Dabin Lee from South Korea: “I will never regret this experience…”

Dabin Lee is a student from Korea participating in EC Montreal’s Semi-Intensive Bilingual programme which consists of thirty lessons of instruction per week.    Last Friday was Dabin’s last day at EC. She wanted to share her feedback with everyone. We are delighted to share it below:   Since I was in Korea I wanted to go abroad to make my vacations. I deiced to come to Montreal and it was the best choice I ever done! Since I came here I met a lot of friends from different countries so I got a lot of experiences. This school allowed me to learn English and French in Montreal , this is one of the advantages you get when you come here! Montreal is a beautiful city, people are so friendly and you can experience different traditions and cultures. And about EC Montreal, well… it is the most friendly school ever! I compared this school with others I’ve been in, and EC in Montreal is great! So… if you have any chance to come to this school, do not hesitate!! I will never regret this experience!!  

Vitor Ferreira from Brazil: “I will remember that now I have a place I belong to…”

Vitor Ferreira Barros Medeiros De Souza is a student from Brazil participating in EC Montreal’s Intensive French programme which consists of thirty lessons of instruction per week. Sadly, last Friday was Vitor’s last week at EC Montreal. This is what he wanted to share with everyone about his EC experience:   I chose Montreal because it is the bilingual city of Canada. I have learned a lot of French, the lessons helped me a lot to absorb as many knowledge I could and now I have more skills to keep learning and practicing in the future even on my own. I feel like I improved a lot now and I am and I feel more confident about the knowledge I have of the language. My favorite thing was the regular grammar classes, I liked a lot how specific and clear the lessons are and the way the teachers taught me. I will surely recommend EC Montreal and I will remember my friends from Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and among other countries. Thanks too to the social leaders and staff members, they are very thoughtful and always with a up-heat attitude. I will remember that now I have a place I belong to.   It s just outstanding what you said Vitor!   We will definitely miss you in our French courses Montreal !!

Tatiana Monique from Brazil: “I want to keep practicing…”

Tatiana Monique Manhani is a student from Brazil participating in EC Montreal’s Intensive English programme.  Sadly, last week was her last week at EC.  Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about her EC experience:   I chose this destination because my husband and I wanted to study in the same school, so we decides to come here (I was in English and he was in French). I improved mu English a lot and I want to keep practicing my studies back home!.  liked so much the lessons an the facilities in the school. I would recommend EC Montreal to a friend because I was really happy here and I want to share that happiness too.   We will definitely accept your friends to Study English at EC Montreal, Tatiana!

Students Share Their EC Experience!

Last Friday we had another graduation ceremony for our students.. To see our students leaving is always sad but we know they will continue practicing and using everything they learned in EC Montreal. So, we asked some of them to share with us about the EC Experience. We like to listen to our students and know what they liked during their stay. So, we invited them to give us a feedback on the services we offered. Now, let’s see what else they told us last week!!   I chose EC Montreal because they have the option to learn French and English. I wanted to improve my French and practice more my English. Even though my main goal was French I think I was also able to get better in English. The teachers in the school are great and I like that all of them are from different countries so you have the opportunity to learn from their culture. My accommodation was awesome, I was really lucky to be with Ms. Elisabetta, my host-mom. She was so friendly and great, I hope every student stays at her place! Thanks EC!!   – Silvia Juliana from Colombia   I chose Montreal because it is a great opportunity to learn languages as English and French because this is a multicultural city. I love EC Montreal, I had an excellent experience during this time and I will love to come back soon!! I made a lot of friends from different countries: Italy, Brazil, Colombia… and they are really friendly too! In my classes, the teachers were amazing, truly amazing and they helped me with everything. I loved been here!!    -Nahomi from Mexico     I am really happy because I improved my English level. It was very short time but now I have more … Read more

Merry Christmas From EC Montreal!

Today is December 23 and we are only two days away from Christmas!  The drive in to work was a lot more fluid than usual as many people are already off on their holiday vacation.  EC Montreal will only be closed on three days; December 25, December 26 and January 1.  We were surprised to see that we had fifteen new EC Montreal students starting this week, despite it being such a short week.  We had students from the United States, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Korea, France and a family of four from Colombia!  They wanted to spend the holiday season in magical and snowy Montreal! If you do choose to be in Montreal during the holidays, the destination will not disappoint!  There is so much happening in the city!  There are so many Christmas markets, Holiday performances including the Nutcracker Ballet and the Cirque du Soleil show called Axel.  There are also many art exhibitions in the city to enjoy!  The most popular is the Van Gogh experience where you are completely surrounded by digital images from floor to ceiling of the famous Van Gough works of art.   Le Balcon is also a great place to enjoy the holidays.  They offer dinner theater performances every night of the week.  The dinner with a show combo is only $80 per person.  You can also choose to simply see the show. There are also many restaurants in Montreal offering holiday themed dinners.  Modavie in Old Montreal has a set holiday dinner.  If you are into seafood, Maestro SVP offers the most wonderful seafood sharing platters that are paired with prosecco or champagne.  There is no better way to toast the holidays than over a glass of bubbly! The shopping malls will be packed with last minute shoppers trying to find the … Read more

Meet our New Student Ambassador; Younghoon Kang!

We are delighted to introduce you to EC Montreal’s newest member of the student ambassador team;Younghoon Kang from Korea.  Younghoon just started on November 30, 2019 and has already been very active in our school events!  He is registered to study with us until March 21, 2020 in our Intensive English programme which consists of thirty lessons of instruction per week.  Younghoon has also chosen to stay in Homestay.  He is placed with one of best homestay families; Mary Lepine!  We are sure he will have an incredible EC experience both inside and outside the classroom! Younghoon has volunteered to become an EC Montreal student ambassador.  We are confident he will do an excellent job at welcoming our new students and creating a positive environment at the school.  This is what Younghoon wanted to share with all of you: Hello, my name is Young from Republic of Korea. I am 26 years old and it is really joyful to look forward to meeting you and getting to know each other. I was recently discharged from the army and came to this beautiful city Montreal, Canada to study French and English. The reason why I decided to come to Montreal is because of my job. After I got my job, hotelier, I wanted to be a professional and I thought as a hotelier the way I can be approved is to know how to speak other languages fluently. So, I needed somewhere I could learn, practice and use 2 languages and the conditions were perfectly fit in Montreal. Studying at EC Montreal is also a great opportunity to be best friends with students from all over the world. I love to communicate and share cultures with people from many different countries and that is why I want to become a Student … Read more

Celebrating Christmas in Montreal!

It is colder than the North Pole in Montreal this week!  We are experiencing below 30 degree weather but it’s fine with us because we have got the spirit of Christmas to keep us warm in Montreal!  Everywhere you look you are reminded of Christmas with all the festive lights, decorations, markets and events!  There are pop up restaurants and holiday bars set up all over the city for people to enjoy! If you are lucky enough to be spending the holidays in Montreal, there are so many things to do to celebrate!  Here are ten suggestions from your EC Montreal team: Visit Santa’s village in the Place Montreal mall.  You will feel so much joy by watching children’s faces light up as they sit on Santa’s knee.  It will surely put you in the Christmas spirit! Visit the Miracle Bar in Old Montreal!  It is a pop up Christmas bar that is all decked out for the holidays and serving the most festive drinks! Head over to the Scotia Bank theater and watch a holiday movie!  There are so many great movies coming out this week including Cats, the new Star Wars movie as well as Jumangi, Bombshell, Little Women and Black Christmas. Visit the Christmas display at the Complex Desjardins mall.  There you will find a water fountain display set to lights and music as well as Santa’s village and a holiday train. Visit the Christmas market at the Atwater market.  There are so many outdoor vendors to enjoy like hot chocolate, churros, sugar cookies, apple cider and so much more! Help your homestay hosts to decorate and bake for Christmas!  We are sure your hosts will appreciate the help and share these holiday preparations with their students.  You can use this as an opportunity to learn about … Read more

Building Gingerbread Houses at EC Montreal!

Yesterday, EC Montreal held its last complimentary activity of the year; our annual gingerbread house making event!  We set up two houses per table; one was made of gingerbread and the other of lego gummies!  All the students grouped together to build their house.  This was an excellent team building activity and one that really showcased our students’ creativity! It was so beautiful to see all the students working together with our Christmas decorations in the background and the sweet smell of gingerbread and candy in the air.  Students even broke out in song; singing holiday songs in English and in their native languages as well!  They did such a great job at creating the most beautiful houses! At EC Montreal we love to create the wonderful moments for our students to bond with one another and to create unforgettable memories.  Our students look forward to our Wednesday activities so they can simply hang out in the student lounge; practicing their language skills, sharing jokes, sharing laughs and having a fun time! These complimentary activities are an important part of our students’ journey.  At EC Montreal we strongly believe that what happens outside the classroom is just as important as what happens inside the classroom.  All these activities and events add to the student’s experience.  These moments are enriching and contribute to the students’ learning. At EC Montreal we always make the December calendar of events extra special.  Being away from friends and loved ones during the holiday season can be difficult for some students.  We want to make sure that students have a chance to celebrate Christmas with their EC Montreal family while they are here.  We also count on our homestay hosts to include our students in their family celebrations.  We love hearing these wonderful stories from our … Read more

Anna Paola Favila Rodriguez From Mexico: “This has been an experience I will cherish…”

Anna Paola Favila Rodriguez is a student from Mexico participating in EC Montreal’s Intensive French programme which consists of thirty lessons of instruction per week.  In addition to taking her level class in the morning, Ana Paola participated in two afternoon electives, four times per week.  Sadly, this is Anna Paola’s last week at EC Montreal.  We will be sad to see her go on Friday.  This is what she wanted to share with everyone about her EC experience: I chose Canada because it offered the opportunity to practice my English and learn French.  I also wanted to experience a real snowy weather.  When I arrived to Montreal, I could only say some numbers and words in French.  I began as a debutant but I learned quickly thanks to the great professors I had and now, I am in the pre-intermedioclass.  I can have a full conversation in French, read texts and watch videos.  My favorite activity thus far has been the karaoke when the Korean students sang “Gangnam style” and we all danced to it.  It was so much fun but honestly, all the activities were super cool and I met other students that otherwise I would have never met.  I loved all of my teachers, the city and the fact that now, I have friends from all around the world such as; Italy, Korea, USA, Brazil and Japan.  This has been an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life.  I would definitely recommend EC Montreal to all my friends.  Thank you. – Anna Paola from Mexico   Anna, we will definitely miss you in our French courses Montreal !!

Departing Students Share Their EC Experience!

Every week, EC Montreal meets with its departing students to get feedback on their overall experience.  It is important for us to know what we could have done differently to make their stay even better!  They could have chosen to study English or French anywhere in the world and they chose us!  We want them to feel good about having made that decision.  This week, we met with students from Mexico, Germany, France and Brazil.  This is what they had to say about their experience at EC Montreal:   I chose EC because six months ago, I was thinking where I can improve my English.  The best of EC were the teachers.  I really appreciate my teachers along my stay in Montreal.  I like the happy time and also the activities inside the school.  I learned during my stay about the culture, grammar and use of English.  – Isaac from Mexico I learned English in school.  It was a nice experience and I have improved my English a lot here.  The best about the school lessons were the conversations and also that we talked about real life topics.  I have created a lot of new friendships from all over the world and I am so thankful about it.  The best about my accommodation was that it was downtown and that it was like a student residence.  I would recommend it for friends to make this experience.  – Nikolai from Germany I chose this destination because Montreal is a very good city and I wanted to discover Canada.  I like this school because there are many activities and my English lessons were very interesting.  I learned many things about the country.  My new friends come from all around the world; Mexico, Colombia, France, Korean, Switzerland, etc…I am so happy to discover … Read more