November Teachers of the Month!

Every month at EC Montreal, students have a chance to vote for their favorite teacher in our teacher of the month contest.  Our team of student ambassadors distribute the voting ballots to all the students.  We count the votes and determine the winning English and French teachers.  The voting ballots ask two simple questions; “who was your favorite teacher” and “why”.  The why question is really important as we have the opportunity to gather the most wonderful comments about our teaching staff.  We get to hear directly from the students what they appreciate most about their teachers.  Every month, it warms our hearts to see that every single EC Montreal teacher gets votes and it is always a very tight race!  We are also delighted to read how very passionate and dedicated our teachers are.

This month, Jayson received the most votes for the English department and Essadia for the French programme.  We surprised them in their class today with a teacher of the month certificate and small gift.  Their students were so excited for them and posed very proudly with their winning teacher.

We want to thank all our EC Montreal students who took the time to vote and for their very thoughtful comments.  We are so happy to share them with all of you:

I think she is a good teacher.

I think that she is so amazing!

Elle est une bonne professeur.

She is fast and explains well.

She is good at her job.

She is good.

The best teacher forever!  I love him!

They are interesting and fun!

She is good.

She is committed.

She is patient and a good teacher.

The best teacher ever!

They are the best.  They have a good articulate and their class is funny.

She is a very nice teacher, explaining well.

She’s very kind.

She is really nice.

Her teaching skill is very good.  Perfect.

She is kind, nice and an amazing teacher.

He is cool.

The way she teaches is very efficient and she’s very patient.

She’s the best!  Love her.

She always tries to get the best of every student.

He is very kind.

He teaches very well.

He is funny.

His lessons are enjoyable, always!

He knows how to make the class interesting.

I like his animation.

He is the best ever.

He is the best teacher.

He is very sympathetic, and his accent is comprehensible.  He is funny and very approachable.

He is the most friendly.

He is the best teacher for me.

He is gentle and encourages students to speak full sentences.

He has energy, he gives more tips to improve, he gives more high level vocabulary.

Ils sont très bons.


Elle est gentille.

Elle est très patiente avec tout.

He is working so hard, and we love his lesson writing.

He is very handsome.  I enjoy a lot all of his classes.  He’s very charming and funny.

She is nice.

C’est la meilleure proffeseur.

Elle est la meilleure.

Very patient and great atmosphere in class.

Elle explique très bien.

J’apprend beaucoup de chose grace à elle.

Elle est superb.

Elle est une bonne prof.

I learn the most with her!

Elle est energique.

Elle est la meilleure prof.

Il est didactique et amusant.

Il est sympathique.

Il est le meilleur.

Il est très sympathique et j’aime sa classe.

Very entertaining.

Il est le meilleur.

I really like her classes.

She always has a good way to teach us.

She is dynamic and is really good and she also is a nice person.

Her class is easy to learn.

Great teacher, knows how to explain with a lot of knowledge.

She is so funny and nice!

Elle nous encourage.

Elle est une bonne professeur et nous encourage à être meilleurs.

Great activities, topics, dynamic.

She teaches really well.  She is patient.  She loves joking.  All students love them.

She puts a lot of effort to teach well and she does it successfully.

Elle m’a aide beaucoup et j’adore ses classes.

She teaches well with passion.

She helps us a lot and is very patient.

She is funny and has good explanations.

She is very happy and a good teacher.

She is a good teacher.


Thanks to all our teachers for doing such a great job at Montreal ESL School !!