help her students

It’s the best teacher

Her class is amazing and her explanation is the best

She’s funny

When I’m in a trouble, she comes to me and helps.

Very friendly, polite…

Professional, friendly

Great didactic, motivation, cool subjects and very fun. Thank you ❤️

I like the way her teaches and she is so kind

She teaches us with passion

Because she teaches very well and quickly

She is a great professional

She use a lot of vocabulary when she’s teaching us.  Also she told us many detail, by use her knowledge

She’s really good with the classes and to understand my difficulties

Conduct very well the class

She teach us or give us advice to improve our English skills

She teaches in a very useful way and she’s a very interesting person.  Good luck!

Because she explains very well. Is attend and her classes are interesting and dinamics

She is my professional, she devotes a lot times the students! She is very positive

She is assertive and her classes are useful

He is very polite and he has a great teaching

Très captivant

Drôle, sympa, et ton classes son très interessants

Il est plus dynamique

He send us videos, sites, in the email, he is the best at teaching, interacting and he’s really comprehensive

Gentil, faire des classes intéréssant

Il est le meilleur, t’aide avec quelque chose que tu as besoin

Parce que il est très intelligent et amusant

Because il est le meilleur❤️

Because he gives us a lot of examples related to our work field

She is strict to student and teach the class seriously

She is nice and patient

Cause she’s our No. 1 !

She is a really nice teacher.  She is very patient and kind.

Elle est très patiente et très gentille

Because she’s very patient

She has a lot of patience and ties to answers all the questions

Everything I’ve learned of ‘French’ was because of her!

Very good and fun classes

We can speak very much during class and he let us focus on the class because improve speaking, grammar

He’s very enthusiastic and is always in a good mood

Because to feel his energy activates me honestly. He put a smile on our face all the time!

Good lessons and funny

His facial expressions are awesome!


She is well teacher

Is very patient and nice

Because she explain me all the time

She is friendly and she understand our limitations and help us to improve our English

She’s one of the best teachers in school, she’s always try her best to help us in learning

She offers us interesting, funny and great lessons

Politely. Kindness and give me some coffee!

She’s class is useful for daily conversation or living

Because I really liked her explanation, she is so kind! I loved it!

She interesting

Because she explain all

She’s a really good teacher, funny and explains really good

She’s easy going, patient

Because he always kindness do explain about English and every day positive J

Because he is very friendly and witty

Because in his class is very funny and happy. And he is kind to help me solve the problems

Patient! Attentive!

He is very kind

Because he always is focused on all students and kindly.  Also his class isn’t boring.  I always enjoy to study class

The facial expressions wake me up in the morning, and the classes are really interesting

Professeur spectaculaire

Parce que elle est très didactique

Because her classes are amusing and fun.  She’s a great teacher!


Patient and happy

She is really funny!

Le meilleur

She’s very active and funny.  She pushes me to practice more.  I like her class

Parce que j’aime sa didatique

Because she is a great teacher

She makes me put effort during her class

Very nice

He’s interesting and pretty

Is cute, is very nice

Because teacher very patient.

Il est très culturé et il a beaucoup de didatique pour enseigner

I’ve learnt a lot from him in just 1 month

Because he explains every topic really well.  He is interested in our development and he always makes us give the best of yourself

Il travaille avec du text, les cours sont très dynamiques, le meilleur prof que je avez jamais eu

On apprend des choses très vite et il peut les expliquer très bien; on va vraiment s’améliorer

She has patience to teach well, is available to explain.  I really like her

Because talk very good

Because she is very good teacher

Good teaching

She is a very good teacher!

Good teacher

Really nice, kind

He is always pushing people to learn!

Class is funny and interesting!

She always motivate me through the good skills

She always try her best to teach students and very friendly

She hear me and try to correct mistakes.  Basic, but the others don’t

She is so kind to teach when we couldn’t understand

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