February Teachers of the Month!

The end of every month is an exciting time at EC Montreal!  We announce the teachers of the month!  At EC Montreal, students have a chance to vote for their favorite teacher.  Our amazing team of student ambassadors distribute ballots to all our students.  The ballots ask two simple questions; Who i … Read more

National Pink Shirt Day!

EC Montreal celebrated national pink shirt day today.  This was the last of our “Love is all around” themed month.  National pink shirt day is a day that was created to help raise awareness on society’s problem with bullying.  It is a day when everyone is encouraged to wear pink to … Read more

Students Share Their EC Story!

Every week, EC Montreal meets with its departing students to get feedback on their journey learning English or French in Montreal.  This feedback is vital as we are constantly looking to improve our services and meet our student demands.  This week we met with students from Colombia, Brazil, Venezue … Read more

Departing Students Share Their EC Experience!

This week, EC Montreal met with students from France, Germany, Korea, Brazil, Switzerland, Japan, Spain, Colombia and Venezuela.  We are delighted to share their feedback with all of you! I chose this destination because I have a friend in Montreal and it was easier.  I will recommend EC English bec … Read more

Cabane Panache Festival Back in March!

Maple season is right around the corner in Quebec! The month of March is when the snow starts to melt, and the trees begin to thaw. It is the ideal time to tap the maple trees and extract its sap. The sap then gets transformed into maple syrup. The province of Quebec produces 90% of the world’s mapl … Read more

Mondial des Cidres Happening Next Week!

Did you know that the province of Quebec is one of the largest producers of cider?  Have you ever tried cider?  Did you know that cider comes from apples?  Quebec has many apple farms, thousands of them and with the apples that are not pretty enough to sell in markets, they turn them into apple juic … Read more

French Elementary Class Presentations!

This week, Sharhzad’s French elementary class worked on a very special group project. The activity had them working on the 4 language skills; reading, listening, speaking and writing. The project also helped them to work as a team using project-based learning. Project-based learning is becoming more … Read more

Never Been Kissed

Today, EC Montreal held romantic comedy movie activity in the student lounge as part of our “Love is all around us” themed month. Last week was jammed pack with Valentine’s Day events. We had our annual Valentine’s Day chocolate festival on Wednesday and our candy-gram serenade delivery on Friday. W … Read more

Montreal’s Annual Study and Go Abroad Fair!

On Saturday, February 29, 2020, the annual Study and Go Abroad Fair will be back in Montreal! The event is taking place at the convention center once again this year located at 1001 Jean Paul Riopelle in suite 511 on the 5th floor. The convention center is called Le Palais des Congrès and is accessi … Read more

Departing Students Share Their EC Experience!

This week, EC Montreal will bid farewell to lovely students from Chile and Brazil.  We have loved hosting them throughout their EC language adventure and are sad to see them go.  We are so proud of all the achievements they have made.  Here is what they wanted to share with everyone about their EC e … Read more