EC Montreal Student Focus Group Feedback!

Every week, EC Montreal meets with its departing students to collect feedback on their experience.  We welcome this feedback as it helps us to improve our services and to better understand what students want.  This week we met with students from Brazil, Japan, Mexico and France.  Here is what they had to say about their EC experience:

Thibault Cantelli From France

Please note that this has been translated from French.

I had doubts before coming as to how much I was going to learn but I was impressed at how much I really learned from the basics.  It helped to work in small groups with students with similar language abilities and I had many opportunities to speak English and advance my skills at a good rhythm.  I would not hesitate in coming back.


Paulo Henrique Pereto From Brazil

I chose EC because a friend told me it was a good school for him.  I improved my English skills and I would recommend this school.  I really liked the teachers that I had.


Paola Tomotani Rodrigues Dos Santos From Brazil

I chose Montreal and the EC school because I have a friend in this city and I would like to know Montreal.  In the school, I met people from many countries and I made new friends.  My favorite activity in the class are the interactive lessons because I learned faster and I had opportunities to participate in workshops – that’s so good too.  I would recommend EC to my friends because it is a friendly and organized school. They have many activities and after class too.  My studies here was a good experience for my professional and personal life.  Thank you EC!!!


Julieli Horn Guerreiro Campos From Brazil

First, I chose EC Montreal because of the programme English + Gastronomy.  During my first week, I was afraid because my English was really basic and all the people started speaking in French with me.  I was really lost.  But, with my classes at EC, I improved my English and feel more comfortable speaking with everyone.  I really like when the teachers said that I was doing good work.  It makes one feel happy and motives us to try more and more.  Above my host family are amazing.  They care about me and are always present.  I really want to come back one day with some friends to enjoy the city and learn more.  Thank you EC.


Eri Harada From Japan

I came to EC Montreal because I wanted to study French and English both.  I am a beginner of French.  I learned to say so much introductions in French and many new English words and through learning with the textbook, I also learned about culture and world issues.  My favorite activity was joining every weekend activity.  I really enjoyed because I liked the trips.  I liked my French lessons the most.


Dulce Maria Suriano Tellez From Mexico

I chose Montreal because my uncle lives here.  I learned French.  I feel I improved a lot.  Sometimes, I feel I can understand a lot the people of Montreal who speak French.  I liked having interactions with other students because there are so many different cultures.  The professors have a lot of passion.  They are so nice!  I love my accommodation.  I would recommend EC to a friend.  I made friends from Japan.  The social leaders give us a lot of great attention.  I will always remember the experience of knowing people from so many places and learning about their culture.


Gisele Santos Borges From Brazil

I chose Montreal because I would like to visit Canada.  I studied English for one month.  I liked the school and my new friends.  Thanks EC Montreal!

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