Canada Day Festivities in Montreal!

July 1 is Canada Day – which represents Canada’s Birthday!  The entire country celebrates this special day and Montreal is no exception!  The city of Montreal has created quite the schedule of activities and events this holiday!  All activities will take place in Old Montreal, especially at the Old Port and around the Clock Tower. From 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. 25 families will be sworn in as Canadian citizens.  This is always a very touching and moving ceremony to be a part of.  These families are so proud to become citizens of this great country!  The ceremony will be followed by the military marching band from the Canadian Armed Forces.  They will then raise the Canadian flag and they will all sign the national anthem.  – we recommend you bring tissues.  There will not be a dry eye in sight!  No matter how many times I have witness this ceremony, I still get goose bumps and cry like a baby! At 12 noon, all the new citizens and 2000 of their closest spectators will be treated to a slice of the traditional Canada Day cake! From 12 p.m. until 4 p.m., 21 traditional cannon shots will mark the day of celebration. Picnic areas and food trucks will be set up for everyone to enjoy their own celebrations and to enhance everyone’s festivities! The evening entertainment will surely be grand like every year!  No matter what the weather will bring, there will be concerts, shows and fireworks for everyone to enjoy! EC Montreal’s Young Learners will be spending the afternoon at the Old Port of Montreal and participating in all the Canada Day festivities! Our adult EC Montreal students have an opportunity to take a trip to our Nation’s Capital, Ottawa, to celebrate Canada Day with Iko Tours!  On Wednesday, … Read more

Student Focus Group Feedback at EC Montreal!

Every week, EC Montreal meets with its departing students to get feedback on their EC experience.  We want to know how they felt about their studies and what we could have done to make it even more enjoyable!  This week, we met with students from Hungary, Brazil, the USA, Mexico and Brazil.  Here is what they had to say about their EC experience: Norbert from Hungary I spent two weeks doing the Elementary French course at EC Montreal.  I liked the rotation means that we had, 3 to 4 different groups and teachers.  I think the speed of the education was intensive, almost too fast for me.  Despite this, I can only recommend the course at EC Montreal.  It is very helpful and useful. Claudia from Brazil I chose EC Montreal because of the location.  It is near to my daughter’s house and I wanted another type of English school.  I studied at ILSC last year for 4 weeks.  I consider the method of EC more interesting than ILSC because of this, I think that I developed better than last year.  I am more confident to speak English nowadays.  One of the main points that I love about EC is the EC online exercises and other kinds of practice English and the fact that I can use this after 3 months after I leave the classes. Ruth for the USA I chose to come to EC Montreal because I know people in this city so it would be easier to go somewhere that I already know people in.  I took the French programme.  I learned a lot and improved a lot.  I didn’t really make many friends though.  A lot of people found others to easily relate to and I didn’t so I felt kind of awkward, but the course … Read more

Anna Freedlund From the USA: “I will always remember the month I spent at EC Montreal…”

Anna Freedlund is a lovely young lady from the United States studying French at EC Montreal.  Sadly, today was her last day at EC.  Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about her EC experience: EC is an amazing fast paced school that will get you to learn a language!  I have learned so much in just a month!  I knew nothing coming into the school and now I can have a basic conversation with someone!  I loved the teachers and the environment at the school!  The activities were amazing and so much fun!  I would recommend EC Montreal to my friends and family and anyone who wants to learn quickly.  I made new friends from all over the world: Italy, France, Mexico, Brazil and the USA!  I will always remember the month I spent at EC Montreal! Learn French in Montreal and be like Anna!

Emilio Alonso From Mexico: “Thank you EC!”

Emilio Alonso is a student from Mexico participating in EC Montreal’s English programme.  Today was his last day at EC.  Here is what he wanted to share with everyone about his EC experience. I arrived with an intermediate level of English and EC Montreal has helped me to improve my skills, my pronunciation and the most important of all, it helped me to gain confidence in my English. The teachers are great, they make you feel comfortable and make you participate in all classes by talking to other students or preparing presentations.  Thank you EC! Be like Emilio and take our Montreal English lessons!

Andrea Sanchez From Colombia: “I will recommend EC to my friends…”

Andrea Sanchez is a student from Colombia participating in EC Montreal’s English programme.  Sadly, this is her last week at EC.  Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about her EC experience: I chose EC Montreal because it was recommended to me by a friend.  At EC Montreal I lost the fear of speaking English.  I improved a lot during the lessons.  I liked the methodology of the teachers and I will recommend EC to my friends.  The teachers prepare a lot of extra material and give us photocopies. Come to EC Canada and lose your fear of speaking a new language!

Coffee or Tea at EC Montreal!

We are so excited to present our newest addition to the student lounge, our coffee cart!  The coffee cart will be a permanent fixture for the students.  The students can make themselves at home by preparing a cup of hot coffee or tea to enjoy.  The coffee cart says “relax”.  It is a message to our students to take a break from their studies – a wonderful coffee break. The cart is equipped with a coffee maker, a tea kettle and even a toaster!  We have placed a basket with coffee, tea, sugar, coffee whitener and a variety of cups and mugs for students to choose from.  We will replenish the cart items every week so they are always fully stocked for our students to consume. All the appliances and accessories are a bright orange in keeping with our signature color!  The cart contributes beautifully to the already very welcoming environment at the school. We plan to include a shelf for students to charge their phones and other devises.  It will be called the charging station.  Students often come to the office to ask us to charge their phones.  This way, students can have the convenience and ease of charging their phones anytime they need to. At EC Montreal, our students’ comfort and well-being is really important to us.  We want our students to feel at home at EC.  We hope these small details will be a wonderful addition to the students’ experience. These initiatives are a result of our student feedback, so we encourage all our students to continue to provide their suggestions and comments so we can improve our services even further.    

EC Montreal Young Learners: The Activity Leaders are Excited and Ready!

With the EC Montreal Young Learners Program starting next week, our Activity Leaders have completed their 50-hours of training and are ready to meet our students! This year’s Activity Leader team consists of 2 returning leaders: Adrian and Anna, and 3 new leaders: Lila, Meike, and Josh! Together, our Activity Leaders bring forward a mix of Canadian and international culture, a variety of educational backgrounds, and an overall atmosphere of an energetic, positive and motivated team! The Activity Leaders and the rest of the EC Montreal team is beyond excited to welcome our 2019 Young Learners arriving on Monday! Come join the fun and learn English or French in Montreal!  Here’s what each of them would like to share with you: Josh Cormier  Hi/Bonjour/Hola/Ni hao! I’m Josh and I’m super excited to be working with EC this summer. I’m originally from New Brunswick, Canada and moved to Montreal two years ago to study Civil Engineering at McGill University. My favourite things include dogs, poutine and roller coasters. I’m looking forward to exploring the wonderful world of language learning with the students, and sharing stories about culture, travelling, and beyond. Montreal is very much a second home to me and I cannot wait to show students the amazing things Montreal has to offer, whether it be the art, the music, the history, or everything in between. Meike Jourdain Hello! My name is Meike Jourdain and I’m very excited for this summer’s program! I’ve been living in Montreal for three years as a student and I’ve completely fallen in love with the city. I hope you will too! I study history and political science at McGill University, but  I’m ready to take a break and spend the summer enjoying with EC’s students! I hope my students will come away from this summer with fun memories of Montreal, further developed … Read more

It’s Picnic Season at EC Montreal!

Today, EC Montreal held a summer picnic party in the student lounge during the lunch break!  We have a lot to celebrate!!  Everyone has the start of summer fever and in addition, on the 24th of June we celebrated La Fete Nationale du Quebec and on July 1st it’s Canada Day!!  The sun is shining, the weather is nice and warm, everyone is in a party mood!  It is difficult not to smile! We decorated the lounge with checkered table cloths and served refreshing lemonade, hot dogs, popcorn, fresh apples and potato chips!  The students lined up to get a taste of the hot dogs roasting on the grill.  The lounge smelled like a summer BBQ!  We gave students a choice of pork, all beef or vegan hotdogs.  They were so impressed by the selection.  They kept coming for seconds and third servings!  They just couldn’t get enough! It was beautiful to see everyone smiling, interacting with one another and enjoying every bit of our summer picnic! This was the last June complimentary activity!  We look forward to another very festive month at EC Montreal!  We have a lot of wonderful surprises in store for our students throughout July and August!  There will a lot more opportunities for our students to hang out in our beautiful student lounge enjoying each other’s company and getting sweet treats!  We have a Canada Day celebration next week, an ice cream day, a beach day, Christmas in July and a fruit bar activity to look forward to! Life is sunny and sweet at EC Montreal! Be sure to check out our English courses for foreigners in Montreal and learn a new language today!

Happy St. Jean Baptiste Day EC Montreal!

Today’s graduation ceremony was a lot more festive than usual!  We began, as we always do, by shouting “Happy Friday!”, but this week we followed this up with “Happy First day of Summer!” and “Happy St. Jean Baptiste long weekend!”  Everyone cheered!  It was the perfect start to the weekend! June 24 is a national holiday in the province of Quebec.  According to the catholic religion, the 24th of June is St. John the Baptiste day.  French Canadian, being extremely religious in the past adopted St. John to be Quebec’s patron saint.  Over the years, this holiday became very special to Quebecers and has come to represent pride and love for our province rather than a religious holiday. EC Montreal will be closed on the 24th of June, however, we have made plans for our students to enjoy all the festivities taking place around the city.  There are celebrations, concerts and fireworks in many parks around the city! At EC Montreal we like to give our students many opportunities to interact with local people and to get a taste of all our customs, traditions and flavors! St. Jean Baptiste day is the only day of the year that I indulge in Quebec’s ultimate junk food, poutine!   If you haven’t already tried poutine, get a taste of it this weekend as we celebrate Quebec’s special day!  There are also a lot of locally crafted beers produced right here in Quebec.  One of our favorite’s is Labatt Blue!  Blue is the symbolic color of Quebec, so it is a very fitting choice this weekend! As it is a long weekend, you may want to take advantage of this time to travel to New York City with the school.  We are also offering day trips to Ottawa and the Sugar Shack this weekend! Whatever … Read more

EC Montreal Celebrates the First Day of Summer!

Today is the first day of summer!  It is also the longest day of the year!  We are so very excited at EC Montreal as we  have been looking forward to summer for the first six months of the year!  Montreal is a beautiful and magical city no matter the season, however, our winters can be a little difficult.  We were unlucky this spring with a lot of rain and cold weather, so this start of summer is a little more special than previous years. There is something incredible that happens to the city of Montreal during the summer.  There are countless park activities, festivals and celebrations happening all over the city!  It feels like the entire city of Montreal is having a party and the world is invited.  Everyone looks forward to spending a lot of time outdoors.  You see the restaurant and bar patios full of people dining, drinking and having a great time. During the summer, we are overcome with a sense of freedom!  We feel free to walk outside without having to put on a sweater or a jacket.  We can step out and take a stroll on our busy and colorful streets.  You see smiles on people’s faces and you can’t help to notice their summer fashion; pretty dresses, shorts and skirts, shiny sandals and brightly painted toenails. Ice cream is being sold at every corner and coffee shops are selling their iced drinks. The public parks are full of life with people sunbathing, picnicking and hanging out.  Kids are running through park water fountains and splashing in swimming pools. The entertainment district streets are closed off to traffic and turned into pedestrian alleys.  People are seen enjoying free outdoor concerts and purchasing food from the many food truck vendors lined up at the venues. … Read more