A Look at EC Montreal’s November Calendar of Events!

We are less than one week away from the month of November.  The year is quickly approaching an end.  EC Montreal is busy planning our November calendar of events!  November is typically a very quiet month.  The last of the autumn leaves will have fallen to the ground but we have not yet had a dusting of snow.  There aren’t many festivals taking place and the weather is a little too cold to enjoy the outdoors for too long.  But, at EC Montreal, we are always full of great ideas for our students!  As it is a quiet month, we decided to embrace this by making the theme “Soulful November”.  All the activities are about feeding the mind, body and soul.

The complimentary activities will include soothing drinks and comforting food.  In addition, we will introduce our students to some popular tourist attractions, sports activities and different neighborhoods.

The welcome activities will include a karaoke night, bowling and a welcome chocolate party.

The weekend excursions will not disappoint.  We have trips to Ottawa, New York City, Quebec City and Toronto and Niagara Falls.  As November 11 is a national holiday in Canada, there will be a nice long weekend to look forward to.  EC Montreal students are encouraged to go to New York City with Iko Tours that weekend to take advantage of this three-day weekend.

Towards to the end of the month, we will be making preparations for the joyful holiday season!  There will be the annual Santa Clause Parade on Ste-Catherine Street on November 17 and we will be decorating the student lounge and office with our holiday trees and Christmas lights on November 27.

At EC Montreal, we strongly believe that what happens outside the classroom is just as important as what happens inside the classroom.  Through this dynamic activities programme, we will create the most wonderful opportunities for our students to connect, bond and make life long friendships while practicing their language skills and having fun!