A Tree Trimming Party at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal held a tree trimming party in the student lounge this afternoon.  It was the last of our “feel good” November complimentary activities.  The month of November was dedicated to feeding the mind, body and soul.  All the activities revolved around very positive and uplifting activities.  Christmas truly is the most magical time of the year and experts agree that those who decorate early are happier people!  It is actually healthy, emotionally, to do things that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside!

We put out the white EC tree with golden lights and a basket filled with orange (of course) and silver decorations!  We had festive refreshments on every table.  We had candy canes, popcorn and gingerbread cookies out for students to enjoy while they decorate the tree together.

In addition, we had upbeat Christmas music playing in the background to really get students in the mood for Christmas!

Many of our students will stay in Montreal over the holiday season and will be missing their traditional holiday festivities with their loved ones back home.  At EC Montreal, we want our students to feel like they are part of the EC family during their stay.  Including them in our holiday preparations is a special way to make them feel like this is their “home away from home”.

The students enjoyed decorating the tree and interacting with other students, sharing jokes, sharing traditions and getting to know one another on a more social and personal level.

These complimentary activities play such a vital role in the students’ experience.  What happens outside the classroom is just as important as what happens in the classroom at EC.  Through these events students can make friends, practice their English or French skills and have a marvelous time with their new EC Montreal family!


Don’t miss to be part of this at Montreal ESL School !!