EC Montreal’s Airport Reception Service!

EC Montreal has an airport reception service.  Students who arrive can be welcomed by one of our team of EC drivers called Airport Reception Greeters.  Our Airport Reception Coordinator is Rafael Alencar.  He has a team of drivers who offer our EC Montreal students this service. We strongly encourag … Read more

EC Montreal’s April Teachers of the Month!

The month of April has come and gone and it went by way too quickly!  At EC Montreal, at the end of every month, we ask our students to vote for their favorite teacher of the month.  This feedback is really important to us.  It shows us how very much our teachers are appreciated!  This month, our st … Read more

Café Fest Taking Place in Montreal this May!

Montreal will be hosting a coffee festival in May to celebrate the independent coffee shops who have a tough time competing with the coffee monster corporations such as Second Cup, Tim Hortons and Starbucks.  The festival is called Café Fest.  The participating coffee shops include Anticafé, Café Os … Read more