A Spot of Maple Tea and Conversation at EC Montreal!

The maple themed activities continued this week at EC Montreal.  We held a tea and conversation activity for our students.  We had delicious maple tea brewing and maple cookies.  Although last week was the first day of spring, it has been unseasonably cold in Montreal.  The cup of warm tea was just what our students needed before heading outside to the -10 degree temperature outside.

The students lounged around with their friends sipping tea and chatting up a storm!

At EC Montreal we like to create these opportunities for students to interact with one another and to make new friends.  These opportunities are especially important for new students or those students who are shy and have difficulty socializing.

Creating a sense of an EC community at the school is also our goal through these weekly complimentary activities.  We want the students to stay at the school as much as possible bonding with their fellow school mates.

We look forward to our first April complimentary activity next week!  A delicious sushi making workshop!