It is Apple Season in Quebec! EC Montreal’s Annual Apple Festival!

Last Wednesday, EC Montreal held its annual apple festival!  It is apple season in the province of Quebec and we wanted to give our students a taste of our local fruit!

This is the time of year when families and friends visit a local apple orchard and spend the day in the country picking apples right off the trees!  It is a tradition that is part of our Quebecois culture.

We visited a local farm this week and brought back the most popular apple in Quebec – the Macintosh and Lobo.  We also purchased freshly baked apple goods like muffins, strudel and pies.

We served baskets and baskets of apples as well as fresh apple juice, apple cider, apple and cinnamon tea, apple pies, cookies, cakes, donuts and strudel.

We love giving our students a taste of Montreal and opportunities to interact with one another while practicing the language and making friends.  Recently a student commented that he looks forward to our special Wednesday activities.  Another student wrote in his testimonial that he loves our mini festivals at the school.  We are delighted that our students appreciate all the love we show them in all the events that we plan for them.

Our free Wednesday activities continue this week with a self-defense class.  We hope we will have a lot of participants learning this very essential life skill while having a great time at EC!

Come learn English or French in Montreal and indulge yourselves in all the savours and flavours you will find here.