Grilled Cheese Sandwiches on the Menu Today at EC Montreal!

Everybody say “Cheese”  – Grilled Cheese, that is!  Today at EC Montreal we served Canada’s number one comfort food, Grilled Cheese sandwiches! This was one of five free social activities from our Soulful November calendar of events!  The month of November is all about feeling good and feeding our mind, bodies and souls! The students really appreciated a warm, gooey grilled cheese sandwich, right off the grill, on a very cold November day in Montreal!

These special events at EC Montreal help to bring the entire school together allowing us all to interact with one another.  We want our students to make friends and to feel at home with us! The lounge smelled absolutely heavenly with the aroma of butter and toasted bread.  Everyone had a smile on their face as they waited patiently for their taste of grilled cheese.  Students came back for seconds and thirds.  They just couldn’t get enough!

So, do you agree that grilled cheese sandwiches should rank in the top position as the number one comfort food?

The Food Network recently looked at Canada’s most popular comfort foods and grilled cheese sandwiches continue to be at the top of their forty-five favorite list.

Chocolate came in second place followed by ice cream, French fries, macaroni and cheese, chocolate ship cookies, mashed potatoes, fried chicken and spaghetti and meatballs came in tenth place.  Surprisingly, poutine, pizza and smoked meat sandwiches didn’t make the top ten list.

It gets really cold in Montreal and comfort food is a necessity to keep us warm inside and out!  Luckily with winter, we can hide under bulky sweaters to cover up any added bulge!

Next week, we look forward to transforming the student lounge into a tea party where we will serve different flavored teas with biscuits and other delicious treats. Life is warm at EC English School Montreal!!