Hot Chocolate Activity at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal held the last complimentary activity today as part of our January New Year’s resolutions themed month.  The entire month of January was dedicated to helping students to fulfill the most common New Year’s promises that people make to themselves.  At the start of every new year we promise to make improvements in our lives.  We want to start the year off on a positive and healthy note.  We held healthy lunch days and fitness classes that were very well received by our students.  Today’s activity was about slowing down and taking time to de-stress and refuel.  We held a hot chocolate activity giving our students the opportunity to hang out after class and bond over a hot cup of chocolate. We had thermoses of hot chocolate on every table along with a variety of delicious toppings such as chocolate sauce, miniature marshmallows, whipped cream, cinnamon sticks, toffee sprinkles and cinnamon powder.  Each table also had cups of cookie straws to enjoy with their hot chocolate.  For those who preferred tea or coffee, our complimentary coffee cart was stocked with tea, coffee and jugs of water.  We also had a separate table with different flavored biscuits.  We had chocolate, strawberry cream filled and lemon cookies for our students to enjoy.  Each table also had a mini black board with cute sayings like “sweater weather” and “hot cup of love”.  The students enjoyed reading the different ones! It was so nice to see our students interacting with one another and making friends.  These complimentary activities serve that exact purpose.  We encourage our students to stick around after class in our student lounge where all the action takes place.  The lounge is located right in the center of the school.  It is the heart of the school. We look forward to … Read more

Graziele Bacelar De Oliveira From Brazil: “I have learned a lot…”

Graziele Bacelar De Oliveira is a student from Brazil participating in EC Montreal’s Bilingual, intensive programme which consists of thirty lessons of instruction per week.  She is taking her core classes in English where she placed at our Advanced level and is taking her afternoon electives in French.  Her two electives consist of conversation and the DELF preparation course.  Sadly, this is her last week at EC Montreal.  Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about her EC experience: This was my first time doing an interchange program and I am totally satisfied with the results I achieved here.  The school is excellent, the teachers are amazing – both English and French teachers.  I have learned a lot.  I hope to come back here soon.  It is difficult to choose just one activity to be my “favorite” because each of them was special in different ways.  I loved to be part of this “family” called “EC” and I will miss it.  I will miss the friends I have made here and all the feelings that this “cultural immersion” provided me.  Now, I can say that I have a little piece of many countries with me that I can also call friends.  Thank you a lot for everything! We are delighted to hear that Graziele had such a positive experience at EC Montreal!  We hope she will come back to continue to study both English and French at EC Montreal!

Feedback From Departing Students!

This week we met with a lot of students whose programme is coming to an end.  We are sad to see them go and wish them continued success in their language learning.  They have made a lot of progress and we hope they will continue to practice their English or French and will keep in touch.  Our English students were happy to be reminded today that they will continue to have access to EC online up to three months after their departure.  They can continue to keep their English skills fresh and keep measuring their progress. This week we met with students from Brazil, Argentina, Korea, USA and Switzerland.  This is what they had to say about their EC experience: My stay at EC was exceptional.  First of all, my host family is loving and caring.  The friends I made at the school are also great people and I am definitely going to remember the experience I had here for the rest of my life.  Regarding the French course, I really feel that my French improved a lot, especially in terms of vocabulary, confidence, speaking skills and grammar, but sometimes I think the classes aren’t focused enough on conversation. – Julia from Brazil I decided to come to Montreal because I wanted to improve my English, but also because I speak a little of French and I came to have contact with the French language.  Here, I learned a lot not just English but also about other cultures and learned about other countries that is so different from mine.  I will recommend EC to my friends to come here because they will learn more than just a language.  They will learn to deal with different people.  The memories I made here will always be with me because in these two … Read more

Students Share Their Feedback!

We have many students ending their studies at EC Montreal this week.  We are so sad to see them go.  It has been an absolute pleasure hosting them throughout their language adventure.  We are delighted to share their feedback on their EC experience: I chose Montreal because I wanted to study English and learn French.  I am going back home really happy because I learned everything I could and more!  Everybody at the school is always here to help and this makes me feel at home so it is really amazing.  I will recommend EC to my friends because my experience was perfect.  The only thing I would change is the test we take before going home.  I think it should be done for different levels and not the same for everybody.  But, basically almost everything for me was perfect!  – Julia from Brazil I chose EC Montreal because I always wanted to visit Montreal.  I learned French for a month.  I loved the classes and the teachers are perfect!  I am very happy about what I learned and I think it was very good for a month.  It was a great experience and I really loved it.  – Kamyla from Brazil I liked my experience at EC Montreal overall.  Classes were pretty dynamic so it made time go by much faster. I did get to make great friends and have fun. – Zara from Argentina Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback.  We will definitely discuss them as a team and see if we can make the student experience even better! We hope to welcome you back to our French or English class in Montreal!

Departing Students Share Their EC Experience!

Every week, EC Montreal takes the time to meet with its departing students to get feedback on their experience at EC.  It is important for us to know how our students felt about all our services including academics, accommodation and activities.  This week we met with students from Brazil, China and Argentina.  This is what they had to say about their language adventure at EC Montreal: My wife likes Montreal so this is why we chose to come here.  I learned a lot of English and I improved a lot.  My favorite activity was speaking.  I really like the teachers.  I would give the teachers a score of 10! – Jose Roberto from Brazil I liked my experience at EC.  For me it was an excellent surprise.  I chose this destination after doing my research.  I am a beginner but left here satisfied with my evolution.  I will recommend EC to my friends.  Thanks EC.  I made new friends and the teachers are great.  I will return. – Karla from Brazil I chose this destination because my cousin lives here.  I learned a lot of knowledge such as new words and grammar.  I think I improved much than before.  I like all of the EC activities because all of them are interesting.  My favorite lesson is the class that practice our listening.  I will recommend EC to my friends.  My new friends come from China.  My favorite social leader is Terry. – Yincheng from China I chose this destination because I always wanted to live in Canada.  That’s also why I am learning French.  I think I learned a lot and now I can understand another language, at least the basics of it.  I loved the teachers and the classes at EC Montreal too.  But as a suggestion, I would … Read more

Je T’aime on Chocolat Festival!

This is the last week of January.  The month has gone by so fast at EC Montreal.  It was a busy month with so many activities and events for our students.  Next week we will kick off our February calendar of events with a “love is all around us” theme!  The activities will be about making connections, finding love, celebrating love and creating a loving school environment. The city of Montreal will also be hosting many wonderful events celebrating Valentine’s Day.  One very special festival happening on February 8 and February 8 is the Chocolate festival at the Marché Bonsecours market in Old Montreal.  The festival will be celebrating all the wonderful chocolate vendors and chocolatiers in Montreal and the province of Quebec have to offer.  You will have a chance to meet pastry chefs, guest speakers, chocolate experts among others. The festival will include chocolate demonstrations, workshops and chocolate tastings too!  Sounds absolutely divine! Entrance to the festival is free but you can purchase chocolate treats from the many vendors present.  There will be cocoa, desserts and other treats on display for purchase. The festival program will include a parade of chocolate hats, chocolate makeup and even a chocolate fashion show.  Doesn’t that sound fun?! You can access the festival by public transportation.  You can take the metro to Place D’Armes or Champs de Mars and walk about ten minutes to the market.  The exact address is 350 St. Paul Street.  The festival called Je T’aime en Chocolat will be held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday! We will definitely be promoting this delicious event to our EC Montreal students and will make sure our activity leader, Terry, will take our new students to the festival as part of the Sunday experience tour of … Read more

Montreal Ranked One of the Best Family-Friendly Cities in the World!

Did you know that EC Montreal offers family vacation programmes?  It is the ideal destination for families.  A German relocation service called Movinga just confirmed it with their latest study.  Montreal ranked in 9th place out of 150 metropolises as one of the most family-friendly places in the world.  Montreal is a large city; however, it has a small town feel to it thanks to the wonderfully efficient transportation system.  In addition, Montreal is one of the safest cities in North America.  The crime rate is very low considering the size. Montreal offers many family-friendly activities given its many outdoor festivals, tourist attractions, museums and cultural events. Movinga evaluated cities based on housing affordability, living costs, unemployment rates, education, safety, mobility, air quality and health care.  They began their study by selecting 150 international cities that have always had the reputation as attractive locations for raising a family.  They then divided the study into different factors across three main categories. The study showed that only Canada and Sweden had more than one city in the top 10 ranking. The study also used a survey of parents in each city to determine the family-related factors and available government data for other city livability factors. Quebec City came in 2nd place and Ottawa in 14th.  Toronto and Vancouver were ranked in 34th and 35th place, which is a really great ranking, considering there were 150 cities being examined. At EC Montreal, we celebrate this family-friendly trait by offering programmes for students of different ages.  During the month of July, EC Montreal offers a Young Learners programme for students ages 12 to 17.  The campus is located with minutes of the EC Montreal main school, so it makes it an ideal destination for families who wish to spend their summer holiday in Montreal!  … Read more

Meet Our New Student Ambassador, Donny!

We are delighted to introduce you to EC Montreal’s newest member of the student ambassador team; Donghyun Kim, a.k.a. Donny!  Donny is registered at EC Montreal in our Academic Year, Intensive English programme.  He started his studies on December 23, 2019 and will be studying until June 5, 2020!  In a short amount of time, Donny has already made so much progress in terms of language skills, fluency and confidence.  We were thrilled to learn that he wanted to volunteer to be an ambassador for our students! Here is a little something from Donny: Hello, my name is Donghyun kim but you should just call me Donny! I’m from Republic of Korea. I am 24 years old.  I am delighted and  look forward to meeting you and getting to know you.  I took a year off from my university and came to this beautiful city Montreal, Canada to study English. The reason why I decided to come to Montreal is because of my dream; Being a tour guide.  To achieve my goal, I have to learn how to speak English with fluency and if the opportunity allows, I would like to study French too.  So, I needed somewhere I could learn, practice both and the conditions were perfectly fit into this beautiful city.  I wanted to be a student ambassador when I first got into the EC Montreal.  At first, I was nervous about using English only and worried a lot about getting used to another culture since everything was new for me.  However, many student ambassadors helped me a lot to be one of the EC students.  After, I could enjoy the school life and learning English happily.  So, I thought I could be a person who can help new students as I was given from them.  So please … Read more

Giving Feels So Good!

Yesterday, EC Montreal presented the Shriner’s Hospital for Children Canada with a check for $1,100.00.  Staff, teachers and students from our EC Montreal family were there to present the donation check and to get a tour of the hospital.  These funds were raised in December 2019 through our annual charity bake sale as well as our student 50/50 lottery.  In addition, some staff and teachers really stepped up to give really generous donations out of pocket.  A special thank you to Pooria, Hamed, Elisa and Renee for their extra donations that helped us to surpass our goal of $1000.  EC English was kind enough to also contribute to our fundraiser by donating 200 euros! The bake sale that was held on December 5 was a huge success!  We had so many baked goods to sell that were donated by our staff, teachers and homestay hosts too!  We sold bags for $5 that you can fill to the top with all the treats!  We also sold raffle tickets for $1.  We had the most beautiful gift baskets as prizes! The 50/50 lottery was also a huge success!  Students were asked to purchase a lottery ticket and the winning ticket would win 50% of the funds raised.  The winner was our student Arturo from Mexico.  He donated his winnings and in addition added an extra $50 donation to the fundraiser!  We were all moved and extremely touched by this gesture! We presented the donation check to the Shriner’s yesterday with great pride.  They also gave Olga’s English for Work class a tour of the hospital.  The students were all very impressed by all the work they do at the Shriner’s and how the facilities were so thoughtfully designed.  They went on all the different floors from the research section to the hospital … Read more

Le Cathcart’s Grand Opening is Today!

Montreal is known for being a food lover’s paradise.  Not only did Town and Country name Montreal the gastronomy capital of North America, Montreal has some of the best restaurants on the entire planet!  Food is a very important part of our identity in Montreal!  From its preparation to its history.  This is why EC Montreal’s English or French plus programme is Gastronomy!  There are endless culinary classes, pastry making, mixology and barista lessons.  In addition, you can discover the city through the various neighborhood food tours.  You can learn about the culture, diversity and history of the different neighborhoods through the restaurants and type of cuisine.  There are tours of Old Montreal, the Mile End, the Jewish district, Little Italy, Chinatown, Downtown and Little Portugal too! The city of Montreal is slowly being transformed into a culinary oasis with the different food courts opening all over the city.  We recently announced the new Time Out, gourmet food court in the Eaton’s Center and the high-end food kiosks on Ste-Catherine Street close to the Complex Desjardins.  Today, there is the grand opening of, yet another fancy food court called Le Cathcart Biergarten.   This new eatery can be found in the Place Ville Marie building.  This building is enormous, the tallest building in Montreal.  It spans from McGill College and Cathcart to Rene-Levesque and Robert Bourassa.  There are 12,000 people who work in this building.  It is connected to Montreal’s underground city as well as to the central train station.  McGill College avenue is one of the prettiest streets in Montreal.  You get a spectacular view of Mount-Royal and the majestic McGill University campus. Le Cathcart is located in a 35,000 square food facility.  There are nine food counters and three full-service restaurants.  In addition, there are two cafés and a … Read more