Halloween Fun at EC Montreal!

Happy Halloween from the EC Montreal family!  We had an amazing day of fun at the school!  We began the festivities by distributing Halloween candies to all the classes!  We had buckets filled to the brim of chocolates, lollipops, apples, individually wrapped cakes and tangerines.  We wished each class a “Happy Halloween” and took the opportunity to count all the Halloween costumes worn by the teachers and students.  We were holding a classroom costume competition and the winning class would receive a pizza lunch the following day! Every class had students and teachers dressed up in some very creative, frightening and funny disguises!  The nun was by far the most horrifying! We then set up the student lounge in time for the 12:30 break with refreshments, decorations and an orange runway for our annual catwalk!  The tables were filled with different flavored chips, brownies, pies and candies!  We also had a slideshow of the scariest movie scenes playing to the sound of club dance music!  It was quite a festive set up! Our activity leader, Danae, led the event and each student was asked to walk the runway and pose.  All the students cheered and applauded for all the contestants.  When everyone was done walking the runway, the audience was asked to cheer for their favorite costumes.  From the applause and the howling, they chose the scary nun, the hippie and the detective as the three winning student costumes!  Next they had to cheer for the best dressed teacher!  It came down to the duo of Katrina and Olga dressed up as the Adam’s family, and Pooria as the “school spirit”.  They all looked amazing!  The prize went to Katrina and Olga!  Everyone cheered for all the winners! The winners of the classroom competition was Pooria’s, upper-intermediate class!  They had … Read more

Celebrating the Day of the Dead at EC Montreal!

Today is Halloween day and it is a very big deal in North America! At EC Montreal we always celebrate it with our students! We have many activities leading up to Halloween like our cupcake decorating, Halloween movie, costume shopping and Halloween costume competitions! The EC Montreal team always dresses up with a theme. Last year we were hippies, the year before we were witches and in 2016, we were cops! This year, we decided to celebrate Mexican style with the day of the dead costumes. We got the idea from our activity leader, Danae, who is Mexican and who had planned to wear the “Catrina” outfit! As my husband is Mexican and my girls are well, half Mexican, we thought this would be a beautiful way to honor the Mexican culture and tradition. The entire team was onboard and had fun putting our costumes together! We even decided to show the Disney movie, Coco, to our students yesterday, in keeping with the Day of the Dead theme. We decided to do a little bit of research to find out why Mexican’s celebrate the dead. This is what we found out! The day of the dead is a holiday designed to remember the importance of living and understand the meaning and beauty of death. Rather than being morbid about the subject of death, it is celebrated in a joyous and colorful way. Houses and cemeteries in Mexico are filled with flowers, food, candles and lots of love. On the first day of November family of the departed, gather in the graveyards and put together large altars. They stay up all night just to be in the company of the spirit of the person who has passed away. These altars represent the message of welcome. It is common to place photos … Read more

Imagine Van Gogh is Coming to Montreal This December!

Anyone who has been to Montreal quickly realizes that this city is an art lover’s paradise!  We have endless museums and art galleries!  In addition, we have a lot of performing arts.  Montreal is known for their great theater production houses as well as L’Opera de Montréal and Les Grand Ballet Canadiens.  The city of Montreal is so invested in promoting its local artists that they have even imposed a municipal law stating that any new construction in the downtown area must invest 1% of their budget on art.  Not just any art, it must be a local artist’s work.  So, if you are strolling down Sherbrooke Street, for example, and you notice a sculpture outside a building, you can think of that 1% law!  Isn’t Montreal the coolest? Every year, Montreal looks forward to seeing what exhibition is coming to the Museum of Fine Arts!  In recent years, we have been blessed with exhibits from Chagall, Renoir, Yves Saint-Laurent and Warhol. We just learned today that the Arsenal Contemporary Art museum located at 2020 William street, will be hosting a very special and unique exhibit!  It is called Imagine Van Gogh!  It was first presented in Europe where it was very well received.  Now, this spectacular show is coming to Montreal this winter!  The exhibition is designed to give you the impression of travelling within the famous artist’s paintings. Van Gogh’s paintings will be displayed in a multidimensional fashion through projections on towering walls as well as on the floors and ceilings. The show will begin on December 3, 2019 and the ticket pre-sale is expected to commence very soon.  People will be ale to stroll through the rooms that will be animated with giant images from Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings.  The show will include more than two hundred … Read more

Departing Students Share Their EC Experience!

Every week, EC Montreal meets with its departing students to get feedback on their experience.  This week we met with students from Mexico and Brazil.  This is what they had to say about their EC experience: The EC Montreal school is a beautiful experience.  I learned many things and for this reason, I decided to extend my time at EC for three more weeks.  I want to learn more!  – Jessica from Mexico Thanks for a  great experience in my life!  All the team at EC Montreal is amazing and attentive.  My favorite EC activity was the welcome because it was my first day in Montreal.  I will recommend EC Montreal to my friends and I hope to come back soon.  Thank you EC.  – Amiel from Mexico I had a great time during my stay at EC Montreal!  I stayed for two months and I improved my English.  My professors helped me to make smoother my path of learning.  This is the best school ever!  – Oscar from Mexico I was looking for a place that I could imagine myself for a couple of weeks learning French.  EC Montreal made that easy for me with the classes and accommodation within walking distance.  The school is well located in the heart of the city so you don’t need to go far to eat or shop.  There are lots of places nearby.  The placement test was intense but I felt I was in the right class. – Christaine from Brazil   At EC English School Montreal students have an excellent EC experience!

Yogendran Yosiga From Switzerland: “I liked to make international friends…”

Yogendran Yosiga is a student from Switzerland participating in EC Montreal’s French programme.  Sadly, Friday is her last day at EC Montreal.  Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about her EC experience: I chose this destination because I wanted to go somewhere far, something non-European, otherwise, I could have gone to France or the like.  I think I did learn a lot of new things and I did improve because my vocabulary was extended with new words and I feel more comfortable to talk in French.  I liked the teacher.  He was funny and taught me so many idiomatic expressions, things that a local grows up with.  Thanks to this experience, I feel more connected to the French language.  I liked to make international friends and to get to know their culture a little bit more.  I will surely remember the people, the atmosphere and the way of living and thinking in Montreal. Thank you! At EC English School Montreal we love to get such wonderful students like Yogendran!

Emily Carlotta Torner From Germany: “The atmosphere at EC is great…”

Emily Carlotta Torner is a student from Germany participating in EC Montreal’s French programme.  Sadly, this is her last week at EC Montreal.  Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about her EC experience: I decided to come to Montreal to improve my French and to discover a new country.  The atmosphere at EC was great and I met a lot of new and exciting people.  I also felt that my French improved a lot and I am now more fluent and more confident in the language.  My teacher, Djamel, was great in giving me detailed support and points on how to find ways to express myself better and I felt that I got close to reaching my goal of passing the B2 French exam by being here.  The best thing about EC Montreal were the offered trips during the weekend though because the city trips to Toronto, Quebec, Ottawa and New York were a lot of fun and I met people from other schools there too!  In total, these nine weeks in Canada were amazing, even though I must admit that in the beginning I was a bit exasperated during class time as it took me some time to get use to the teaching style.  After getting used to it, I started to tremendously enjoy my classes. Be part of the Montreal family and learn English and French in Montreal! 

Enjoy Montreal’s Witch Market on Halloween!

Our EC Montreal students are excited to celebrate Halloween in Montreal!  They are busy working on their costumes for our annual Halloween catwalk and costume competition!  In addition, we have informed them that many bars and clubs in Montreal will be celebrating Halloween and it is a very exciting time to go out! We just learned of a new Halloween celebration happening in the city!  It is called the Witch Market.  It will take place on Saint Laurent Boulevard from Sherbrooke Street up to Laurier street.  On October 31, there will be 120 vendors along what they are calling the pumpkin road giving out candy on Halloween day and night.  You just have to look for a pumpkin outside the shop.  If you find a pumpkin, you know you can enter and call out “trick or treat” to get a sweet candy! The Witch Market will be set up in the Parc des Amériques on the corner of Saint-Laurent Boulevard and Rachel Street East.  It will include an evil theater play, free activities, magic tricks and a showing of the very scary movie The Conjuring starting at 7:30 p.m.  This movie is rated R because it has some very disturbing and violent scenes.  The movie will be playing in English with French subtitles, so all our EC Montreal students can join and even have a chance to practice their language skills! The Witch Market will be open from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m. and is absolutely free! What a wonderful way to end a Halloween night in Montreal!  We will definitely be promoting this event to our EC Montreal students so they can experience an unforgettable Halloween!  Let’s hope the weather cooperates and it is not too cold or wet to enjoy all the outdoor festivities taking place around the … Read more

A Weekend in Quebec City!

A very popular day trip offered to EC Montreal students by Iko Tours is to Quebec City.  Quebec City is located 2.5 hours away from Montreal.  It is the capital city of the province of Quebec.  Quebec City is located along the Saint Lawrence river in Canada’s mostly French-speaking province of Quebec.  It was founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain and it remains the oldest French-speaking city in North America.  It is surrounded by fortified city walls called “Ramparts” which are the oldest fortifications north of Mexico.  Recently having celebrated the 400th anniversary, Quebec City certainly displays history, beauty and culture; it makes a wonderful day trip from Montreal. The trip to Quebec City always includes a visit to the Montmorency Falls.  They are the tallest waterfalls in the province of Quebec. Students are always so impressed by the grand expanses of nature that typifies Quebec. EC Montreal students who join the trip enjoy an hour-long walking tour of the upper and lower cities of Quebec.  They learn all about the history of this city, and see the Murals, The Dufferin terrace, the famous cannonball, The Petit Champlain district’s cobblestone streets are lined with bistros and boutiques.  The St-Lawrence River, and of course, the World-Famous Chateau Frontenac.  Students have a wonderful opportunity to see history, beauty and culture all in one day! It had been ten years since I visited Quebec City and my children have never been, so this past weekend, we decided to take advantage of one of the last warm fall days and enjoy Quebec City with the family!  What a great decision we made!  We had the most beautiful weekend!  We arrived at around 3 p.m. and checked into a hotel overlooking the majestic Chateau Frontenac.  We dumped our bags and head out to enjoy … Read more

Our Activity Leader Nanys: “Proud to Celebrate My First Year Working at EC Montreal”

Our lovely activity leader, Nanys, has just completed one full year of employment at EC Montreal!  She began her journey at EC as a student and is now a valuable member of the EC Montreal team and family!  We wish to congratulate her on her first year of many at EC Montreal!  Happy Anniversary Nanys! Here is what Nanys wanted to share with everyone about her last 365 days at EC Montreal: Hi, I am Dánae Bernáldez Pasarell, better known as Nanys at EC Montreal!!  Je suis une femme mexicaine de 27 ans qui veut partager avec vous ce qu’a été ma vie à EC Montréal. It has been a year since I started working at EC Montreal and I can say it has been a wonderful year. It has even been curious and fun because in 2013 I studied here (IELTS Preparation Course) and in 2017-2018 I came back and studied French for a couple of weeks with my boyfriend, now my husband.  In mid-2018 we decided to immigrate to Canada and EC gave me the opportunity to work within this big family. I am the social leader in extracurricular activities at the school; that is, my job is to have fun with the students after school! In the beginning I only started doing the afternoon activities and the welcome tour in the city on Sundays with the new students who arrive every week, but since August 2019, I am giving more support to the administrative team.  I like these new tasks very much, because this also allows me to spend more time with the students and get to know them better.  I like very much that EC Montreal cares about the academic life of the students but also about the social coexistence among them.  When I was a student, … Read more

The EC Promise!

Do you know about the EC promise?  EC is one of the only schools with this type of guarantee.  Basically, the promise is that if you put in the work, so will we! Every 5 weeks, students have a progress check exercise in class.  The results of this progress assessment assists us in determining if the student is on-target, above target or below. If the student’s results show that they are above target, this is an indication that the student has reached all the language objectives at their level and it is time for them to move up to the next level.  The student will face new challenges at a higher level. If the results show that the student is on-target, this means the student is on track and should continue in their current level.  They need to work on their four language skills and further prove that they are ready for the next level.  The teacher will give the student constructive feedback and possibly a study plan to reach the next stage.  Each students’ needs are unique and we use a very customized approach at EC Montreal.  We focus on your challenges so you can gain both fluency and accuracy in the language. If the results show that the student is below target, we need to really look at the student’s motivation.  If the student has excellent attendance and participate and If he does his homework assignments and is motivated, then we will give that student an extra helping hand.  This is where the EC promise kicks in!  We will give the student free one-to-one classes until he is back on-track with the rest of his classmates. EC Montreal cares about our students’ progress!  We teach our students based on their individual needs and academic goals. Come this fall and … Read more