Yarah Sanchez Padilla From Mexico: “I liked the courses too much…”

Yarah Sanchez Padilla is a lovely young woman from Mexico participating in EC Montreal’s Semi-Intensive Bilingual programme.  She took French lessons in the morning as her core language and an English afternoon elective on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.  Sadly, this is her last week at EC Montreal.  Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about her EC experience:

Please note that this testimonial has been translated from Spanish.

I chose this destination because I have family in Montreal, and they gave me the opportunity to come and study here.  At the EC Montreal school, I learned too much, beyond just the language.  I also learned to work as a team, practice my English and French constantly and to be more fluent in order to start conversations.  Although I didn’t go to many activities that the school organized, the two that I went to were very pleasant and I liked them a lot!  I made friends with students from Colombia, Mexico, Korea, Brazil and Germany.  I think EC Montreal gave me an extremely pleasant experience of learning a new language but also of living with other people.  I liked the courses too much because they forced me to always think and speak in another language.  The teachers are very good, attentive and flexible.  I will most certainly recommend EC Montreal to my friends.

Thank you for this wonderful experience.


To Study & Learn English in Montreal Canada is a wonderful experience, for sure!!