A Very Interactive Traffic Light Party at EC Montreal!

Several times a year, EC Montreal holds a traffic light party.  The traffic light party offers a unique way to find out who is taken and who is available and looking for love!

EC Montreal staff served our students colorful cocktails!  If you ordered a green cocktail, it meant that go, go, go…and you are available to meet someone!  If you ordered a red cocktail, it meant stop…I’m taken, don’t even think about it!  A yellow cocktail signified, it’s complicated.  I’m not with Mr. Right, I’m with Mr. right now!

This traffic light party initiated great conversation among our students.  When someone ordered a yellow martini, they were instantly asked, “why is it complicated?”

The activity is a perfect ice breaker and really encourages our students to interact with one another and share their personal experiences with one another.  It was wonderful seeing students from different parts of the world communicating with each other.

EC Montreal has sometimes taken on the role of cupid, making the most wonderful love connections.  We like to remain in contact with our EC alum and often hear the most beautiful love stories from students who have met at EC during a language course and this experience led to a relationship adventure.  Many of our homestays have also shared with us that they get invited to their former students’ weddings and they had met their partner while studying at EC.

We are always delighted to hear of these love connections, and it tickles us to know that we played a significant role in their love story.  By creating these wonderful opportunities for our students to interact with one another and to be active outside the classroom, it opens the doors to so many possibilities and experiences.

Cheers from all of us at EC Montreal!