EC Montreal’s Fruit Bar Activity!

EC Montreal holds a complimentary activity for students every Wednesday.  We like our students to hang out after class enjoying each other’s company while practicing their English and French skills. Planning these activities are always so much fun!  We can’t wait to see how our students will react after their class.  Today’s activity was called “Fruit Bar”.  We had platters of fruit on each table.  We made fruit skewers with melons, pineapples, strawberries and bananas.  We also had platters of watermelon, grapes, oranges, plums, applies, peaches, and bananas.  The students were so excited to get a taste of the sweet treats.  All the platters were emptied in 7 minutes! We got some beautiful pictures of smiling, happy EC students enjoying the summer activity! There are so many fruit markets to enjoy in Montreal! You can find any kind of fruit you are looking for.  Some of the more popular markets are the Jean Talon Market, the Atwater Market and the markets on Mount-Royal street and Cote-des-Neiges.  Most of the fruit vendors give out free samples so you can get a taste of their local produce.  This time of year it is peach, plum and berry season in Quebec and Ontario.  Later in August, it is grape and corn season. Come September, the fruits you will see everywhere are applies and pears.  EC Montreal usually hosts an apple festival every September.  In addition, we include an apple picking activity to the Laurentian’s tour outing so our students have a chance to visit the countryside and a local orchard.  They are always so surprised to see how many fruits and vegetables our local farmers produce.  Quebec is a very vast province and we are blessed with so many natural resources.  If you are a nature lover and into health; Montreal is an … Read more

Louisa Celma From France: “These two weeks were amazing…”

Louisa Celma is a student from France participating in EC Montreal’s English programme.  Sadly, this is her last week at EC.  Here is what she wanted to share about her EC experience: Recently, I graduated with a PhD in Biochemistry and structural Biology in France.  I want to find a post doctoral position in Canada.  That’s why I chose to take courses in English.  I wanted to improve my English speaking to pass interviews.  So, I chose EC Montreal because people are bilingual in Montreal and I am French.  I have no regrets.  At EC Montreal, I learned a lot of techniques to speak English better.  Now, I am more confident.  In addition, I met many nice students.  These two weeks were amazing.  So, I recommend EC Montreal. Check out our ESL School Montreal to improve your English!

EC Montreal’s July Teachers of the Month!

Every month, EC Montreal students have an opportunity to vote for their favorite EC teachers.  Our team of student ambassadors distribute voting ballots to all the students.  They try to collect as many votes as possible. We have counted all the votes and read all the wonderful comments and are happy to announce our winning English and French teachers!  In English, our students voted for our new teacher; Jayson!  He joined us right before summer and is becoming a very popular teacher!  Jayson is also a chef and has lead workshops for students on English and food.  We surprised Jayson in class with a certificate and small gift.  His students were overjoyed to learn their teacher won.  They posed very proudly with the winning teacher! Next, we surprised the winning French teacher.  This month the favorite French teacher was Fatiha!  She was delighted to hear the news.  Her students were also very pleased for their teacher! A world of thanks to all the students who voted and for taking the time to write all those wonderful comments about our teachers.  A special thank you to our team of ambassadors; Antonis, Gabriela, Geraline, Karoline and Natalia for getting so many votes! We are so proud to share the student comments with all of you below: She is the best person in this school, except for me! She knows my name! She has different strategies to teach.  Her classes are dynamic, and she explains the grammar very well. She always explains things to us. She is perfect. She is amazing. She makes the class enjoyable and you can learn so easily. She is cool. Elle donne beaucoup d’opportunités de pratiquer le français à tout le monde. Elle est drôle. He is the best! It is very easy to understand his explanations. He … Read more

EC Montreal Students Share Their EC Experience!

At EC Montreal, student feedback is very important to us!  For this reason, we meet with all our departing students every week to get feedback on their EC experience.  We use this information to better improve our services and the quality of our programmes.  We also share this information with the rest of the EC departments so we can work on solutions to issues as a united team. This week, we met with students from France, Switzerland, Canada and Brazil.  This is what they had to say about their EC experience: I have chosen this school for I wanted to come to Canada to learn some French.  The accommodation was very good.  The host family is great and I like that the school for I made some progress.  I had a great time.  – Mateus I chose this school because it is close to my home.  I learned a lot more French.  It is hard to improve in only two weeks.  I liked the classes and the teachers are great.  I like that the teachers explain.  I would recommend EC to my friends.  It was a great experience to get to know Montreal and to be part of EC. – Jane I really like the teachers; Peter and Cristina.  I chose this destination because my cousin lives here and I like the city.  In my opinion the school have to improve the way of the admissions test.  A lot of students in my class were in different levels, including me.  At least I really enjoyed my time here.  – Dora EC is a great place to meet new people from all over the world and the activities outside the classes that it has are great.  The classes are great and the teachers are receptive.  However, the French test includes a … Read more

Reyna Avila From Mexico: ” I will recommend EC to a friend…”

Reyna Avila is a student from Mexico participating in EC Montreal’s English programme.  Sadly, Friday is her last day at EC.  Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about her EC experience: I chose Canada because it is a place beautiful and EC school was my better option.  I think that in this month, I learned new things important.  My favorite activity in EC school is speaking with different friends about many countries, for example; Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, etc…  I will take more classes in school but I have to go back from my job.  I will recommend EC to a friend because it is a good school and I like the teachers.  They are polite and teach very well.  Also, I made a lot of new friends.

EC Montreal Celebrates World Student Day!

Yesterday was Languages Canada’s World Student Day!  EC Montreal’s Young Learners programme made sure to celebrate the special day thanking our international students for choosing Canada and choosing Montreal as a destination to learn English or French. We went to the St. Donat park in the east end of Montreal for a full afternoon of festivities.  We had a bubble soccer tournament, tug of war, a giant connect four game, jenga and other games.  We also had a face painting station set up and a photo booth.  We served pizza, chips and a very Canadian sweet treat; timbits from Tim Hortons. We had close to one hundred students in the Young Learners programme last week and were glad it was our biggest week at EC to celebrate this very special day!  It is a day when we thank our students for choosing their language adventure in Canada. EC Montreal is a proud member of Languages Canada.  They ensure that we offer quality care in all service areas.  They also ensure that we have qualified staff and offer our students a fun, safe and engaging learning environment. Below is the official message to our international students from Languages Canada: On behalf of all members and staff of Languages Canada, I would like to welcome you to this, our sixth annual World Student Day. World Student Day is coordinated by Languages Canada – the national association representing over 210 accredited English and French programs across the country, with over 150,000 students, most of them international students. This is an event that celebrates you – our students. It is our way of saying “thank you, for choosing Canada; for choosing Toronto and for choosing the program in which you are currently enrolled.” World Student Day is also our way of saying “welcome” to … Read more

Merry Christmas in July From EC Montreal!

EC Montreal held a Christmas in July celebration today.  This is an annual celebration that we look forward to.  We got the idea from attending camp as children.  They would celebrate Christmas in July.  Santa Claus would come and bring gifts to all the children and we would eat festive treats.  We always assumed that this custom was a North American tradition and came about from wanting to spread holiday cheer throughout the year.  After doing some research, we discovered that celebrating Christmas in July actually started in Europe.  It was a way to celebrate Christmas during the warmest months of the year as people crave the coolness of winter during the very hot summer days.  People have also been said to miss the gift giving and holiday spirit from Christmas.  Our research also showed that these types of festivities began in the 1980s.  Celebrations usually include traditions like Santa Claus, ice cream and other cold foods as well as gifts. There is also a theory that this tradition came about from a group of Irish tourists who went for a summer vacation to Sydney’s Blue Mountains in July in the year 1980.  They were apparently overjoyed to see the sight of snow in the mountains that they convinced the local hotel to throw a party called “Yulefest”.  The idea was supposedly an instant hit and caught the attention of everyone present.  The hotel owner saw this as a golden opportunity for business and began holding a Christmas in July party every year in July. No matter how this tradition began, it is something that we really enjoy celebrating at EC Montreal!  We decorated our student lounge with Christmas trees and garland.  We served Christmas cakes, cupcakes, cookies and candy canes.  Santa Claus also paid us a visit and spread … Read more

What You Can Do For Free in Montreal!

Yesterday an EC Montreal student came to the office to ask us for advise.  He said that he has no money and is looking for suggestions on what he could do for free in Montreal.  We all gathered around him and starting throwing in our suggestions his way.  He was so impressed by all the different ideas we came up with for him!  We joked that this would make a great blog idea and something we could share with all our new students!  This list is very helpful to students who are here on a budget but want to really experience Montreal during their language adventure with EC.  We came up with twenty suggestions that we are delighted to share with everyone!  Attend an Apple Workshop at the Apple store on Sainte-Catherine Street.  They offer workshops in coding, photography, film, art and so much more.  All the workshops are absolutely free and within walking distance of EC Montreal! Attend a Shakespeare in the Park show.  The play is Measure For Measure.  It is taking place from July 16 to August 11 in the Westmount Park. Attend the Just For Laughs Festival taking place at the Quartier des Spectacles.  The festival is on until July 28. Attend the Haiti on Fire Festival at the Quartier des Spectacles.  The festival is taking place from July 22 to July 28. Attend the First People’s Festival at the Quartier des Spectacles.  The festival is taking place the first week of August. Go to the Old Port or to the Notre Dame Island to see the Fireworks exhibition.  The exhibition goes on until July 27 every Wednesday and Saturday. Go to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  Entrance is free on Wednesday evening. Go to Montreal’s Architecture museum.  Entrance is free on Thursday evening. Go … Read more

EC Montreal Students Share Their EC Experience!

Carlos Gomez and Susanne Schmitter are students participating in EC Montreal’s English programme.  Sadly, this is their last week at EC.  Here is what they wanted to share about their EC experience: I chose Montreal because my family lives in this city but also because I wanted to improve my English skills.  My favorite activity was learning about my classmates who are from different countries in the Global Citizenship class.  I will remember my teachers and classmates who are wonderful people and always helped me to understand the mysteries of the language.  I will also recommend EC Montreal to my friends because the teachers always push their students to improve and enjoy the city. –Carlos I chose this destination because my daughter has a friend here in Montreal.  I can live in her mother’s house.  I Have there a room and we share the kitchen, bathroom and living room.  It’s very comfortable for me.  I have a 10 minute walk to the metro station then a 10 minute metro ride and then a few minutes to walk to school.  I learned a lot and I made many friends here.  Thanks a lot.  I really will miss you all!  -Susanne We will miss you Carlos and Susanne!  Thank you for the amazing Swiss chocolate Susanne!  It was so sweet of you to surprise us with this kind gesture!

Samuel and Simone Miquelin Share Their EC Experience!

Samuel and Simone Miquelin are a brother and sister duo from Brazil participating in EC Montreal’s English in the City programme which consists of 30 Lessons of instruction per week.  They take General English lessons in the morning followed by an English in the City afternoon elective.  Sadly, this is their last week at EC Montreal.  Here is what they wanted to share with everyone about their EC experience: I really liked EC Montreal because it has professional and happy teachers and most of all, friendly people!  My stay at EC Montreal was short but I loved this place!  I think that EC should get a ping pong table too!  I made many friends and learned many things.  Thanks! – Samuel   I chose this destination because I would like to know Canada and everyone in Brazil told me about Montreal.  I learned too much and gained more confidence in speaking.  The teachers are so good especially Mohamed who is so patient and has a lot of experience.  – Simone