A Mother-Daughter Language Adventure at EC Montreal!

Daniela and Emily Wiggert are a mother-daughter duo from Germany participating in EC Montreal’s French programme.  Emily received this language course as her 18th birthday present!  Sadly, Friday will be their last day.  Here is what they both wanted to share with everyone about their EC experience:

My mom chose EC Montreal because it was a birthday present.  I learned some really important foundations in French.  Some of them I knew already, some of them not.  I improved being here only five days.  The lessons are great and funny.  The teachers and students are nice.  I would recommend EC to a friend.  I think it would be great to do t his again with a  friend and for a longer time.  I met some nice people from Switzerland, Brazil and Germany.  I will remember the nice people and things I have learned. – Emily

I chose this destination because I arrived with my daughter.  It was a present to her.  She likes French but did not want to study in France.  I wanted her to know Canada once in her life, so I chose Montreal for her.  I learned a lot for this short time.  I I stayed just for one week.  I met nice people too.  I like the people, teachers and the lessons.  To my friends I would say to do this, no matter how old you are.  My new friends come from Switzerland.  I will remember the stories that people told.  It was very interesting.  – Daniela