Students Share Their EC Montreal Experience!

We have so many of our wonderful students leaving this week.  We are so sad to see them go.  They have contributed to many happy moments we have shared this summer.

Here is what Julia and Jessica had to say about their EC experience:

I came to Montreal to learn French.  I chose this city because it is really beautiful and cultural.  The people here are very kind and happy.  EC Montreal is a great school.  The staff and teachers are really nice and helpful.  The classrooms are so nice and comfortable and also a really good thing to say about the school are the activities every day.  You can meet a lot of people from other courses there and learn about other cultures.  It is just amazing!  When I arrived in February, I started learning colors, numbers, nationalities, to introduce myself in French and now I am capable to have a better conversation in French, to write it and read it.  I had an awesome progress and I am so happy about that.  Thank you EC! – Julia

The school has its administration very organized.  Montreal is a very easy city for studying.  I came with nothing and have learned a lot in 25 days.  My daughter is in the teen day camp and we will likely come again because we can study and share the experience together. – Jessica