November Teachers of the Month!

Every month at EC Montreal, students have a chance to vote for their favorite teacher in our teacher of the month contest.  Our team of student ambassadors distribute the voting ballots to all the students.  We count the votes and determine the winning English and French teachers.  The voting ballots ask two simple questions; “who was your favorite teacher” and “why”.  The why question is really important as we have the opportunity to gather the most wonderful comments about our teaching staff.  We get to hear directly from the students what they appreciate most about their teachers.  Every month, it warms our hearts to see that every single EC Montreal teacher gets votes and it is always a very tight race!  We are also delighted to read how very passionate and dedicated our teachers are. This month, Jayson received the most votes for the English department and Essadia for the French programme.  We surprised them in their class today with a teacher of the month certificate and small gift.  Their students were so excited for them and posed very proudly with their winning teacher. We want to thank all our EC Montreal students who took the time to vote and for their very thoughtful comments.  We are so happy to share them with all of you: I think she is a good teacher. I think that she is so amazing! Elle est une bonne professeur. She is fast and explains well. She is good at her job. She is good. The best teacher forever!  I love him! They are interesting and fun! She is good. She is committed. She is patient and a good teacher. The best teacher ever! They are the best.  They have a good articulate and their class is funny. She is a very nice teacher, explaining … Read more

Lilian Anima Bressan From Brazil: “My English is getting better and better…”

Lilian Anima Bressan is a student from Brazil participating in EC Montreal’s English, Semi-Intensive programme, which consists of 24 Lessons of instruction per week.  She is registered at EC Montreal until the end of December.  She is a delightful student and truly enjoying her EC experience.  She was kind enough to write a testimonial about her time at EC Montreal so far.  We are so happy to share it with all of you: I chose Montreal because of the atmosphere.  The city is better than I had imagined.  The school is really amazing!  I like the material, especially the book based on TED Talks and the methodology of the classes.  There are a lot of conversation moments and I believe it is crucial to improve our level.  I am feeling much more confident and the people from Montreal, I usually talk to, are telling me that my English is getting better and better.  I liked my accommodation, especially the food.  My host mom was an amazing cook.  I have friends from Korea, Mexico, Chile and Kazakhstan now!  I just love this school and all the people here; the teachers, the students and all the staff were always receptive and attentive. Join our ESL Montreal EC school for a language adventure of a lifetime!  

Joyful December at EC Montreal!

It is the last week of November and find it impossible to believe that there are only four weeks left of 2019!  It has been such an eventful year at EC Montreal.  We welcomed close to two thousand students at EC Montreal in 2019!  The world truly came to us!  We had so many wonderful students from Latin America, Asia, Europe, the USA, Africa, Australia and Canada!  We want to take this opportunity to thank all our students for choosing EC Montreal.  We hope they have enjoyed their stay and will keep practicing their English and French.  We also encourage all our students to stay connected with us as active members of our alumni.  There are some people from our alumni that we are still in touch with that studied with us as far back as 1999! During our final month of the year, we plan to make our calendar of events extra special to truly capture the holiday spirit and spread Christmas cheer!  We will begin the month with our annual charity bake sale for the Shriner’s hospital for Children Canada.  Nothing bonds us closer as a community than working together as an EC Montreal family to do something rewarding like giving back! The following week, we will pay for our students’ postage as we host our annual Christmas letter writing activity!  We will have stationary and cards available for students to send their messages of love back home. We will hold our gingerbread competition the week of December 18.  We can’t wait to see our students working together in teams trying to build the most creative and delicious looking gingerbread house! The weekly activities will include a taste of smoked meat, a must-try in Montreal as well as happy hour events, bowling, karaoke, holiday shopping and a sushi … Read more

A Tree Trimming Party at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal held a tree trimming party in the student lounge this afternoon.  It was the last of our “feel good” November complimentary activities.  The month of November was dedicated to feeding the mind, body and soul.  All the activities revolved around very positive and uplifting activities.  Christmas truly is the most magical time of the year and experts agree that those who decorate early are happier people!  It is actually healthy, emotionally, to do things that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside! We put out the white EC tree with golden lights and a basket filled with orange (of course) and silver decorations!  We had festive refreshments on every table.  We had candy canes, popcorn and gingerbread cookies out for students to enjoy while they decorate the tree together. In addition, we had upbeat Christmas music playing in the background to really get students in the mood for Christmas! Many of our students will stay in Montreal over the holiday season and will be missing their traditional holiday festivities with their loved ones back home.  At EC Montreal, we want our students to feel like they are part of the EC family during their stay.  Including them in our holiday preparations is a special way to make them feel like this is their “home away from home”. The students enjoyed decorating the tree and interacting with other students, sharing jokes, sharing traditions and getting to know one another on a more social and personal level. These complimentary activities play such a vital role in the students’ experience.  What happens outside the classroom is just as important as what happens in the classroom at EC.  Through these events students can make friends, practice their English or French skills and have a marvelous time with their new EC Montreal family! … Read more

Sweet Tooth for a Good Cause at EC Montreal!

As the holiday season approaches, at EC Montreal we believe it’s extremely important to give back to those that are in need. We are ecstatic to announce that next week on December 4th EC Montreal will be holding for its 16th consecutive year, the annual Christmas charity bake sale! Like in previous years we have the immense privilege to pair up with an incredible organization, Shriners Hospital for Sick Children. This organization is very dear to our hearts and EC Montreal is proud to share their values of compassion and kindness. It was really no question for all our staff, teachers, students, and homestay hosts to get involved in this initiative. Teachers and Staff have signed up to bring baked goodies that will be sold on the day of the bake sale: carrot cake, Christmas cookies, cupcakes and some other surprises! Not only it’s a perfect opportunity for our staff to practice their baking skills but also for everyone to donate their time towards a good cause! In addition to goods we have also enlisted the help of our student ambassadors to promote ticket sales for the raffle-lottery. The lucky winner of the raffle will win half the jackpot! Students can still buy tickets so make sure to ask a student ambassador if you’re interested in purchasing a ticket…or two, or three! If you don’t happen to win the raffle for ticket buyers, there is also the opportunity to win one of our amazing beautifully wrapped prizes that will surely brighten their holiday festivities! At the end of the day we must remember that it’s not about who wins, but to celebrate with all the students learning English at EC Montreal coming together for a greater purpose. If you still haven’t had the chance to contribute and you want to … Read more

A Pathway Guide to Success in College!

Yesterday at EC Montreal we had the incredible opportunity to welcome Carolyn Bercu, the Pathway Director for all of EC Canada schools at what an amazing turnout we had! If you haven’t had the chance to know her, Carolyn guides students currently at EC, studying French or English, in the transition from EC to studying at a college or university in a program with a fulfilling career prospective. During the meeting Carolyn touched upon key elements that any student must consider when deciding where to study after their time at EC. Make sure to take notes! City Living – a student must always think of what city they will be studying in because different Canadian cities hold a different living cost. In Montreal, we are extremely lucky that the city is much more affordable for students than other Canadian students! In fact, for years it has been ranked among the best cities in the world for students to live in! However, if they desire, our pathway program can also help students expand their horizons in a Canadian city of their choice such as Toronto or Vancouver! There’s a bit of everything for everyone! Program and language requirements – it’s no secret that a city like Montreal requires students to possess some capabilities in speaking both English and French, as they are both official languages for the province of Quebec. Carolyn reminded students that at EC Montreal they have the unique opportunity to learn both languages as part of the Bilingual Program, hence increasing their career opportunities once they have finished their diplomas or degrees. She also noted how important it is to know French in specific industries such as health and services even before employment as some internships might be entirely conducted in French! Visit your future college! – at … Read more

Students Share Their EC Experience!

Every week, EC Montreal takes the time to meet with our departing students.  It is important to get their feedback on their overall time at EC.  We use this feedback to improve our services in all areas; accommodation, academics, activities and administration. This week, EC Montreal met with students from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Switzerland.  This is what they had to say about their EC experience: I chose this destination because I wanted to learn English and French and because Montreal is a beautiful city.  I learned a lot while I was here ,the teachers are great and they teach very well.  I believe that I truly improved a lot and I am really thankful for everything.  I loved every activity that the school organized.  They were really fun and I want everyone to try them all.  I seriously recommend EC Montreal because this place is not just a school, it is a place where you meet incredible people that change your life forever.  I have friends from every part of the world and I am grateful for them.  I will treasure everything I lived here and I really want to come back. – Leonardo from Mexico I loved the EC Montreal course very much.  I had a very good experience and the teachers are great!  Nanys is the best at socializing and going on activities.  – Juan Felipe from Colombia Coming to EC Montreal has been the most amazing experience.  I improved my French and English way more than I was expecting.  The environment at the school is really nice and you get to meet people from all over the world.  The teachers were always helpful and kind.  I would definitely recommend EC Montreal to a friend and would love to come back myself as well!  I am so … Read more

Nashmi Kaory Cristerna From Mexico: “Thank you for this wonderful experience…”

Nashmi Kaory Cristerna is a student from Mexico participating in EC Montreal’s Intensive French programme.  She was in our Debutant class in the morning and was taking a conjugation and conversation class in the afternoon.  Sadly, this is Nashmi’s last week at EC Montreal.  Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about her EC experience. Please note that this testimonial has been translated from Spanish. I chose EC Montreal because I had heard a lot of good comments about EC from my agency in Mexico.  I really liked the activities that the school organizes.  They are very original and allow you to meet a lot of people from all over the world.  The school’s programmes of study are very good and I would highly recommend coming to study at EC Montreal.  At first, it was difficult because I didn’t speak much English or French but little by little, I was learning.  Besides, my teachers were patient and I liked that very much.  Thank you for this wonderful experience!   Thanks for being part of our French courses in Montreal, Nashmi!!

Gerardo Borja From Mexico: “The location of the school is also excellent…”

Gerardo Borja is a student from Mexico participating in EC Montreal’s Intensive English programme which consists of 30 Lessons of instruction per week.  Sadly, this is Gerardo’s last week at EC Montreal.  Here is what he wanted to share with everyone about his EC experience. Please note that this testimonial has been translated from Spanish. During my time at EC Montreal, I have learned many things related to the English language.  It has been an excellent experience and it is good that the teachers are strict and give you homework so that we can better understand ruing and after the classes.  It is something extraordinary.  The teachers who gave me classes are excellent and I want to particularly mention Don and Joelle.  They are very good teachers.  They are strict and that allowed me to learn a lot.  My classmates are very friendly and warm, whenever a new person joins the class, they are well received by the other students.  The location of the school is also excellent and all the people who work in the administrative office and do orientation are very attentive and also do an incredible job.   It was a pleasure having you at EC English School Montreal, Gerardo!! 

Yarah Sanchez Padilla From Mexico: “I liked the courses too much…”

Yarah Sanchez Padilla is a lovely young woman from Mexico participating in EC Montreal’s Semi-Intensive Bilingual programme.  She took French lessons in the morning as her core language and an English afternoon elective on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.  Sadly, this is her last week at EC Montreal.  Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about her EC experience: Please note that this testimonial has been translated from Spanish. I chose this destination because I have family in Montreal, and they gave me the opportunity to come and study here.  At the EC Montreal school, I learned too much, beyond just the language.  I also learned to work as a team, practice my English and French constantly and to be more fluent in order to start conversations.  Although I didn’t go to many activities that the school organized, the two that I went to were very pleasant and I liked them a lot!  I made friends with students from Colombia, Mexico, Korea, Brazil and Germany.  I think EC Montreal gave me an extremely pleasant experience of learning a new language but also of living with other people.  I liked the courses too much because they forced me to always think and speak in another language.  The teachers are very good, attentive and flexible.  I will most certainly recommend EC Montreal to my friends. Thank you for this wonderful experience.   To Study & Learn English in Montreal Canada is a wonderful experience, for sure!!