EC Montreal Young Learners Week 3!

Another busy week over at EC Montreal Young Learners has come to an end, and so we mark the middle of our summer program! With another great week wrapped up, here’s what our Montreal Young Learners got up to:

With this week’s theme being ‘Inventions’, our students were tasked with finding a problem and solving it with their very own invention! The students loved having the freedom to create something entirely new and today was their big presentation day! The students walked around the class with chocolate dollars which they used to invest in the best idea! Here are some photos of our innovative students:

Outside the classroom, our Week 3 Young Learners enjoyed some extra special activities! Some big hits included a trip to Montreal’s Fine Arts Museum and a coding workshop from Apple, where each student got their own iPad and had to develop a video game!

On top of that, our students loved to get a bit more active with a game of Giant Hockey – which is exactly what it sounds like! To top it off, the weather in Montreal has been absolutely gorgeous and the students were happy to get outside to socialize and play in the sun!

To end a great week, we held our certificate ceremony this afternoon to honour our departing students. While each graduating student got a certificate, we also went out of our way to recognize those students who demonstrated extra effort this week. We gave out certificates to a few deserving students for categories such as great target language effort, outstanding participation and exemplary team spirit!

While we are sad to see them go, we are happy to have had the chance to meet and make so many great friends! We can’t wait to meet our new friends in Week 4!

Come join the fun and learn English or French (or both!) at EC Montreal!